Cheezy Poof Bananas by SweetAngelicAngel
Cheezy Poof Bananas by SweetAngelicAngel
~*A/N: I best explain this a little. This story was written probably two years ago at about 5:30 in the morning while I was talking to my friend Luci who lives in Australia. I was suffering from sleep deprivation and who knows what she was suffering from. LoL. She was probably on a sugar high. Anyway, this is what we came up with! WARNING: The following story is extremely stupid. The fact that it's so stupid is what makes it so hilarious!*~

" Nick, for the last time, you're gonna break those beds if you keep bouncing around on them, "Kevin moaned. Brian looked at Nick evilly before joining him and squealing like a little child.

" But paw! I'm having too much fun! I can't stop now paw!!! " Nick squealed, getting a kick out of teasing Kevin about his southern accent, which tended to pop out every now and then. He continued jumping up and down.

Kevin shook his head and got up to leave the room. Before he left, he turned around to see AJ joining two very bouncy blondes jumping on the bed.

" Hehehehehehehehehe woooeee! " Brian laughed in a comical voice, sending AJ and Nick into hysterics of laughter.

" PAW! WATCH! I CAN FLY! I'M AN AIRPLANE!!! " Nick called as Kevin went to walk out the door. " SEE PAW?! VROOOM!!!! "

Nick flew through the air, sending him and Kevin crashing to the floor. " That's it Carter. Now you've crossed the line, "Kevin growled, wrestling Nick back into the hotel room.

" STACKS ON KEV! " AJ yelled, leaping off the bed onto Nick's back.

" OOMPH! " Nick moaned as AJ's weight fell upon his back.

" DON'T WORRY NICKO! IT'S SUPER ROK TO THE RESCUE! " Brian cried, leaping off the bed and rolling across the hotel floor to his band mates.

Brian started humming the Mission Impossible theme as he started creeping around on the floor. " I don't know man...What do you mean you don't know?...Just like I said, I don't know, this mission seems awful tough...You wimp!...You'd be a wimp too!...Are you THAT scared of A.J?...YES, AND all his tatoos! "

Kevin squirmed out from under the weight of his two bandmates and looked at his cousin oddly. Then Nick piped up. " Paw! Brian's talking to himself again! His split personality is coming out again! Save me Paw! " He hugged Kevin.

Kevin laughed and hugged Nick back. " You're scared? I'm scared too! " Kevin squealed as he and Nick wrapped themselves up into ball.

AJ looked at them and then at Brian who was pretending to mumble into a pretend radio. Catching Brian unaware, AJ tackled him to the floor. Brian screamed, as did Nick. " I got Luitenant Littrell! " AJ growled.

" NO! " Brian yelled, grabbing at the air.

" There's nothing you can do evil da da poo poo man! We've got you now!!! " Nick cackled evilly as he pushed Kevin away.

Brian raised his arms, shielding himself in such a funny looking way that everyone burst into more laughter. While they were laughing, Brian crept up on Nick and began to tickle him. Nick let out a childish squeal as Kevin crept up behind AJ with a pillow and soon a pillow fight burst out. " I got the pillow...You're gonna loo-oose...Coz you're a weak ass...I'm gonna beat you.. " chanted Brian.

" Oh yeah...hey Frick, what's Leigh doing here? " Nick asked, pointing towards the door, which Brian's back was facing.

" LEIGH?! " Brian exclaimed with excitement as he turned to the door. Just as he did, Nick took the opportunity and tackled him to the ground. Soon they were wrestling.

" So so gullible Rok... " Nick laughed, throwing Brian playfully onto the bed and slamming a pillow across Brian's stomach.

" OW!!! PAW!!!! NICKOLAS HURT ME!!! PAW!!!!!!! " Brian cried out as he clutched his stomach.

" Nick hurt you? No way..He's too weak...Honestly Brian, what have you been eating? " Kevin teased.

" Aawwww maaan it hurts, " Brian faked a moan.

" GET HIM! " AJ yelled, throwing a bunch of pillows on Brian and leaping on him.

" Make way..Here comes Nickay! " Nick cried, joining AJ.

