Upgrade Update
As I suspected, the upgrade occurred sooner than originally expected and I didn't have time to alert anyone that the deadline was HERE to back things up. I do have a complete backup from prior to the move, but it does appear that stories did make the move successfully. Whew.

I didn't have time to go through and thoroughly test everything prior to the upgrade go-live, so if you notice anything quirky that needs to be checked out, please let me know in the comments. Initial testing, though, has looked good!

KNOWN ISSUE FOUND: New chapters/stories are not posting but getting a DB error. I'm working on this as soon as possible, but alas it will likely take some time unless it happens to be an easy issue.

One of the first things that happened while I was working to prepare the site for an upgrade is a "cleaning" of some of the database files to remove "obvious" spam. Unfortunately a few legit things could have been caught up in that (i.e. anonymous reviews from back in the day if they contained links...). If you happened to be a member that signed up in Feb-May of 2018 and your bio referred to Coffee, Supplements, or Weight and you'd posted no stories...yeah, your membership was removed. I don't think that would catch any "legit" members, but...if it did, sorry, you were a casualty of about 25000 spam membership removals. Sign back up if you want, though any account used solely to spam or advertise a product will be removed...again.
--Chaos on 08/27/21 12:58 pm 0 Comments