Yours, Mine & Total Chaos by Keep_on_smilin19
Story Notes:

Kevin – 17

Howie - 15

Brian- 15

AJ- 13



Chapter 1 by Keep_on_smilin19

“Mommy!” Aaron shouted running down the stairs, past the living room and out the front door.

“Huh?” Nick asked waking up from the nap he had been taking on the couch. “What’s going on?” He asked looking over at his older brother.

“Mom’s home.” He said turning off the TV. “Come on.” He patted Nick’s arm as he moved past him and out the front door.

It was a late on Sunday afternoon. The sun was starting to set casting a golden orange glow over the small Indiana neighborhood. The birds had begun to return with spring and were chirping in the trees almost as if singing a welcome home song to the Carter kid’s mother.

“Oh Aaron, mommy missed you so much.” The blond woman said bending down and hugging the small child. “Brian.” She smiled warmly and stood. She looked beautiful. Her hair had no doubt been cut and curled during the course of her business trip. Her make-up was flawless as always and her outfit, though not one of her best, complimented her figure.

He moved toward her, “I’m glad you’re home mom. You look great for having just drove all day.” He said hugging her.

“Thank you.” She laughed a little. “Where’s Nick?”

“Right here, Sorry, I was asleep.” He said coming out the front door.

“It’s alright.” She told him with a smile.

They looked at each other awkwardly. Nick was in the stage where it was very uncool to hug your mom. She of course knew this and did not push him.

“It’s good to have ya home.” He sounded very uncomfortable.

“Thank you Nick; I missed you.” She told him attempting to make eye contact.

He just nodded.

“Nick.” Brian hissed correctively.

“I missed you too mom. It’s not the same without you.” He added in lower voice.

“Mommy, Angel said you had big news for us.” Aaron told her breaking into the conversation.

“Oh she did?” The woman asked messing up her son’s hair.

“No worries hun, I didn’t tell them what it was.” Angel said coming out of the house. Angel was their mom’s personal assistant. She was also a transgender / drag queen and damn proud of it.

“How were they?” She asked Angel as they all started helping her grab her bags.

“They were perfect Nicole.” She assured her.

“We always are.” Aaron added following behind his brother’s into the house. “Right Angel?” He said struggling up the stairs with the bag Nick had given him to carry in.

“That’s right doll face.” She told him.

“So what’s the big news?” Nick asked looking slightly nervous about it.

“Yeah mom, what’s up?” Brian prodded.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania the oldest of three brothers sat working on his homework in his room. “I’m sure he’s fine guys.” He told his two younger brothers.

“But what if he’s not Kevin?” The middle brother asked pacing back and forth.

“Yeah man, what if he’s dead or been kidnapped by angry mobsters?” The younger one added.

“Angry mobsters AJ?”

“Yeah Howie, Mobsters still exists.” He argued.  “Don’t they Kev?”

“Look you two, I told you before, Dad told me before he left this morning that he wouldn’t be back till late. Now leave me alone so I can finish this stupid essay.”

“Yeah you two, leave your brother alone.” They suddenly heard their father’s voice in the doorway.

“Dad!” AJ shouted.

“Alex!” He shouted back in a mocking tone.

“We were starting to get worried about you. Normally today is your day off.” Howie told him.

“Oh, didn’t Kevin tell you I had things to take care of today?”

“Yes, four times.” Kevin said spinning around.

“Well why didn’t you trust him?” Their dad asked.

“Cause he’s lied before to get us to shut up.” AJ explained rolling his eyes dramatically.

“I see…” Their dad trailed off a bit coming deeper into the room.

“Dad you know I don’t lie.” Kevin told him quickly concerned that his father might believe his annoying little brother.

“You know, I’m not even worried about it. There’s actually something I needed to tell you guys. I almost told you last night but… well anyway… I wanna tell you now.” He said sitting on Kevin’s bed.

“Married? What do mean you got married?” Brian almost yelled in disbelief.

“What kind of business trip was this?” Nick asked looking upset as he stood from where he sat on the couch.

“Nickolas.” She warned him.

Nick folded his arms over his chest and sat back down.

“Does this mean we’re gonna get a new daddy?” Aaron asked happily.

“No!” Came both his brothers in unison.

“Now boys, I know this is sudden but he and I just really hit it off. You don’t have to call him dad but like it or not he is my husband now. You all have to trust my decision.“ She firmly informed them.

“You were only gone a week. How can we trust a life altering decision you made in less than a week?” Nick asked.

“Nick, give your mom some credit. She’s a smart woman.” Angel butted in.

Nick briefly looked at her before slouching back into the couch.

“I met him the first night I was there. He owns a fantastic restaurant there and he was waiting on one of the people from corporate and I. When I excuse myself to the bathroom he asked her about me and… well the rest is history.” She explained with a blissful smile.

Angel and Aaron were the only two who smiled.

“Wait, he owns a restaurant there? Mom please…” Brian shook his head.

“What?” Nick asked looking at Brian then to his mom.

“It won’t be so bad there Brian. The schools are much better and…”

“We’re moving? What about your job? What about Angel?” Nick asked realizing what was going on.

“I’m coming with you guys Nick. I just won’t live with you anymore.” Angel assured him.

“Corporate offered me a job at a new school they are opening there. I’ll be the director like I am here and Angel will be my right hand just like she is now.” Nicole tried to explain.

“So why isn’t she gonna live with us anymore?” Aaron asked. He liked the idea of moving somewhere new.

“Cause Angel can’t handle living with more than three kids?” Angel laughed a bit.

“She has kids?” Howie asked with his face dropping.

“Yes, three boys. Brian, Nick, and Aaron.” He told them.

“Dad, are you sure about this? Its one thing to marry some dumb chick you just met but I mean… one with three kids? You can’t really be this dumb.” Howie was far from thrilled about this information.

“Howard…” His father started in but Kevin cut him off.

“I don’t so much mind you getting married as I do her having kids. I mean I trust you but… these two are already more than I can handle.” Kevin wasn’t very happy but he was more mature then his brothers.

“I’m sorry dad but this sucks.” AJ stood.

“Alex!” His dad called after him but got ignored.

“Howie?” He questioned turning to his middle son.

He just shook his head as he stood, “This is your worst idea yet.” He said leaving the room following AJ.

“Kevin?” He asked his oldest.

“I have an essay to write.” He told him and turned around.

Their father could only sigh deeply and leave the room in silence. “I promise you guys will love her!” He shouted in once final plea. No response came from any of them.

“Brian, Nick!” Nicole shouted to her sons.

“I don’t know about having three new brothers cause the two I already have are a pain in the butt but having a new daddy sounds good so I’ll try to trust you but I can’t promise anything.” Aaron said and left the room.

“You’re gonna love him, I promise.” She shouted. She looked to Angel less sure.

“Give them time sweetie.” She tried to comfort her.

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