Pool Room Fun by Frackstersgagirl
Chapter 1 by Frackstersgagirl
She's in trouble now and it looks like there’s no way out. Crystal stared down the cue that she was holding in her left hand, lining up a white ball in front of a solid blue one. There is a sea of green felt, dotted only with solid balls - all hers. The one solid ball that doesn't require a direct hit from her is the black one, which, unfortunately, lies squarely between the white and the blue one. She was sunk. The blue target is positioned in front of the pocket, and had the 8 ball been somewhere else, she could take the shot pretty easily. She draw her cue back and forth across her left hand, forefinger curved around the narrow end. The short, jerky in and out motion brings to mind another in and out motion of a physical variety and Crystal got a sudden urge to go freshen her drink. She look around, at the room, the furniture, the lights, anywhere but the pool table, where her fate lies behind a fat, black 8 ball. It looks like a linebacker to her now, because she was almost eye level with it. Her body almost prone across the table. Never mind that the dress she was wearing, short enough when she's standing upright, is now perilously close to being a belt. She tried to remember how she got into this situation.

The evening started out well enough, drinks and dinner with a friend. Nick was a mentor of sorts for her, and they had spent a lot of time talking music. Nick lived in Tennessee, so they mostly talked on the phone or by e-mail. When she said this was her last night in town, he asked her to dinner. That sounded great to her, and they shared some good conversation and great food. After dinner Nick invited Crystal back to his place to shoot some pool and she thought, why not? It wasn't late yet, and she was leaving the next day so all she really had to do was pack and catch a cab to the airport. They got to his house and after the obligatory tour, they settled into the game room.

He had a pretty nice place, with a separate room that was furnished with a pool table, some comfortable chairs and a small bar. Nick went out of his way to make her feel comfortable, and she watched him as he fussed over snacks and drinks. A good-looking man with blonde hair, he stood about 6 2", and weighed in at about 180. He was dressed casually in slacks and a button down shirt for our dinner. They were still in the dance-around-each-other stage, and frankly, it was getting a little tiring. Crystal was actually thinking that perhaps she should do something to liven up the evening a little, when the doorbell rang. She didn't know it at the time, but the ringing of that bell was more like a gunshot at the start of a race, with everything going faster and farther, until there was nothing to see but dust.

Nick excused himself to answer the door. Soon, she could hear footsteps and another man’s voice as they approached the game room. She had just blended up some margaritas with the mix she found stowed in the cabinet and had poured the frothy lime flavored drink into two of the goofiest margarita glasses she had ever seen. The stem of the glass was made to look like a cactus, green and ribbed, with little cactus arms jutting out from the sides. There was no way to actually hold the glass by the base, because you couldn't get a firm grip on the stem. The bowl was over sized, and fashioned to look like a sombrero. There was even a little coned center, where the hat was fitted over the top of the cactus. The bowl looked like it could hold better than three cups of liquid. The whole architecture of the glass was suspect, too. Neither of the glasses would sit square on the counter, and rocked slightly when she set them down. Clearly the manufacturer had never heard of the form follows function rule.

Just about the time the two men, Nick and his visitor, walked through the door, Crystal was picking up a glass and taking her first sip. Suddenly, the cactus and his hat burped a large quantity of icy tequila into the open neckline of her dress. She squealed, both from embarrassment and the shock of the cold liquid. Her dress, wet and cold, hugged itself to her chest like a long lost sister. Her body reacted to the ice in the normal way. That is to say, the high beams clicked right on. Nick and his guest looked at her in stunned surprise. Apparently, neither of them had ever seen a woman spontaneously enter herself into a wet T-shirt contest. Nick recovered first. He looked at her for a second and then threw back his head and roared with laughter. His friend, trying to be polite, turned his head to one side and snickered quietly. Crystal began to giggle, then to laugh, and, with that great whooping sound you make when you've let yourself really go with hysteria, she collapsed against the bar. Between huge, gasping breaths she managed to say, "well, that really broke the ice!" This sent Nick into another fit of laughter and his visitor, who had yet to be introduced, was now barking out great big belly laughs too. After the first wave of snorting and giggling had finally passed, Nick tossed her a bar towel and she sopped up what she could from the front of her while he cleaned up the splotches from the floor. Crystal did what she could with the dress, but it was surely ruined. She had selected a very nice sleeveless red silk number that was pretty without being too business-like. In fact, it may have been too short for a casual dinner out, but she had nice legs and a nice tan, so she wore it. Showing off her legs was one thing, but now, with the neckline of the bodice plastered to her chest, she realized that she was pretty much displaying all the curves her body had to offer. There was not much she could do about it at this point besides asking for a change of clothes, and that just seemed prudish. The guys didn't seem to mind though. She caught both of them appraising her figure when they thought she wasn't looking.

