An Obsession with Passion by Jannika
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Chapter 1 by Jannika
September 2014

"Everyone! It’s time to get up for breakfast!"

Kathrine Watson groaned when heard guard yelling. It was already morning and it felt like she just fall asleep.

“Kat? Are you awake?” Angie, Kate’s cellmate asked.
“Yes. I don’t feel so good, Angie.” Kate said in hoarse voice.
“That doesn’t sound good, Kat.” Angie said when jumped from up bunk.

Guard walks to their cell door.

“Watson! Get up!” Guard yelled when sees Kate still on the bed.
“I’m up.” Kate said in hoarse voice and got up slowly.
“Thorne… She’s doesn’t sound good.” Angie said.
“I can hear that. Kat? You ok?” Guard Thorne asked.
“I feel so cold.” Kate said and shivered.
“I’ll take you to our hospital ward.” Guard Thorne said.
“Thank you.” Kate said.
“Boston. You go to breakfast with others.” Guard Thorne said and looked at Angie.
“Yes ma’am.” Angie answered and left with other guard.

May 2009

“So… How’s your girlfriend, Nick?” Kate asked when they were sitting in the café.
“Good. She’s little scared of fans though cause they are threating to kill her. Why they don’t excepting me to like her?” Nick asked worried.
“Because they are fans, Nick. And you don’t like her. I think you love her.” Kate said in tease.
“Maybe. We’ve only dated over year.” Nick said.
“So? I’ve dated Cam for 5 months and I said I love him.” Kate said.
“And how that end up? You are single.” Nick said.
“Because he was a dick.” Kate said.
“True. You deserve better.” Nick said smiling.

Lindsay Kennedy, Kate’s childhood friend walks to them.

“Hey. I tried to call you.” Lindsay said to Kate when sat empty chair between them.
“Why? What happened?” Kate asked.
“Your mom is driving me crazy.” Lindsay said and turned to look at Nick smiling.
“Hey Nick.”
“Hey Linds.” Nick said with weak smile.

He never liked Lindsay.

“Linds. What my mom did now?” Kate asked.
“Got drunk I guess. She came to your house very bad shape.” Lindsay said.
“That’s not new. What did you do in my house anyway?” Kate asked.
“Laundry. My laundry machine is broken. Are you okay with that?” Lindsay asked.
“Yeah. You should’ve call me though first.” Kate said.
“I was but you didn’t answer your phone.” Lindsay said.
“Oh…” Kate only said and stayed quiet after that.
“Well… I should be going.” Nick said when get up from his seat.
“Where’s the fire, Nick?” Lindsay asked.
“I’m having meetings soon and can’t be late.” Nick said.
“Say hi to guys from me.” Lindsay said smiling.

Nick only nodded and said bye to both before walking out the café.

2 hours earlier

Sonya Watson, Kate’s mother, knocked Kate’s house door weakly.
Lindsay opened the door and looked at drunken Sonya.

“Mrs. Watson. You okay?” Lindsay asked.
“Is my baby girl home?” Sonya asked.
“No she isn’t. I don’t know where she is. Let me help you to get lay down.” Lindsay said.
“What’s in the bag?” Sonya asked when noticed bag on the ground.
“My laundry. My own laundry machine is broken.” Lindsay said.
“Whatever.” Sonya said and fall asleep on the couch after Lindsay helped her.
“Get some sleep, Boozy.” Lindsay said and walked out with her bag.

7 hours later

Lauren Kitt, Nick’s girlfriend, was having relaxing bath in hers and Nick’s house.
They have dated long enough to living together.
Lauren was home alone and knew Nick would be coming home little later that night.
She made sure that doors and windows were locked before walked to upstairs to having her bath.
She had planned to have romantic dinner and night with Nick when he gets home.
Meanwhile she is taking long nice bath and getting ready.
She was so relaxed that she didn’t hear that someone was walking quietly to the bathroom.
She got surprised when someone started to choke her and pushing her under water to not be able to breathe.
She tried to get hold of the person who was choking her, but person was so much stronger.
“Burn in hell, bitch.”
She heard the voice, but couldn’t make recognize the voice.
She started to panic under water and suddenly stopped breathing.
Lauren’s dead body wasn’t moving anymore.
Person who came to Nick’s house made perfectly sure that there was no breaking in.
Only dead Lauren.

1 hour later

Nick Carter came home very tired, but excited in the same time.
He was hungry and couldn’t wait to have dinner with his girlfriend.

“Lauren! I’m home!” Nick shouted happily when removed his jacket and shoes off.
“Gosh I’m so hungry! What’s for dinner?”

There wasn’t answer. It was too quiet for his taste.

“Lauren?” Nick called her.

He walked to kitchen to look for her, but only saw bottle of wine on the counter.
He kept look for her around the house.

“Come on, Lolo. Where are you?” Nick questioned when walked to their bedroom.
“This is stupid.” Nick said when sat on edge of the bed.

He looked at the bathroom door.

“Lauren? Are you in there?” Nick asked when walked to the bathroom door.
“I’m coming in.” Nick said when opened the door to see most horrified scene he ever seen.

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