Lance and Justin's Explaination by angelfromafrica
Part 1 by angelfromafrica
Lance and Justin’s explanation.
Part 1.

As the police van pulled away, Lance glanced out the rear window and looked at his friends. He had done this for nothing, he saw that now. He had ruined a life, only to ruin his own. He gave a huge sigh of regret and Justin looked at him.
“What?” Justin snapped, he too was angry. Lance glared at him.
“Nothing, I swear this would have worked if you had gone and checked on Mclean like I said,” Lance snapped back, Justin’s eyes flared as he looked at Lance.
“Yeah well if you’d not changed the plan…” Justin began but Lance cut him off.
“Changed the plan? It was your bright idea to lock Mclean in that room with a dead body. I just thought it smarter to move things to the basement, where it would be less obvious. If you’d gone up and brought him down none of this would have happened!” Lance jeered back. Justin threw Lance a dirty look.
“Hey, I was only helping you out. Remember that! This wasn’t my idea, I was just helping out a friend!” Justin retorted, and Lance grunted in reply.
“Yeah right, I’m your friend? You were helping me out? You ruined everything, by not listening to me!” Lance hissed back, they seemed to have turned on each other in the past few hours once they realized they’d been caught.
Justin glared at Lance, “Fine believe what you want. But without me none of this would have happened.”
“Yeah you got that right,” Lance replied and glared out the window. There were a few minutes of silence as the van drove on.
“I swear, you’re such a spaz Bass,” Justin said after a while. Lance looked back at him.
“What is that supposed to mean Timberlake?” He asked, Justin chuckled and looked at Lance.
“Look at you. You altered your looks just to be one of them? God, how desperate can you get,” Justin replied, and laughed some more. Lance looked at him.
“It wasn’t as if you didn’t want to do it to!” Lance snapped back, Justin gave him a ‘yeah right’ look.
“Bass, I’m not THAT desperate,” Justin said, “If I wanted to become one of them I would have done it by now and not by altering the way I look.”
“Fuck you Timberlake. At least I had a plan,” Lance said, his voice rising with anger.
“What plan? Where you murdered Nick Carter and Backstreet found out? Yeah, smart plan that one,” Justin said chortling, as he realized the daftness of Lance’s actions.
“Well it would have worked if I didn’t ask you to help me. That was the worst idea I’ve ever had,” Lance snapped back, Justin stopped laughing and glared at Lance.
“I swear Bass, when I get out of here…” was all Justin could think of in reply and Lance looked at him laughing.
“You get out of here? Keep telling yourself that Timberlake,” Lance said, “I’m no lawyer, but if you commit a murder and kidnap, I’m guessing you’ll get a life sentence!”
“Hey buddy,” Justin replied, “I was not the one who killed Carter, and it was you!”
“Yeah? Well that’s not how I remember it!” Lance snapped back, his voice rising.
“Really? How do you remember it?” Justin asked, his voice louder than Lance’s now. Lance opened his mouth to respond but they were cut off by the cop who was sitting in the front seat.
“Shut up the both of you, or I’ll come back there myself,” the cop threatened and both Lance and Justin shut up.

