The Power of Two by Belladonna Malfoy
Summary: Harry wasn't alone when Voldemort attacked his house. Nor was he the only one to survive. Olivia Black lives with her uncle Sirius content with her life and being taught magic by her uncle. One day though, that all comes crashing down. Sirius tells her that he's been lying to her pretty much her whole life and all of a sudden, she has a brother. (Ignores Sirius's death in OoTP.) With a little romance - among other things - Olivia settles in to her new life as the twin sister of the most famous wizard - under fifty - in the world.
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1. Meet You Brother by Belladonna Malfoy

Meet You Brother by Belladonna Malfoy
Absentmindedly pushing her hand forwards through her hair, sixteen-year-old Olivia Black sat down on her over large bed, reading Gilderoy Lockhart’s Autobiography: Magical Me. She messed up the back of her short black hair a little more and lay on her stomach, propping the book up on her pillow. Olivia was - in most ways – a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She read books, she studied hard, she liked doing different things with her hair and she liked daydreaming. But there was something most people would classify as…abnormal about her. Unlike most girls her age, who studied maths and English, Olivia studied Transfiguration and Potions. She was a witch. A damn good one at that. She had never gone to any school, of any sort, and almost never interacted with the muggle community. She was taught everything she knew by her uncle. Sirius Black. He had spent seven years at the best school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world, Hogwarts. After her parents died, Olivia came to live with her uncle, as she didn’t have any other family alive. Just as she turned to chapter nineteen of her book, her uncle knocked on her door.
‘Can I come in?’ he asked. He’d decided it was good to knock before coming in as the last time he didn’t, he almost had his nose taken off by a dagger Olivia was summoning.
‘Yeah. It’s open,’ she called back, turning the pages. Sirius opened the door and stepped in.
‘Um, Liv, can I talk to you please?’ asked Sirius. He sounded a little nervous, so Olivia quickly closed her book and sat up.
‘Of course,’ she smiled, patting a spot on her bed. Sirius sat down and looked at his hands. ‘Uncle Sirius, what’s wrong? Has something happened?’ Olivia asked frantically.
‘Well, I guess that’s a good a place to start as any,’ he began quietly.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Liv, I’m not actually your uncle,’ Sirius blurted out. Olivia was confused. What did he mean he wasn’t her uncle?
‘Don’t be stupid. Of course you are,’ Olivia smiled. He’s kidding…right?
‘No. I’m not. We’re not even related,’ Sirius explained.
Olivia didn’t know what to think. She’d gone all her life, with out parents, thinking that her only relative was the man sitting in front of her. He was all she had, and now she didn’t have anyone.
‘What are you saying? If I’m not Olivia Black, then who am I?’ she asked, hoping her would just smile and say ‘Gotcha!’ but he didn’t.
‘Before I tell you that, there are some things I think you should know,’ he began, looking back at his hands.
‘Like what?’ Liv asked, puzzled.
‘Your parents didn’t die. They were murdered. By Lord Voldemort,’ Sirius said sounding almost as if he thought it was his own fault.
‘So I don’t have any family at all then? It’s just me?’
‘No. I didn’t say that. Let me finish. Do you remember the story I used to tell you? About the little boy who You-Know-Who couldn’t kill?’ Liv nodded. ‘Well he wasn’t alone in that cot. The night he escaped that curse, you were there with him,’ Sirius said. He looked up into Liv’s face.
‘Are you saying I’m a Potter?’ she asked, he eyes widening when Sirius nodded.
‘You are Olivia Lily Potter. That scar you have bellow your collarbone,’ at this, Liv ran her finger over the scar shaped as a lightning bolt that was just below her left collarbone, ‘is there for the same reason Harry has one on his forehead. You escaped Lord Voldemort too,’ Sirius said all this sounding like he didn’t want to at all.
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Liv asked, slightly hurt the she’d been lead to believe she was an only child whose parents died from a very rare sickness.
‘Dumbledore thought it best to keep the two of you apart as long as necessary. So he told me to take you and raise you as my niece. Believe me Liv; I wanted to tell you so many times. But Dumbledore’s words kept coming back to me. ‘Not until they’re ready Sirius.’ I had to keep my word,’ Sirius explained, a pained and sorrowful expression on his pale face.
‘So how come he told you to take me? Why didn’t he keep me him self?’ she asked now wanting to know everything she could.
‘I’m your legal guardian. Yours and Harry’s really. I’m your godfather,’ realisation dawned on Liv as Sirius said this.
‘Is he, I mean am I, are Harry and I…’ she trailed off.
‘Twins? Yes. Lily and James, your parents, named me as your godfather. But since Dumbledore thought it was best to keep the two of you apart, he was sent to live with your muggle aunt and uncle in Surrey, and you with me,’ this was all becoming to much for Olivia. She’d gone from being an only child living with her uncle, to an only child with no immediate family alive, to a twin sister to one of the most famous wizards, with muggle relatives she’d never known.
‘Does he – Harry I mean – does he know about all this?’ she asked, curiosity finally getting the better of her.
‘Dumbledore owled me this morning. He’s telling Harry everything as we speak,’ Sirius replied. ‘Are you going to curse me or something for lying to you?’ he asked nervously. Olivia smiled.
‘No. Of course not. Better late than never right? I just can’t believe I've got a brother. Do I get to meet him?’
‘Sure you do. Since you both have been told the truth, you will be going to join Harry, Ron and Hermione – Harry’s friends – at Hogwarts just as soon as the Christmas break is over,’ Sirius told her.
‘Are you serious?’ Olivia asked, flabbergasted.
‘Um…I was last time I checked, yeah,’ he joked. Olivia gave him a look that clearly said ‘you know what I meant’. ‘Yes. You are going to Hogwarts, which means you have to pack up all the stuff you’ll need. I believe that’s your list now,’ he smiled nodding towards the large barn owl sitting on the window seal. Olivia hugged Sirius and jumped off her bed and took the envelope from the barn owl’s beak. She read the front.

