Party Time by starbeamz2
Chapter 1 by starbeamz2
Author's Notes:
This one's for Mare ;)
The blood dripped off of the gleaming blade and pooled into a puddle on the floor.  Smiling to herself, she continued to sharpen it, readying it for her next piece of work.  In the corner of the laboratory style room, a man hung, his arms tied above his head. There was barely any life left visible in his dark green eyes, and, every so often, his feet would twitch from the electrical shocks coursing through his body.

She smiled at her handiwork, even as she noted that she needed to mop up the puddle under him.  Shrugging thoughts of him aside, she turned to focus on her second victim.  He’d yet to wake, and she so wanted him to be awake when she started her work.  Hearing Kevin’s screams rise then slowly die out had been so satisfying to her.  

She’d given so many years of her life to these men, and it was only just that they give her the pleasure of appreciating her work.

As she waited for Nick to wake, her eyes flicked over to the computer screen where the last picture she’d taken of the two men was displayed.  She’d lifted the camera and taken the shot at the exact time that she had been sure the poison had finally worked its way through Nick’s bloodstream.  It had been so easy to pour it into Nick’s water bottle backstage before she’d handed it to him with a smile.  He hadn’t had a clue that her innocent smile had hidden his death.  She knew Kevin hadn’t had a clue either that Nick hadn’t laid his head on his shoulder out of love when the poison had finally kicked in during the show.  It had just made the whole thing that much more exciting for her.

Of course, when Kevin had realized that something was wrong with his friend, she’d been there backstage as he had shouldered Nick offstage and towards the dressing rooms.

“Something’s wrong with him,” Kevin told her, his voice tinged with the worry so evident on his face as he dragged Nick down the hallway.  Nick’s head lolled from side to side, and she feigned concern as she hurried forward to offer help.

“My car’s right outside the back door. It’ll be faster for us to get him to the hospital,” she said as she looped an arm around Nick’s waist and gazed worriedly at his face. Inside, she was cheering as it appeared her plan was going perfectly.

Kevin nodded. “You’re right. The other fellas are going to finish out the show, so we won’t run into fans either.  God, I wonder what’s wrong with him? His pulse is really slow, too.”

“Don’t worry,” she reassured him. One of the security guards held the back door open for them, and they hurried through as fast as they could.  “He’ll be okay, Kevin. It was probably just something he ate.”

She held open the back door of her car, which had been waiting right next to the back exit.  Kevin helped Nick into the back seat, laying him down across the seat. Nick flopped onto the cushioned seat and didn’t move. Excitement flitted through her as she realized how easy it had been to get the two men away.

She smiled at the picture now, remembering how simple it had been to inject the poison into Kevin.  He’d assumed she was leaning towards him to offer him a comforting hug when she’d really been intent on stabbing him in the neck with the syringe hidden in her palm.

Pathetically easy.

Nick moaned, and her smile grew into a feral grin.  Party time.

He didn’t know where he was, only that he was in massive pain.  His entire body was on fire, and the slightest movement quadrupled the pain.  When he opened his eyes, white light seared them.  Heaven, he wondered for a split second before the pain reminded him that heaven shouldn’t hurt quite this much.

Then, her face moved into his view, and he nearly gasped in relief.  “Hurts,” he whispered through parched lips. “Help.”

“Oh, I will,” she told him with a sly smile curving her lips.  “Don’t you worry, Nicky.  I’ll take good care of you.”

If he’d been any more lucid and cognizant of what was happening, he would’ve known that tone of voice meant trouble.  As it was, he was in such pain that he could barely remember his own name.  “What happened?” he whispered again, though it cost him to speak.

“Don’t you remember, Nick?” Her voice was saccharine sweet, and he took a second to wonder why she was talking to him like he was two years old.  Her next words drowned out everything but his sheer panic.  “I poisoned you and Kevin, and now I’m going to have some fun with you.”

His eyes wheeled wildly, trying to look anywhere but at the sharp silver blade she held up for him to see. His heart was pounding so hard, he was surprised it hadn’t just leapt out of his chest already.  Only one thought kept him from passing out.  “Kevin,” he rasped.  “Kevin!”

She laughed at his attempt to call his usual protector.  “Oh, Nick.  That’s so sweet. Unfortunately, Kevin’s a bit preoccupied right now.” When his eyes fixed on her, she gestured to the side of the room.  “He’s just hanging out.”

While she chuckled at her joke, Nick’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes finally landed on Kevin.  He’d never seen death before, but he was pretty sure what he was seeing was death or the step before it.  Kevin’s skin was ash pale, his eyes were open and stared glassily ahead, seeing nothing.  What horrified Nick more than that was the fact that his torso was gaping open in some areas as though it had been cut precisely.  There were stitches along some parts of his neck and arms, but his chest and abdomen were sliced open and layers of his skin had been peeled apart.

The urge to be violently ill was overwhelmed by horror and then, as his murderer approached him with a tray full of sharpened tools, stark terror.

She lifted a razor-sharp scalpel from the tray and smiled at him.  “I always wanted the two of you to myself.  I never really wanted to share you, you know? This comeback of yours irritated me a lot until I found the perfect solution to keeping you just for myself.” When he said nothing but continued to gape at her with horror in his eyes, she stroked his hair softly.  “Kevin thought I was crazy when I enrolled in that taxidermy class.  If he’d known what I was really about to do, he would’ve had me committed.  Well,” she glanced over at Kevin’s body, “it’s a little late for that, isn’t it? And, now, Nick, it’s your turn.”

As the blade sliced through the air towards him, he tried to plead for his life one last time.  “Please, Kristin. Don’t do this. Ple-”

His screams split the air in the same way her scalpel sliced through his skin.  Humming to herself, she went to work.

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