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Reviewer: AJBrianFan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/02/12 09:01 pm Title: Chapter 92

I didn't realize I was a chapter behind! Wonder what the miracle is? On to the next one...

Author's Response: No problem; updates on this one have been so sporadic lately, you didn't miss much! LOL It's our top priority for the new year though. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/13/11 08:05 pm Title: Chapter 92

I would hate to be pregnant in that situation, but they have to make the best of it.  Women managed before technology, so I hope Gretchen will be fine too :)

I can't get over how The Walking Dead writer's must be in your heads!  

Fab chapter, can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: I can't imagine it either, but I guess it would have to happen at some point, if they are the only ones left. It's either repopulate, or let the human race die off completely! At least the base is relatively safe... for now... OR IS IT?! LOL I know, I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" when I saw the end of the latest episode! Not that it's the most original idea or anything LOL. It's a pretty obvious dilemma to add in for drama! Go us, using the same cliches as Walking Dead LOL. Thanks, Steph; I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: brian_fan_4eva Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/13/11 06:02 pm Title: Chapter 92

ooh!!! some new excitement coming for them! I can't wait!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

Reviewer: rebellious_one Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/13/11 10:55 am Title: Chapter 92

For some reason, that New Years' song always gets me emotional, lol. I'm assuming it does for most of us, lol. But man, what you ladies touched upon is a very scary thought... with going into the new year, unsure of where they would go from there. And the reality of it all, with eventually running low on resources, power, etc... *smh* too scary to think about.

Poor Brian has a lot on his plate. From thinking about Gretch, to his unborn child, to the future, to still trying to keep his faith on track... that's a lot that would surely take a toll on anybody! And I do understand the fact that he really doesn't want to put Gretchen and his child at risk and firmly wants to believe that there's gotta be more to this and they can't stay there forever... but just going out there would be suicide, and he should definitely listen to his cousin who just returned from it all and almost lost his life in the process. It's pretty evident Kevin seems to be still kicking himself for the failure of that expedition, so I truly see both sides and feel bad for the both of them. "/

I can only say that I hope Brian continues to hold strong to his faith and just believe. They really need to believe in themselves, each other and God to get through this! I'm glad that they'll go back to trying to the radios... I had completely forgot about that! Lol. Hopefully they'll find more survivors! Anywho, yet again, another GREAT update ladies, and I seriously can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Reb! I'm glad you thought the Auld Lang Syne part was emotional, instead of just cheesy LOL. I was a little worried about that, but I thought it was mostly just sad, the eight of them sitting around, singing that song together, the only eight people left in the world, as far as they can tell. Definitely scary! Brian's in a tough situation for sure; there's risk involved with either option. Will staying there and trying the radios again pay off? Stay tuned and find out! ;) LOL Thanks for another great review, Reb!!

Reviewer: DelphinaCarter Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/13/11 07:41 am Title: Chapter 92

Yes I am so happy to see an update for this :D Loving this chapter, I can see what Brian is is a grim situation to deliver a baby in. He's scared of losing the baby and Gretchen, he's afraid something will happen like it did to his family. I have a feeling that they won't be safe on the base for too long. Great update and looking forward to more :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Tracy! Glad you liked the update! They both have valid points; it's definitely a hard situation, risky either way. I'm hoping to at least get the next chapter start tomorrow and have an update up by next weekend. Stay tuned! :)

Reviewer: JennayHeartsNick Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/13/11 06:29 am Title: Chapter 92

Just can't let Nick's hair go even in a story..lmao!!!


Great chapter ladies.  I can see Brian's concerns but then again, the others have a bigger pov.  I think they should stay put.  Again, nice job girls!


P.S.  Can Nick and Riley give Brian and Grech's baby a playmate? Pweeeese?? *cheesygrins*

Author's Response: LMAO I had to mention the hair! ;) Yeah, I think they both have valid points, but after what they've seen on the road, the others are probably right - it's a big risk without any guarantee of payoff. As for a playmate... ha, you know we won't answer that! =P LOL Thanks for the review, Jen!