Introductions were made, and she found out that Nick's friend was named Alex, but everyone called him AJ. AJ was a decent looking guy. She offered to make more margaritas, but AJ suggested we just skip the sweet lime juice and ice, and go straight to the heart of the drink. Nick nodded and she said sure, she was game if they were. He pulled out three shot glasses from the cabinet, lined them up in front of the mirrored bar, and poured a couple fingers of Cuervo Gold in each. As AJ busied himself behind the bar, she watched Nick as he finished cleaning up the mess she made. He was clearly at ease with AJ, and his whole demeanor had changed since the time he left to answer the door. Earlier, during dinner and at his house, Nick seemed comfortable, but kind of - polite - with her. She got the feeling that he was trying to make a good impression. He asked her questions, but didn't volunteer much information to her about himself. He appeared to be having a nice time, but they had somehow failed to click. Since the arrival of AJ and the margarita toss, though, Nick had loosened up quite a bit. He was laughing easily, and joking with his friend. And, a funny thing happened. Once Nick relaxed, so did Crystal. She never did find out why AJ showed up in the first place. It could have been that Nick invited him, or he just popped in unexpectedly. Either way, it was apparent that Nick and AJ were good friends, and their camaraderie made it easy for her to let loose herself.

They each went through the tequila ritual, rubbing a slice of lime on the back of their hands and shaking salt over the moist spot. Nick raised his glass and clinked the other two. Then, instead of licking the salt from his hand, as is customary, he leaned over and slurped the salt from the tender spot between Crystal's thumb and forefinger. She looked at him in surprise and could feel a grin spread across her face. It was a spontaneous move, and she was delighted. She then turned to AJ and raised my eyebrows as if to say, "Well? What are YOU going to do?" AJ took the glass from her other hand, rubbed the lime on the fleshy part of her thumb and dusted the spot with salt. He licked the salt from her hand, and then tossed back his shot. Now, it was her turn. She took each of their hands in both of hers, and starting with AJ. She slowly licked the salt from his skin. Nick’s was next and, instead of licking the area, she used her teeth to scrape the salt from it, biting and nibbling down the length of his thumb. Nick picked up her tequila and held it to her lips. Crystal tilted her head back while he poured the amber liquid into her mouth. AJ pushed the slice of lime up to her teeth to suck the juice from it after she swallowed her share. The evening had suddenly gotten much more interesting.

The tequila loosened them all up a bit more, and within a short time they were laughing and flirting with each other. She was beginning to feel the charge of sexual electricity as the alcohol spread through her. The guys were having a great time, and so was she. Nick proved to be a very witty man and took great delight in teasing her. No slouch in the wit department, she gave back verbal jabs as they slowly began sparring, trading banter and barbs, mostly laced with sexual references. Sometimes the guys ganged up on her, two big boys against one lone girl, after which she would stick out my lower lip in a pout. Sometimes AJ traded sides and helped her get digs into Nick. The alcohol was skewering their logic and their sensibility. The two men decided that she could no longer sit down unless there was a lap under her, and they passed her back and forth like a child.