The cell stunk of something Justin didn’t quite know, and as he entered it he knew that something had gone wrong. No shit, he said to himself as Lance, who looked like Nick, sat on one of the dirty benches, pouting.
“There’s no way I’m sitting on that,” Justin said, more to himself than Lance, as he eyed the bench. Lance looked at him disapprovingly.
“I don’t give a fuck Timberlake, you can sit on shit for all I care,” Lance replied looking away from Justin. Justin growled and went to sit on the cleaner bunk that was provided, but he cringed when he saw the cockroaches all over it.
“Ugh, that’s disgusting!” He exclaimed and batted them away as best as he could, Lance looked at him and grunted. “What?”
“This isn’t a five star hotel Timberlake, so get used to it,” Lance replied, he seemed to have come to terms with their situation.
“I didn’t say that it was,” Justin retorted back, and plonked himself down on the bed which creaked as he did so.
“You didn’t need to; you just act as if you are owed it. As usual,” Lance replied rolling his eyes.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Justin asked pouting and Lance snorted.
“Like you don’t know,” Lance said, still avoiding Justin’s glare.
“No I don’t please indulge me,” Justin replied sarcastically, this made Lance turn and face him. As he did so Justin got the shivers, it wasn’t nice to be in a cell with someone who looked like the dead.
“Where do you want me to begin?” Lance asked viciously. “When Nsync started? Or when NSA was released? Or ohh I know what about on the Popodessy tour?”
Justin snarled at Lance, “You have such a wild imagination Bass.”
“I do, do I?” Lance asked, “Because as I remember it you were always acting as if you were royalty or some shit.” Justin didn’t respond instead he just turned away from Lance. “What? No answer? Wow, that’s a first!”
“What the fuck does that mean?” Justin asked angrily, turning around and jumping off the bed to face Lance.
“You know what it means Timberlake,” Lance said, he too stood up.
“Oh I do, do I? Why don’t you come over here and show me!” Justin yelled back.
“Fine I will! You little asshole!” Lance screamed and launched himself at Justin, grabbing him by the throat. They fell to the floor and there was a struggle.
“Lance! I can’t breathe!” Justin gasped after a while, as he tried to pry Lance’s fingers from his throat.
“Good!” Lance said, “then I won’t have to listen to your shit all day!’ Lance squeezed Justin’s throat tighter and tighter.
“Lance, come on! We can work something out!” Justin gasped, still trying to pry Lance’s fingers away.
“We can? Like what? Like how you screwed up my life?” Lance replied angrily, he shook Justin beneath him.
“Help!” Justin managed to yelp, after he realized Lance was not going to let go, “Help! I’m being strangled!” Luckily for Justin, a warden walked by and saw the commotion.
“Okay you two!” The warden called as he rushed inside followed by two other wardens. “Off you get Bass!” They managed to pull Lance off Justin and Justin grabbed his throat, feeling it.
“Thanks,” Justin breathed as he moved to sit on the bed.
“No problem Timberlake, but next time watch what you say because I ain’t going to come in here and save you!” The warden snapped, “I’m sure Bass had a good reason. Come on, let’s separate these two.” The warden nodded, grabbed Lance and handcuffed him, leading him out the cell. As they left they did not notice the smile that formed on Justin’s lips, it was a smile that no one had ever seen him produce. A smile of revenge.

Lance soon found himself sitting alone in a smaller cell. He knew he should not have gotten mad at Justin, but he did. Then again, Lance had reasons for getting angry, just like he did the time when Nsync started.
As Lance sat alone in the cell he remembered those days. He remembered being in Germany with the other guys, and how they’d all ignore him and focus on Justin. God, they worshipped his ass, Lance thought, and now look; I’m in jail because of him. That’s just great, just great.
All the others had, or so Lance felt, loved Justin. So did the fans, that’s why he’d gotten so demanding, and so bloody bossy. Justin always would shove Lance around, ordering him to do this or that. But Lance guessed it was because Justin was the youngest.
Then when Justin had decided to do the solo thing, all the others had supported him, but when Lance wanted to go to space, they’d all had something negative to say.
Lance couldn’t understand why they had been like that, so instead of talking to the others, he decided to let them believe what they wanted. He was going to space, or so they thought. That is when Lance saw it as his meal ticket out of Nsync, and into Backstreet.
Lance had always liked Backstreet, all except for Carter. They had all been nice to him, much nicer then Nsync ever had. So that’s why he decided to kill Carter and take his place. I mean, the only one who had close resemblance to Lance was Nick. So I changed my looks to look more like him and this is how it ends up? What a piece of shit, waste of money, Lance thought as the door to his small cell opened and the warden who’d pried him off Justin stood in front of him.
“Okay, let’s go Bass,” the warden barked, dragging Lance up. “You’ve got someone here to see you.” Lance was confused, who would come and see him?
“Who is it?” Lance asked as he let the warden drag him out of the cell and down the corridor. The warden glared at Lance.
“Your lawyer,” he said matter of factly and Lance looked at him stunned. His lawyer? He didn’t call for no lawyer, he was guilty, he’d accepted that. “Don’t look so shocked, you know if you can’t afford one or don’t call one, one will be provided by the state.”
Lance nodded and quietly let the warden lead him down the hall. They soon turned and entered a small room.
“Here we are,” the warden announced and threw Lance in front of him rather roughly. Lance tried to not fall flat on his face and grabbed the end of the table.
As he struggled to get himself up, he managed to look at who else was in the room with him. He gasped, he wasn’t expecting this. Standing a few feet away from him, was a man in a black pressed suit and a briefcase who Lance figured to be his lawyer. Standing next to the lawyer however was someone that Lance felt should have not been there, someone who should have let Lance rot in prison.
“Why did you come?” Lance managed to ask, the man looked at him.
“Because I had to,” he replied and Lance shook his head.
“No, you didn’t. I betrayed you guys, I betrayed Nsync, you didn’t have to come Chris, really you didn’t.”

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