The Night by Belladonna Malfoy
To Help a Friend by Belladonna Malfoy
Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in their compartment of the Hogwarts express as they nervously awaited the train to arrive at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so they could begin their seventh year.
“I can’t believe it’s almost over.” Hermione said, looking out of the window.
“Yeah. I’ll be able to start cursing Fred and George now. Those two made me laugh for the entire after noon yesterday. Wait ‘till I get home this year. They’re in for a shock.” Ron vowed. Hermione’s head shot up.
“Ronald Weasley, don’t you dare. They’re your brothers.” She scolded.
“You sound like my mum.” Ron mumbled as Hermione shot him a menacing glare.
“You’re very quiet, Harry. Is something wrong?” Hermione asked worriedly.
“No. Nothing. It’s just, well after this year, I’ll have to go back and live with the Dursley’s. Not exactly something I’m looking forward to.” Harry explained, looking at his hands.
“It’s okay Harry. Maybe you could come and live with one of us. Or even buy a house of your own.” Ron suggested.
“Maybe.” Harry said quietly.
“Yeah, Potter. Maybe you could go live with Granger. I’m sure she’d love that. Wouldn’t you?” Draco Malfoy’s voice said from the doorway. Hermione looked up at him, and annoyingly, liked what she saw. Malfoy’s hair was now cropped short and stood on end about an inch from his head all over. His shoulders, which Hermione noticed had gotten notably wider and looked to be much stronger, were pulled back proudly. He had grown at least six inches, which left him a good six feet tall, in which case he towered over Hermione. Although the rest of him had changed, his steal blue eyes, pale complexion and rather crude sense of humour had not.
“Bite me, Malfoy.” Hermione shot. She too had changed. Her bushy brown hair now hung half way down her back in a mass uncontrollable curls, thought not as bushy as it was, it was still bushy and she had grown into a very pretty young woman. She, Harry and Ron had become closer and Ron and Harry had become more like older brothers, rather than best friends. Much to Ron and Harry’s relief, she had eased up on the rules, allowing her self to relax and be normal.
“Oh. Learnt some new words to add to your vocabulary, Granger? Well done.” Malfoy smiled evilly.
“I also have two more words to add Malfoy. The first of which begins with an F.” Hermione scowled, standing up.
“Are you offering or ordering, Granger. ’Cause just for your amusement, I’d love to.” Malfoy replied. His comment had obviously struck a nerve in both Ron and Harry, who simultaneously jumped at Malfoy.
“Harry, Ron! Stop it!” Hermione yelled grabbing the backs of their shirts. “Damnit you two. I can handle him by myself.” She told them sternly.
“I bet you’d love to try.” Malfoy said seductively and winked at her.
“Go to hell Malfoy. And if you need directions, I’ll be glad to help.” Hermione glared at him.
“If you insist. But you have no idea what you’re missing out on.” Malfoy replied, beginning to walk off.
“I bet it’s not much.” She called out after him. Hermione closed the door and turned to Harry and Ron, who both had identical looks of anger on their faces.
“You shouldn’t have let him talk to you like that, Hermione.” Harry told her.
“Yeah. We could have shut him up for you.” Ron agreed, balling his hands into fists.
“I can take care of my self. But thanks anyway.” Hermione smiled.
“Our little girl’s growing up, Ron.” Harry said pretending to start crying, putting his head on Ron’s shoulder.
“Yes. I expect she’ll be shagging more now too.” Ron replied, following Harry’s lead. They both pretended to start crying and hugged each other.
“What do you mean by more?” Hermione mumbled.
“Huh? What do *you* mean?” Ron replied, hearing Hermione’s question.
“Well, I’ve never actually…well, you know…done it.” Hermione answered.
“You haven’t?” Harry asked, astounded by his friends honesty.
“No. I mean, I’ve dated and stuff, but I’ve never actually gone all the way.” She told them.
“But I thought you two would have…” Harry began, referring to Hermione and Ron, who had dated for a while last year.
“No!” Hermione and Ron almost yelled at the same time.
“Oh. So you’ve never slept with anyone?” Harry asked, his question asked with the upmost curiosity.
“No. Have you?” Hermione asked, turning Harry’s curiosity against him.
“I don’t go blabbing about that. But since I know it wont go any further, yeah. A few times.” Harry responded, like it didn’t matter. Hermione looked at Ron.
“Me. Yeah, I have. Only a couple of times though,” He said proudly. Harry looked at Ron expectantly. “What?” Ron asked, as if he’d done something wrong.
“You only ever told me about one.” Harry said, pretending to be hurt.
“Wait a minute. You two have told each other, but not me.” Hermione asked, shocked at being left out.
