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Reviewer: Alexsgirl_ritz Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/15/13 09:42 am Title: Chapter 5

I am not sure which is better: Brian thinks Howie and Nick are alive but forgot about them or AJ who thinks they are both dead that's why they never came back.

This chapter made me realize what the hell are the Backstreet wives doing? Did they already call for help when their husbands did not answer any of their phone call and they are freaking late already? Because If I am married to AJ, I would have. lol I love this chapter. I will always be an A-rok girl for life. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying the Brian and AJ pairing. I always kind of picture them together when I cluster them all up in my head. LOL The wives come into play, you'll see!

Reviewer: Kyrie Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/14/13 08:02 pm Title: Chapter 5

I feel awful for those guys, stuck and no way of knowing what's going on.

Author's Response:

aww, I know! I can only imagine how I would feel if I were in that situation! Thanks, Kyrie!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/13 06:16 pm Title: Chapter 5

Aw nooo the wolves better stay away from Kevin! I really thought Brian was going to lose his temper and shout "shut the fuck up" to AJ, he seems close to breaking point.

Author's Response: I probably would have lost my temper if I was Brian! LOL Poor guy! Well guys I guess. I'm giving them all a hard time. Thanks, Steph!

Reviewer: Jenna Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/13 01:37 am Title: Chapter 5

WTH.....Tim is seriously delusional :( AJ being trapped and helpless inside the van and Brian trying his best to stay calm with the reactions & comments uttered by AJ & Kevin. Great chapter Mare ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, Jenna! Yeah Tim is kind of nutso, bonkers! LOL

Reviewer: emily_michele Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/12/13 12:52 pm Title: Chapter 5

Yikes! Kevin being attacked by wolves certainly wasn't a scenario I was imagining here! Nice element of surprise there! That's what I think makes you such a great suspense writer. I can see myself writing something similar to this chapter, but then stopping with Kevin being stranded and hurt-- not facing the possibility of being attacked by wolves!

Author's Response: Well, sometimes you just need wolves, you know? Because things weren't quite dire enough lol Thanks, Emily!!

Reviewer: mamogirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/12/13 07:03 am Title: Chapter 5

Oh, wow, a Brian Chapter *me very happy*

I love your description of his thoughts, how he kept going from being worried about everyone and angry at the same time because he's stuck and he can't do anything.

Wolves. Wow. I bet that Kevin can scare them only with the power of the giant eyebrows. U.U

Amazing chapter!

Author's Response:

Yup, if Kevin ever needed his magical brows to help him out, now would be the time! Thanks, I was telling Julie under you lol I figure all those feelings would pop up when stuck like that. I'm sure Brian doesn't like to feel helpless! Thanks, Cinzia!

Reviewer: RokofAges75 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/12/13 04:11 am Title: Chapter 5

Wolves!!! YES! LMAO! Who needs a bear attack when you've got wolves in the woods?! Kevin better find a way to get himself into that van so he's not a sitting duck when the wolf pack comes LOL. I loved Brian's line of thinking in this chapter, how it kept alternating between anger and sadness/worry/fear, thinking first that Nick and Howie were just dicking around and then that one or both of them must be dead. That's totally how anyone would react in that situation, when all you have is time to think. Your thoughts just run away with you. I loved the AJ parts, too, especially when he said he just wanted to kiss his daughter, and that got to Brian. :( Please include a scene in which a crippled Kevin has to fight off wolves! Don't just tease us; make it happen! LOL :)

Author's Response:

Wolves are so much better than one boring bear! LOL I tried to put myself in Brian's situation and I don't think I could handle being stuck in one pisition for that long without my brain going a mile a minute and being mad at everyone around me while worrying about them all at the same time. I really wonder why I make AJ cuss as much as I do. Just like Nick with his eye rolls, I don't picture AJ being that much of a potty mouth, even though I have heard him be every time we've met. All two times! LOL Thanks again, Julie!