" Move over y'all, here comes big daddy! " Kevin laughed, jumping ontop of all of them.

Everyone quickly rolled out of the way just as Kevin jumped onto the bed. He bounced and fell off, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

" SHOW ME THE CRACK! " A.J suddenly yelled.

Nick looked at him oddly. " Um, Bone...isn't it show me the MONEY? "

A.J shrugged. " Uh...NO! "

" SHOW ME THE CHEEZY POOFS! " Brian yelled, his eyes growing wide.

" Oh shut up you monkey! " A.J yelled back.

" In that case....SHOW ME THE BANANAS! " Brian yelled with a grin.

Nick pulled out a ten dollar bill and waved it in the air. Kevin made a quick grab at it. " Uh uh uh...What do you say? " Nick asked.

"SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! " Kevin cried as AJ pushed him back to the floor, making a grab at the money himself.

" SHOW ME THE CHEEZY POOFY CRACK BANANAS!!! " Brian screamed as he quickly snatched the money out of Nick's hand and jumped back on the bed. " CHEEZY POOF CRACK BANANAS! CHEEZY POOF CRACK BANANAS!!! "

Nick looked around, suddenly noticing the money was out of his grasp. " What the... " he mumbled then saw Brian waving the money in the air. " PAAAAAWWWWWWW ROK TOOK MY MONEY!!!! " Nick whined.

" PAW!!!!!! I WANT SOME CHEEZY POOF CRACK BANANAS!!! " Brian whined, jumping up and down on the bed.

" PAW GET OFF MY BACK... " AJ muttered beneath the blankets that Kevin had buried him under.

" Y'all are getting too crazy now, " Kevin laughed. Nick snickered.

" You know you're having fun Kevvy Kev " Brian spoke. Kevin laughed as he got off AJ, running over to Brian and tackling his cousin to the floor, tickling him as he went.

" SHOW ME DA CRACK! " A.J yelled as soon as he jumped up. Nick jumped up also.

" MONEY! " Nick yelled back, getting in A.J's face.

" CRACK! "

" MONEY! "

" CRACK! "

" MONEY! "

" CRACK MONEY! " A.J laughed.

" said crack money... " Nick giggled.

" And I say CHEEZY BANANA POOFS! " Brian piped up.

" HUH? " AJ and Nick asked,looking at Brian in confusion.

Brian shrugged and Kevin began to laugh.

" BANANAS! " Brian yelled.

" CHEEZY POOFS! " yelled Kevin.

" CRACK! " yelled AJ.

" MONEY! " yelled Nick.

" CRACK MONEY FOR CHEEZY POOF BANANAS! " Brian squealed. " PAW!!! Can we get some?! CAN WE?! CAN WE?! "

Kevin laughed at the stupidity surrounding him. " Y'all got money? " he asked. They nodded estaticly. " Alright...Let's go downstairs and get some, " Kevin said.

" YIPPEE! " Brian and Nick squealed. Just as they were about to walk out the door, the door opened and in walked Howie.

" D man, where you been all afternoon? " AJ asked, suddenly turning serious.

" A walk and...What the hell happened to this hotel room? " Howie asked, looking past AJ's shoulder.

" GUESS WHAT MAW?! " Nick and Brian squealed in unison, but got no answer. " MAW!!!!!! "

" D, yo, that's you, " A.J snickered.

" What?! " shrieked Howie.

" Hey honey, you're home, " grinned Kevin, wrapping an arm around Howie's shoulder. Howie looked up at Kevin as if they'd all gone mad.

" Yo Bone man, what do you mean I'm maw? " Howie asked.


" NO STUPID! IT'S CRACK MONEY FOR CHEEZY POOF BANANAS! " Brian yelled, pushing Nick over.

" PAAAWWWWW Rokafeller pushed me! " Nick cried.

" Poor Nicky boo boo. Come to maw, " Howie said, stretching out his arms to Nick. Everyone looked at Howie weirdly.

" Are you outta your frickin mind? " Nick asked.

" P-Paw...Maw's scarin' m-me... " Brian whimpered as he huddled up to Kevin.

" I'm scaring myself, " Howie laughed.