“It’s not exactly the kind of thing you discuss with your female friends.” Ron told her, raising his eyes brows.
Hermione shrugged. “So who was your first?” She asked, directing the question really at both of them.
Ron answered first. “ Parvati.” He answered honestly. Hermione turned her gaze to Harry.
“I can’t tell you.” Harry said quietly.
“Why not?” Hermione asked, crossing her arms.
“Yeah. Why not? You told me.” Ron said looking at Harry oddly.
“No I didn’t. She wasn’t my first.” Harry told him shaking his head.
“Then who was?” Hermione and Ron asked in unison.
“Um…G...G…Ginny.” Harry said quietly.
“WHAT!” Ron yelled, standing up. Hermione grabbed his shoulder. “You shagged my sister?!”
“I didn’t mean to!” Harry said defensively.
“Oh what? So you just fell in between her legs?” Ron continued to yell.
“It wasn’t like that Ron! Honestly. It just kind of…happened.” Harry replied.
“What do you mean it just kind of happened?” Ron asked, sitting down next to Hermione.
“Well when we were dating, you two were out somewhere, and we were sitting in the dormitory talking and we kissed and it kind of just went from there.” Harry explained.
“So why didn’t you tell me?” Ron asked.
“Oh, gee. I wonder. You’re her brother and you would have ripped my head off, much like you almost did just now.” Harry answered.
“Can we just drop the subject of Ginny and Harry please.” Hermione pipped up.
“Sorry Ron.” Harry apologized.
“No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone off at you like that.” Ron insisted and the conversation ended.

Three days later, the Trio’s relationship had gone back to normal. Ron had apparently gotten over the fact that Harry had slept with Ginny and conveniently forgot about it, and no one had said anything about Hermione’s confession. That was until one night after dinner when Harry had decided to go to bed early because he had Quidditch practice in the morning. Hermione made her way up to the Seventh year Boy’s dormitory and knock quietly on the door.
“Who is it?” Harry’s muffled voice came from inside.
“Hermione, can I come in? I need to talk to you.” Hermione replied a little excitedly.
“Can I honestly stop you?” Harry asked. Hermione smiled, he knew her too well.
“Alohamora.” Hermione whispered and the door clicked unlocked. “Not really.” She smiled and she walked in and closed the door behind her.
“Is there something in particular you wanted to talk about?” Harry asked, sitting up in his bed.
“Yup. I’ve made a decision.” Hermione announced, sitting almost on Harry’s feet.
“Uh…about what?” Harry wondered out loud.
“I’m going to do it.” Hermione replied.
“Going to do what?”
Hermione went quiet and blushed a very attractive shade of pink. Apparently she wasn’t accustomed to saying the ‘s’ word yet. “You know.” She replied, going slightly redder.
“You going to have sex?” Harry prompted.
“Exactly.” Hermione nodded.
“With who.”
Hermione mumbled something that sounded something like “Break Dough Mouse Boy.”
Harry’s eyes widened. “What?!” He almost shouted. “Why him?”
“Well, I figured, he hates me, I hate him. It wont mean anything to either of us and will be forgotten.” Hermione explained.
“Yes, but Hermione, trust me. Your first time isn’t something you forget easily.” Harry told her sternly.
“At least it’ll be out of the way.” Hermione shrugged.
“Hermione, I know I’m beginning to sound like you, but this isn’t something you want to take lightly. The first time should be special. With someone special. And Draco Malfoy certainly isn’t either of those things.” Harry scolded her.
“Then who do you suggest?” Hermione sounded rather hurt.
“I can’t tell you who to have sex with Hermione. That’s a choice you have to make for yourself.” Harry replied.
“I know. And I have. I’m going to shag Draco Malfoy and that’s that.” Hermione told him, sternly.
“You’re what?” Ron’s astonished voice came from the doorway. Harry looked at Hermione who and gone even redder and looked at Harry’s bed cover. “What did you say, Hermione? You’re going to what Draco Malfoy?”
“I said I’m going to shag Draco Malfoy. Not that it was any of your business.” Hermione answered, looking up at Ron.
“Why him? Why not me or Harry?” Ron said unexpectedly.
“What? Look, I’ve made my decision. I thought you two of all people would have supported me. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything.” Hermione said, her eyes filling with tears.
“Hermione, we just think you’re making a mistake. We don’t want to se you hurt.” Ron said quietly, closing the door behind him and kneeling in front of Hermione.
“How do you know I’m going to get hurt? How do you know he’s not actually a decent person?” Hermione asked looking at Ron.
“Because he’s Draco Malfoy.” Ron answered simply. Anger began to surge through Hermione’s veins. Why couldn’t they understand?
