You Can Let Go by tiggerc128, colorguard_diva


Moving on with her life was something Dottie never thought she'd be able to do. But the love of friends helped her move past the distrust and anger. The love of Nick helped her look to the future.

Now that her life is back on track, and her best friend Amy is falling for Nick's best friend Brian, the world can be their playground...or can it?

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Chapter 49 by tiggerc128


Chapter 49

            After her morning rendezvous with Nick after breakfast, Dottie settled in to a long day of playing catch up for the guys. James was due for a baby check up, time for Howie to get a check up with his dentist, AJ decided he needs new glasses so she's looking for an optometrist for him and Brian wants Dottie to help him convince Amy to quit her job and focus on them, their babies and their wedding.

            Nick? Nick is a whole other story. He wants to plan every detail of the wedding and surprise Dottie. She's touched he wants to do it, but she's more than a bit nervous her wedding will be filled with Elvis impersonators and showgirls. She smiles to herself and says out loud, "It doesn't matter if it's full of aliens, as long as I get Nick."


            Three hours later, Amy joins Dottie on her bus while Nick and Brian are doing the meet and greet. She says, "Hey D, what's shaking in the world of Backstreet?"

            Dottie sighs and says, "More appointments.  Jen asked if I could deal with their press schedule for a few weeks. Aidan has to go home and help his wife. She was in an accident and has a broken leg."

            Amy says, "That sucks D, but how can you juggle any more schedules?"

            She laughs and says, "A, the press part is easy.  All I have to do is remind them to go to the interviews. I don't make the appointments, just get them there."

            Amy laughs and says, "Good thing Nick's taken over the wedding planning."

            Dottie laughs and says, "What's he doing? Seriously, A, are we going to be married by a Martian or something?"

            Amy cracks up laughing. She says, "D, don't be stupid. Nick wouldn't do that to you. But honestly, I have no clue what he's planning."

            Dottie says, "Honestly, I don't really care, A. I just want to be married to him.  Yesterday if possible."

            Amy falls back and rubs her stomach and says, "You know, D, if someone had told me the day you got out of prison that we'd end up where we are now, I never would have believed it."

            Dottie laughs and says, "Me either. Then again, I never thought I would GO to prison."

            Amy gets all serious and says, "D, I know I've said it a million times, but I'm so sorry. I wish I could change that for you."

            Dottie takes her hand and says, "Don't. Amy I've cried and cried over what's happened and all that does is give me a headache and a runny nose. I still have dreams about it...but I can't change it. I'm tired of living in the past and wondering what would have happened if I hadn't gone to prison. Know what I came up with?"

            Amy says, "No, what?"

            Dottie says, "I'd still be sitting behind that desk with you hating my bosses because I work so much and I wouldn't be with Nick."

            Amy says, "You have one part right, I'd still be hating your job for keeping you away from me, but I think you'd be with Nick."

            Dottie looks at her and says, "Seriously?"

            She says, "Yeah. You can't see what the rest of us see, D. You and Nick fit. You're the ying to his yang."

            Dottie says, "Get your mind off his yang."

            Amy slaps her arm, laughing, and says, "Be serious. You're like to puzzle pieces. You fit together. I wish you could see the look on your face when you and Nick are just talking. Everyone can see it's real love D. And you'd have found that regardless."

            Dottie sniffs back the tears and says, "Stop it, please. Don't make me cry."

            Amy giggles and says, "OK, but you know I'm right." Changing the subject, she says, "What about the wedding? If you were planning it, how would happen?"

            Dottie sits back and says, "I don't know, A.  I know I'd want lots of flowers. I'd love an outdoor wedding. At night. Can you imagine how beautiful the stars would be?"

            Amy smiles and says, "That does sound nice. What else? Flowers?"

            Dottie laughs and says, "Well duh!" Amy slaps her arm again and Dottie says, "I love flowers. I think I'd plan lots of those."

            Amy says, "What kind? What's your favorite?"

            Dottie smiles and says, "White roses and lilacs. They are my favorites."

            Amy says, "Very pretty. And your dress?"

            Dottie sighs and says, "I haven't found one yet. I keep looking but nothing really grabs my attention. Since it's Vegas I guess I don't have to technically have a WEDDING dress."

            Amy says, "Oh D, yes you do! I'll help you find a dress. What did you have in mind? What kind of dress do you want?"

            Dottie laughs and says, "Something elegant but not real frilly. I can't stand dresses with big bows and flowers on them."

            Amy laughs and says, "That's definitely not you. Why don't we go shopping?"

            Dottie looks at the schedule and says, "I have so much work to do, A, I don't think I can today."

            Amy says, "Anything I can help with? I feel like a fifth wheel because I have nothing to do."

            Dottie says, "Actually, yeah. Can you use your connections with the travel agency and book some flights for me?  Howie needs to fly home for James' check up and he has a dentist appointment and I've got to get AJ back to LA for the eye doctor on their next day off."

            Amy says, "Sure thing. Let me go get my computer and we'll work it out."

            After she leaves, Dottie pushes her computer back and closes her eyes.  This is how Nick finds her.  Her head leaned back and her eyes closed with the cutest little smile on her face. He says, "Hey Sweetheart."

            She opens her eyes and says, "Hey you how was your interview?"

            He sits by her and says, "Well, I said more than I should have probably."

            Looking at him puzzled, she says, "What?"

            He says, "I kind of spilled the beans I was getting married." When she doesn't say anything, he says, "Soon."

            She smiles and says, "And you thought I'd be mad?"

            He says, "Well, it is supposed to just be our day."

            She says, "It still can be Nick. Did you mention where we were getting married?"

            He says, "No, but with Vegas coming up, it won't be hard to figure out."

            She giggles and says, "Well, why don't we throw them off? We'll be in Vegas for three or four days. Announce we're getting married on Sunday but we'll really do it on Friday."

            He laughs and says, "I like how you think Baby."

            She scoots closer to him and says, "Is that all you like?"

            Putting his arm around her, he says, "Not by a long shot, D."

            When he kisses her all she thinks about is that in less than two weeks she will officially be Mrs. Nick Carter.

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