" Stacks on D! " AJ yelled, as everyone charged at Howie and throwed him onto the bed, leaping ontop of him.

" HEEELP! " Howie yelled.

" I'll save you! " Brian said, throwing a pillow at Howie's head.

" At least he didn't do his Mission Impossible thing... " Nick sighed.

Just then, Brian rolled away and began to creep along the ground, humming the Mission Impossible theme. Everyone groaned. " Are you ready?...Ready for what?...Your mission...Sure, what's my mission?...Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go in search of cheezy poof bananas with crack money. "

" Oh god.. " Kevin murmured.

" Here we go " AJ sighed.

" Quick Bri, what's 1000 divided by 5? " Howie asked. Brian looked up, working it out in his mind.

" 5...4...3...2...1....Bah took too long to answer...You are the weakest link.. goodbye, " Nick giggled.

" Doo doo....doo doo doo doo doo doo... " Howie whispered.


" Loser! " A.J coughed.

" MAW!!! PAW!!! ALEXANDER CALLED ME A LOSER! " Brian whined.

" Dont be such a sore loser you loser, "Nick teased.

" I'm not a sore loser, you...LOSER! "

" Bri, that is like, soo 3 seconds ago..Get a new line, " Nick sighed, rolling his eyes.

" Fine...I'm not a sore loser you...You BLONDE! " Brian returned.

Nick turned around. " Oh so now I'm a blonde? Have you looked in the mirror lately Bri? Coz the last that I knew, you were blonde too! " Nick grinned.

" Like, oh...I so like forgot, " Brian retorted in a high pitched voice as he rolled his eyes.


" Oopz Nick did it again....He kinda forgot..That he's so a blonde..Oh AJ AJ...Oopz he farted outloud and now I'll like, faaaaaiinnt...the smell's so overpowering..." Brian sang. Everyone laughed, including AJ. " Like, what are you guys laughing about now? I don't see what's so funny. That song is soo last year. Do you want something like, more recent? " Brian asked.

" HELL NO! " everyone laughed.

" Oh c'mon...You know you want to see me tie up my top and do the baby one more time dance, " Brian grinned.

" Oh please no...I wont sleep tonight or for the rest of the week, " Nick begged.

" Oh Nicky Nicky, how were we supposed to know? " A.J started to sing, a menacing grin on his face.

" That you were such a dork brain, " Brian joined.

" Oh Nicky Nicky, we shouldn't have let you knooowwww, " Howie sang.

" So, now we're going to have to...uh...kill you, " A.J half sang and cackled.

" Touch me and I'll blow your brains out....AJ AJ your fly is like,so so so undone....Kev's killing him and heee....he must confess...he still believes...still believes...that when I'm up on stage I lose my mind so give him a siiiiign that he is such an old man, " Nick giggled.

" Are you guys thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? " Kevin growled as he approached Nick slowly.

" T-thinking what? " Nick stuttered as he backed away.

" Yes, we are, " Brian laughed.

" Good, GET HIM!!! " Kevin yelled.

" MOMMMYYYYYYYYYY!!! " Nick screamed as they all made a grab at him.

" You give up?! " Howie cackled as he held Nick down with Kevin, as Brian and A.J attacked him with massive tickles.

" Never! " Nick spat.

" Alright, keep going! "

" ALRIGHT! MERCY! MERCY! " Nick squealed, tears coming to his eyes as his face turned bright red.

" Cheezy...duh duh duh duh duh duh...ahhh, poofy bananas...duh duh duh duh duh duh, I want some right give some to me please, " Brian began to sing to the tune of " Sugar, ah, Honey Honey " ( A/N: It goes " Sugar...duh duh duh duh duh duh...ahhh, honey honey...duh duh duh duh duh are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you " - If you didn't know that).

", you do NOT start singing OLDIES! " A.J yelled as he got ready to pounce on Brian.

" What? " Brian asked innocently.

" You know what! Now I'm gonna have to beat your ass! "

" Huh-uh! "

" Come here! "

" MAW!!! PAW!!! "

" I'm gonna hurt you! "

" All I wanted was some cheezy poof bananas! " Brian squealed as he ran out the door, screaming, with A.J hot on his trail.

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