They each did another tequila shot, but this time, Crystal poured a healthy dose of it into her mouth and quickly leaned over Nick, releasing the Cuervo past his lips, and covering them with her own. They kissed, tongue and tequila, until both of them had swallowed most of it. Not all made it to the proper destination, but instead leaked out the corners and ran down their chins. They both found this method to be hilariously fun, and did their next two shots the same way. AJ still drank his tequila the old fashioned way, from a glass. However, he made a big production of finding new spots of exposed skin to lick the lime and salt combo from. AJ would point out an area of her body, and then would confer with Nick about the location and the ease of accessibility, whether it would be a ticklish spot or a tender one. The more she protested, the worse the two of them got. In mock seriousness they discussed whether the area would be rough, like sand paper, or smooth like glass, whether it would smell or taste differently. They laughed with the great abandon that only a good alcohol buzz can give you, everything just seemed extremely funny. When they finally settled on a new spot she offered it up for seasoning. One time when they selected her knee-pit. Crystal flopped belly down on the bar and they took turns pressing their mouths to her legs She laughed until tears were running freely down her cheeks.

They played some pool, and although she plays pretty well, her game was suffering from the alcohol. The guys were relentless, teasing her about each missed shot, and finally, she let her bruised ego do the talking. Or maybe it was the tequila. They weren't playing very well, either. Both men were complaining, loudly, that Crystal was a major distraction to their game. She protested, pointing out that she couldn't possibly be distracting them from her place at the bar, even if she did have her leg propped up on the bar stool! Nick said he didn't have to see her to be distracted, he could smell her - perfume and margaritas. It was her entire fault that his game was in the toilet. She countered, saying that his pool playing skills were dismal, and he was just using her as an excuse. The blame game went on, escalating after each botched shot, until she finally let her mouth get the best of her, and said, "OK, guys. You asked for it. You think I'm distracting you now, just wait and see what happens next! If I lose this game, I'll give you a distraction you'll never forget!"

Nick raised his eyebrows. "Really?" he asked, an amused smirk covering his face. "What, exactly are you going to do?"

Crystal bounced off the bar stool, listed precariously to one side, righted herself again and boasted, "You'll see! I can make it pretty hard for you to play a game of pool, you know!"

And, that's how she got to this point. She bent back over the pool table. Nick has moved from the opposite side of the room to a spot directly behind her. He doesn't even pretend to have some sort of business on this side of the room. He simply walks over. She feels her face turn red. Her ass end is pretty much hanging out of the dress. She know it, he knows it, even AJ is looking for a reason to wedge himself between her and the wall. She draw back her cue, and hist the shiny white ball low and on the left. It rolls past the 8 ball, banks off the side and heads toward the blue. The two balls kiss; making a sweet clicking sound, and the blue pool ball leisurely begins its journey. Crystal holds her breath, and all three of them watch in awe as the ball does something none of them expect it to do. It falls squarely into the pocket! She climbs down from the pool table and adjusts her dress, although at this point it's sort of like the barn door closing after the horse has made his exit. She does a little dance, twirling her arms and hips in the classic football touchdown move. Nick and AJ are watching her intently as she surveys the table. She only has to make the 8 ball to win the game, but it will not be easy. She was never good at leaving herself a decent shot, and this time was no exception. The 8 ball and the cue ball were only inches apart, and only inches from the corner pocket where the blue ball just disappeared. She didn't have much room to get a decent roll on the cue ball and the 8 ball was going to have to travel a long way into the nearest pocket. She walked around the table and called her shot. "8 ball side pocket", pointing to the right side of the table. She was going to have to hit the 8 ball high and on the left if it has any chance of going into the hole.

Her heart is pounding as she drew her cue back, line up the shot, blink back the tequila that's now clouding her vision and take it. The cue ball hits the 8 ball squarely in the center with a loud smack. They watch, and each of them knows there is no way it is going into the pocket. The 8 ball bounces harmlessly against the side of the pool table. It's Nick's turn and she left him a beautiful shot. The room is very quiet and he looks at her for a long time. Even in her drunken state, she can read what is behind his expression. He is asking her if I want to continue with the game. She nods. A bet is a bet, after all. "Take the shot, Nick", Crystal says softly. He does as he is told, speeding the 8 ball into the corner pocket, as clean as you please. Nothing but net, as the saying goes.