“AGH!” She muffled her scream of frustration.
“Hermione, please. Calm down.” Harry said coaching-ly.
“I am calm!” She almost yelled. Obviously, she was far from it.
“Hermione, have you thought about this?” Ron asked, sitting next to Hermione.
“Um…a little.”
“Well, a little isn’t enough. Trust me. How do you suppose you’re actually going to get him into bed?” Ron pushed.
“Yeah, Hermione. What if he doesn’t…uh…well you know?” Harry added.
“AGH!” Hermione screamed again and slammed her back onto Harry’s bed. “You two have to help me.” She ordered. Ron and Harry looked at each other and then at Hermione.
“What?” They asked together.
“You have to help me.” Hermione repeated, sitting up.
“How? How are we supposed to know what turns Malfoy on?” Harry asked, looking rather astonished.
“I don’t know. You’re guys. He’s a guy. Surely you have some idea what makes guys tick.” Hermione said desperately. Ron made a face and looked at Hermione.
“If you promise to do exactly as we say, and do it like we tell you to, I’ll help.” Ron told her. Hermione’s face lit up.
“Thank you Ron.” She almost yelled, she hugged him and looked at Harry expectantly.
“I don’t know. It all seems-” Harry began.
“Oh come on Harry. Please. I love you forever.” Hermione pleaded, looking at her best friend.
“Oh, all right. But you already love me, right?” Harry smiled.
“Of course I do.” Hermione laughed, she hugged Harry, and then stood in front of the boys. “So what do I do first?” She asked.
“First, do you have any straightening spells, for your hair I mean?” Ron asked, looking up at Hermione’s hair.
“I think. Why?”
“Well that’s were we start.” Ron nodded.
“Definitely.” Harry agreed.
“But I-” Hermione protested. Ron simply held up his hand.
“You said you’d do as we say.” He reminded her. She sighed when she realised he was right.
“Okay. But I can’t do it until tomorrow morning.” She told them, crossing her arms.
“Fine. Fine. You’ll need to do your eyebrows while you’re at it.” Harry commented. Hermione was confused.
“What’s wrong with them?” She asked, lifting her hand to her head.
“Nothing. They could just do with a bit of…shaping, that’s all.” Harry answered quickly.
“Ask Ginny. She’ll know what to do.” Ron told her matter of factly. Hermione nodded.
“Okay. Uh…was there anything else?” Hermione asked. Ron and Harry looked at each other and nodded.
“Your walk.” They said at the same time.
“What? What’s wrong with the way I walk?” Hermione asked, sounding a little offended.
“Nothing, nothing. It’s just offence or anything but…” Harry began, looking towards Ron for help.
“You walk you’ve got a stick up your arse.” Ron told her, flinching a little when her eyes became wide with surprise. Her face lightened a little before she said,
“Do I? I mean, do I really walk like that?”
“Um…yeah. You do. You just need to relax a bit. You know, don’t stand up so straight.” Harry tried to help her. He sat up in bed and threw his covers off, and stood up.
“Oh yeah? Like how?” Hermione challenged, crossing her arms over her chest, and putting her nose in the air. Ron stood up slowly.
“That’s another thing, ‘Mione. Don’t cross your arms like that. Put your hands on your hips instead.” He said, uncrossing her arms and putting her hands on her hips. “Right. Now, bend this knee…not that far!” Ron said as he and Hermione crashed to the floor. Harry sat on his bed and giggled to himself.
“Well you do it then. You show me how I’m supposed to walk.” Hermione glared at him as Ron helped her up of the floor.
“Okay. You just need to relax your shoulders a little, and move your hips.” Harry said, demonstrating. “Now you try it.” Hermione let her shoulders fall and moved her hips only the slightest bit. “That was excellent.” Harry smiled at her. “Now try the thing Ron’s doing.” Hermione looked at Ron. He was standing with his hands sitting loosely on his hips with one foot in front of the other, she imitated him.
“You’re looking better already.” Ron said proudly. “Your vocabulary is fine, as we found out on the train, good use of innuendo I might add.” Ron smiled. “Just see Ginny about your eyebrows and do that spell on your hair tomorrow, and we’ll be on our way.”
“Thanks. You guys are the best.” Hermione smiled and hugged her two best friends. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need my beauty sleep.” With that Hermione turned and headed to her dormitory.
“Do you think we’re going to be able to do this Harry?” Ron asked after a while.
“I don’t know Ron. I honestly don’t know. But we have to try. We said we’d help her bed Malfoy. As awful and tasteless as that sounds” Harry replied, climbing into bed.
“Yeah. I guess.” Ron sighed. He to climbed into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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