Time Out by sweetd
Chapter 1 by sweetd
It was pitch-black outside when the NSYNC concert bus moved swifty down the highway.The bus driver drove all night while everyone eles was sound asleep in thier bunks.

Joey was the first to open his eyes when the morning sunlight finally streamed through the window.

"Where are we?"

JC hopped down from his bunk overhead."Where do you think?We're on the bus."

"You know what I mean."

"I don't care where we're at I'd rather be sleeping and snoring.Justin groaned.Can't we stay in bed an extra hour?"

"No way,There isn't any more food left around here.Let's get dressed so we can go have breakfast."

"Is that all you think about Chris?"

"That and who he's going to date next week." Justin answered Lance with a smirk.

"Come on guys,I'm so hungry I could eat just about anything."

"Oh,so your the one who chewed a hole in my favorite black shoes." JC added.

Joey started digging through the pile of clothes at the foot of his bed,scattering them everywhere.
Shoes tumbled on the floor,shirts fell against the window shades,and a brown leather jacket landed on Justin's head.

Justin tossed the jacket back."What are you looking for?"

"A bag of Oreos.I know they're here somewhere!"

"If you keep eating junk food,their going to declare your body a landfill."

Joey threw his hat at Justin and they both burst out laughing.


Over at the concert hall,the roadies were already preparing for the evening's performance.

Kendall was busy checking out the backstage area when she spotted a piece of paper almost hidden behind a curtain.

She picked up the paper and turned it over and over,but she couldn't read what it said.Kendall didn't know how to read.

Kendall went back to work and put the note out of her mind,never suspecting that it said: Kidnapping Plan

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