"Well, guys, now you'll find out what a real distraction is", she says. They laugh, but the mood has become more serious suddenly. Crystal asks Nick to lower the lights in the room. He turns off all but the hanging light over the pool table, and the small bar light. He returns to the pool table and stands next to AJ. It is time to pay up. Her hands are shaking as she reaches behind her, slowly unzipping her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. Her chest heaves in and out as she stand before the two men in a red lace bra and matching sheer thong set. It leaves little to the imagination. She locks eyes, first with Nick, then with AJ. They both smile, but neither one says a word. They are both breathing heavily too, and she can feel the sexual tension building around her.

Crystal walks to the pool table and retrieves the balls from the pockets to set up for the next game. Nick goes first. He breaks, and sinks two little ones. He is now required to call all his shots. He circles the table, looking for his next round victim. He finds a candidate and points to the corner pocket. Crystal walks to where he is pointing and stand, waiting. AJ moves behind her and places his hands on her waist. He asks her if she's ready and she nod yes. AJ lifts her up until she's kneeling at the corner pocket, legs spread at right angles. Her choice of underwear was made solely to avoid panty lines under her dress. They are not able to provide the necessary coverage she needed at this moment. She lightly sits back on her heels, but cannot balance herself on the narrow ledge. AJ helps her again and braces her with his hands. Nick is looking at her face, trying to read her expression, but she can see that he really wants to direct his gaze lower. He is a gentleman at heart. She know he doesn't want her to continue with this game if she feels she's in over her head. She give him a smile. This seems to appease him and he leans over the table, lining up his shot. He must look straight down the cue to the pocket, over which she's crouched. It is a very sweet view. He takes a long time lining up his shot and twice he loses his grip on his cue, rolling off his fingers and clattering to the table. Both times he clears his throat as if to mumble an apology, but words have escaped him. He tightens his fist around the long stick, draws back and thrusts his cue forward. The cue ball makes contact, and his target ball heads right toward her. She lifts her hips slightly and the ball drops into the pocket. AJ circles his large hands around her waist and lifts her off the table. Nick calls his next shot. We go through the same routine over a different pocket, only this time, Nick misses the shot. Crystal can't help but flash him a satisfied smile and gently chide him on his pool playing skill. Nick's face is flushed with a peculiar shade of red and she would guess it is not due to embarrassment over the missed shot.

It is AJ's turn to play. He calls his shot and Nick lifts her to her position at the table. While AJ limited his touch to her waist, Nick's hands make soft contact with her thighs, arms, back and belly. He braces her body with his own, pressing against her from behind. AJ is now privileged with the same scenery Nick had, and does his best to concentrate on his game. He takes his shot, and misses by a mile. All three of them laugh, and she realizes she had been trembling with nervousness. She relaxed and begin to enjoy this new game. She had proved her point; neither of them could shoot worth a damn with her hovering over the pockets.

AJ and Nick trade places again. Nick circles the pool table, looking for a shot. He passes on one that he could have made rather easily and she look quizzically at him. When he points to a corner pocket she understood. The corners are both easier for her to balance on and force her to sit back on her heels while she opened her legs wide. The side pockets are more difficult to perch over, thus there is less to see. Nick sets up for his shot and AJ helps her up. Leaning over the pool table Nick draws back his cue and just as he thrusts his stick toward the cue ball Crystal dropped her hand between her legs. Her fingers tug gently at the fabric and then push their way underneath. Nick grunts in lustful surprise. The cue skids off to one side, glances off the object ball and sends it spinning in place. Because AJ is standing behind her, he doesn't see what she's doing. He sees Nick's expression though, and he folds his large body over hers to look down. AJ heaves in a large breath and takes too long to exhale. They have had enough. Both men are done playing now.

AJ circles his arms around her waist and lifts her slightly while Nick comes around the side of the table and grasps her legs. Like three children playing swing-me, they lay her down lengthwise onto the green felt. Brightly colored solid and striped balls are pushed out of the way to make room. Nick removes her shoes and literally flings them across the room. Crystal hears glass break and turns her head to see one of the margarita glasses fall in pieces onto the tile floor.
"I am NOT cleaning that up." she say drunkenly. Nick and AJ both ignore her.

