You Can Let Go by tiggerc128, colorguard_diva


Moving on with her life was something Dottie never thought she'd be able to do. But the love of friends helped her move past the distrust and anger. The love of Nick helped her look to the future.

Now that her life is back on track, and her best friend Amy is falling for Nick's best friend Brian, the world can be their playground...or can it?

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Chapter 55 by tiggerc128


Chapter 55

            Once the party starts in AJ and Ro's room, it doesn't stop. Someone pulled out a twister game. Since Amy wasn't up for playing, she decided to call the game while everyone else played. Howie fell first, taking Leigh with him. Everyone accuses him of doing it intentionally. He just laughs and crawls off the mat, sitting against the bed with Leigh between his legs.

            Next out was Rochelle. She got tangled up on Nick's long legs and fell face first. Dottie almost went with her but managed to save herself at the last minute. That left her with AJ, Nick and Brian.

            Amy watches, thoroughly amused and wishing she was in there twisted up with Brian. She calls out, "Left hand yellow." Dottie and Nick make it easily enough. Brian has to reach under Dottie and she's practically lying on his head. Amy laughs and says, "D, keep your hands off my man."

            Dottie giggles and says, "Get your man off my ass."

            Amy watches Brian's face turn red in embarrassment and she says, "We're just playing Babe."

            He says, "OH, I know that.  I'm having a hellacious cramp in my calf. Call something...anything!"

            She spins the spinner quickly and says, "Right leg blue."

            He says, "Wrong leg!" and collapses on the floor, grabbing at his leg.

            Amy hands the spinner to Rochelle and helps Brian massage his calf. He kisses her quickly and says, "Sorry, Hon, I wanted to impress you by winning."

            She kisses him harder, and then says, "Everything you do impresses me."

            They turn to watch the game as Rochelle calls out "Right leg green."

            This puts AJ on top of Dottie and between her legs. Dottie starts laughing and says, "I always wondered what it would be like to have you between my legs, AJ."

            Nick says, "Wait, what?" before losing his balance and falling. 

            AJ laughs and says, "Too late woman, you had your chance. Now I have Ro and you're stuck with Nicky-boy."

            Dottie looks lovingly at Nick then turns back to AJ and says, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

            The game continues another fifteen minutes until finally Ro calls "Right hand blue."

            There's no way AJ can reach a blue circle so he drops to the floor, making Dottie the winner. Nick helps her to her feet and hugs her tightly. Ro says, "I guess we know why Nick has that big smile on his face. He's got a freaking gymnast in his bed every night."

            Dottie turns a deep shade of red but Nick just laughs and says, "That's not the ONLY reason...but it ranks close to the top!"

            Everyone laughs, including Dottie. She falls over on the floor and Nick says, "You ok?"

            She smiles and says, "Yeah. Just tired. That was hard." Then, just to mess with AJ's head, she says, "But at least now one more fantasy has been fulfilled. I had AJ between my legs."

            Everyone looks at her shocked, and then laughter erupts again. Nick hugs her close and says, "You better be kidding."

            She laughs in his ear and says, "You're the only man for me."

            Around 3:00 am, the party breaks up. Dottie hugs them each, thanking them for making it the most perfect night. She spends an extra few minutes with Amy in the hallway before they go their separate ways. When Nick and Brian go in their rooms, Dottie says, "No matter what, Amy, this has been the best night of my life because of you."

            Amy hugs her and says, "I'm so happy for you, D, I can't find the words."

            Dottie says, "Amy, I mean it. YOU saved my life when I got out of prison. If you hadn't been there for me, I don't know where I would have ended up. I owe you more than I can every repay."

            Amy sniffs and says, "You are my best friend. We've been through SO much together and nothing has changed our friendship. Nothing ever will. Now, stop crying and go get some sleep. You're going to be Mrs. Nick Carter in less than 24 hours."


            When Dottie gets to her room, she falls over on the bed. Nick sits beside her and says, "You ok, D?'

            She smiles brightly and says, "My life is perfect Nick. I'm just exhausted."

            He says, "Well before we go to bed, I wanted to ask you something."

            Stretching out on the bed and pulling him with her, she snuggles up against him and says, "Shoot."

            He says, "Did you really used to fantasize about AJ?"

            She starts giggling and says, "Promise not to tell him?"

            Nick says, "Yeah." Dottie can't see his face and she doesn't realize how serious he's being.

            She sighs and says, "It was before I started working for the group. When he got the tattoo on his stomach, for a while there, yeah, I kind of fantasized."

            He lays there holding her, not really saying anything. She knows something's bothering him. She sits up and says, "What's wrong?"

            He follows suit, sitting up, then standing and moving around the bed. He says, "Nothing. I was just curious. Wasn't the answer I expected."

            She says, "So you wanted me to lie and say ‘no' to you?"

            Without looking at her, he starts taking off his clothes and he says, "Well, yeah, kind of."

            She turns her back so if he turns around he can't see how hurt she is. Keeping her voice under control, she says, "So you want to believe that my whole life I've saved myself for you?"

            He says, "No, that's not what...just forget it, D. Let's go to bed."

            She turns and says, "No, I want an answer. Do you think you were my first Nick?"  When he doesn't answer she says, "You were my first love, yes, but my first lover? Do you think I lived my life celibate just for you?" Before he can answer, she says, "Tell me Nick, what about you?"

            He says, "What?"

            She says, "Didn't you fantasize about other women?  Ever?  I told you this was before I even WORKED for you."

            He says, "Well, yeah, but that's different."

            "How Nick? How is it different?" she asks, not wanting to hear the answer.

Turning down the covers and climbing in bed, he says, "I didn't fantasize about one of YOUR best friends."

            She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Finally she turns, grabs her purse and walks to the door. He says, "Wait, where are you going?"

            Without turning she says, "Somewhere that I'm not expected to be perfect."


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