Her panties and bra follow the shoes, fluttering into the darkness like soft red birds out for a nighttime flight. Crystal is completely naked with Nick at her feet and AJ at her head. She feels her legs being pushed apart and Nick's hands covering her where her panties were only a few short moments before. He is exploring her body, urgently probing and squeezing everywhere over the exposed skin. AJ is paying attention to her face and breasts with just as much eagerness. She cannot focus on just one sensation, there is too much happening to her body to try and concentrate. The two men are intent on pleasing her; AJ is sucking her nipples while Nick is dedicated to massaging her pussy. She hears mewling sounds mixed with short, breathy screams and she wonders who let a cat in. It dawns on her finally that shes the one making all that noise. She think that perhaps she should at least attempt to reciprocate for one or both of them and she struggles to sit up. AJ holds her firmly back onto the pool table.

"No, no, no." he whispers. "This is for you."

Crystal lifts her head and looks at Nick. He just smiles at her and nods. The tequila has washed away any inhibitions she may have had and she open her legs for Nick to work his fingers inside her body. Lifting her hips she grind into his hand and pushes his fingers deeper into her. AJ has found the sweet spot on her shoulder right at the base of her neck and is covering her there with kisses. The sensations are so overwhelming she cannot stay still. Her legs bend and straighten, her arms tighten and relax. Nick yanks on her calves, spinning her body around so she's cross-angles with the table, her hips resting on the railing. Her legs dangle into space. Nick leans over her pussy and lowers his face to her while AJ moves behind Nick to grasp her ankles. He places her feet against his chest and holds her knees wide apart. Already aroused to a frantic pitch Crystal thrust her hips into Nick's face, using AJ's chest for leverage. Nick grabs her ass and holds her to him, his mouth buried in her pussy. She presses deeper and then pulls away, pressing and pulling until she explode into orgasm, shouting Nick's name as she cum, along with a couple of oh-god's and at least one fuck.

She's panting with heat; she want more now so she begs Nick to take her off the table. He obliges, scooping her up and lowering her to the floor. She kneel in front of him, fumbling with the zipper of his slacks. He helps her as much as he can, but the tequila has affected him too, and he staggers a little trying to work his pants off. They both realize at the same time that his shoes are still on.

"Oh, fuck it." he mutters, and grabs her by the waist, flipping her onto her hands and knees. It is just what she wanted. She backs her ass up to his cock and push him into her pussy. He starts to move his hips into her and she ask him to be still. He does as she asks and she rock back and forth onto his cock, fucking him fast and slow until she can hear him getting ready to cum. She suddenly remember AJ and turned her head to look for him. She spot him in the soft winged back chair; his pants puddled around his ankles, cock in hand. His eyes are riveted on them and she decided that he's doing fine on his own. Nick is close to cumming and she slams her hips back into his. That is what he needs and he hisses as he empties his balls into her, a long, thin scream escaping through clenched teeth. Crystal hear a similar sound from the direction of the wing chair.

Drunk, exhausted and satisfied, she collapse onto her belly. Nick is reluctant to leave and he follows her to the floor. They lay together, face down, panting from the exertion. Slowly her breathing becomes somewhat normal and she tries to squirm from under Nick. He has her pinned to the carpet like a wrestler with the winning move. She hear snoring and start to giggle. Nick hears it too and they both laugh softly. AJ has succumbed to the elements and is sleeping it off in the wing chair. Nick moves his body off hers and helps her up. They wobble together for a moment to try and find their balance while yanking Nick's pants back up.

"Is he going to be ok there?" Crystal ask, jerking her head in AJ's direction.

"He's slept in that chair many times," Nick replied, and then adds, "although not with his pants down like that." They both smile but are too tired to really laugh.

"Take me to bed Nick." she says, a tiny belch escaping her lips.

"Oh, that's attractive." Nick kids her as they trudge up the stairs to his room.

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