To Miss Olivia Potter,
North Tower Bedroom
Black Family Mansion,
Number 12, Grimmauld Place,

She smiled to herself as she tore open the envelope and read the pieces of parchment inside. Olivia Potter. ‘Has a nice ring to it.’

‘Uncle Sirius?’ Liv called as she half walked; half ran down the many staircases in the mansion. ‘Uncle Sirius, where are you?’ she continued to yell when she got no answer.
‘In here!’ came Sirius’s voice from a room to the left of Olivia. When she walked through the door, she found Sirius looking through an old photo album full of moving pictures. Sirius looked up when the door closed.
‘What are you looking at?’ Liv asked, sitting on the floor across from Sirius.
‘Pictures of your parents and me. From school. You want to see?’ he handed the album to Liv and she began looking from the front. ‘Harry looks just like James. Except he’s got your mother’s eyes,’
‘She’s really beautiful,’ Olivia said watching her mother playfully punch her father then smile sweetly at the camera. Her red hair was tied back in a neat ponytail and she and James were sitting together on a bench in a courtyard.
‘She definitely was,’ Sirius said sadly. ‘James was absolutely head over heals in love with that girl. Though, with James being the smart arse that he was, it took Lily a bit to work out she felt the same.’
As Liv turned the page, she found a picture of Lily, James and two small children. They wouldn’t have been more than six months old.
‘Is that Harry and me?’ she asked, pointing to the picture. Sirius nodded.
‘That’s you there and Harry there,’ Sirius said pointing to the children.
‘How can you tell? We’re dressed the same,’ Liv asked, squinting at the photograph.
‘Your eyes,’ Sirius said simply.
‘Your eyes. Between you and Harry, there is only one difference – besides the gender factor. You have your father’s eyes and Harry your mothers,’
‘Oh. What’s Harry like?’ Liv asked, continuing to look at all the laughing pictures.
‘He’s an okay kid. He’s a lot like I remember James. Sneaky for one. He’s definitely a fighter, never turned one down in his life,’ Sirius smiled. ‘Anyway, what were you looking for me for?’
‘Oh, right. Um, I’m missing a few things from my potions kit, and I need school robes,’ Liv answered, remembering the reason for running down seven flights of stairs.
‘Righto. Looks like it’s off to Diagon Alley. I want to buy you a present too. To make up for lying to you for fifteen years,’ Sirius said, getting up. Liv closed the album and stood up too.
‘You don’t have to buy me anything. You were only doing what you had to do,’ Liv shook her head.
‘No, no. I want to. I think you deserve it,’ Sirius insisted, taking the pot of Floo powder and offering it to Liv. She took a hand full and shrugged before throwing the powder into the fire and yelling,
‘Diagon Alley!’

As Liv and Sirius made their way down Diagon Alley – Sirius in dog form because he said it was more fun being a dog – Liv remembered she needed school robes.
‘Ah crap,’ she mumbled, Sirius, rather, Snuffles, looked up at her questioningly. ‘I forgot to get robes,’ she told him. ‘God I feel like an idiot talking to a dog.’ Sirius barked in response. Just as Liv was about to enter Madame Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions, she heard Sirius bark again. She turned just in time to see him run up the street. She sighed and ran after him.
‘Snuffles! Snuffles get back here!’ She yelled after him. ‘Damn dog.’
Sirius ran straight up to and jumped on a tall red haired boy. This boy seemed excited to see him.
‘Snuffles? Is that you? What are you doing here?’ The boy asked. Sirius turned and looked up at Liv.
“Um, hi. Sorry about him,’ Liv apologized.
‘No it’s okay. Is he yours?’ the boy asked.
‘Um, sort of,’ Liv looked down at Sirius, who was wagging his tail happily.
‘This is going to sound really strange, but is he uh, by any chance, um, related to you?’ the red head seemed to think he was asking a stupid question, but it was obvious to Liv he knew this wasn’t just any dog.
‘Um, no,’ Liv replied and leaned in a little closer. ‘But he’s who you think he is.’
‘Really? How do you know him?’ the boy asked, no embarrassment showing at all.
‘It’s kind of…odd,’ Liv said, not knowing how else to put it. ‘How do you know him?’
‘I’m…an old friend. My name’s Ron,’ the boy said, holding out his hand. ‘Ron Weasley.’
‘Oh, I’m Olivia…er…’ she looked down at Sirius who shook his doggy head. ‘Black. Olivia Black.’
‘Oh. Are you going to Hogwarts?’ Ron asked.
“Yeah. I’m just starting when school goes back from Christmas. How come you’re not there?’
‘We got permission to come from Dumbledore. Running low on a few things,’ Ron shrugged. Something Sirius had said last night came back to Liv and she found herself asking,
‘You’re Harry’s friend aren’t you?’ Ron looked taken back.
‘Um, yes. I am. Why?’
‘Snuffles just mentioned you, that’s all,’ Sirius began tugging on the bottom of her robes. ‘I’d better go. See you later.’
‘Yeah. Bye. Bye Snuffles,’ Ron waved. Before Liv was dragged into Robes for all Occasions, she caught a glimps of black hair but when she looked again it, and Ron, had gone. Madam Malkin gasped, bringing Liv back to where she was supposed to be.
‘Get that dog out of here!’ she shouted.
‘Please, ma’am, he’s very well trained. He won’t make any mess. I promise,’ Liv almost begged. Madam Malkin sighed.
‘Oh, all right then. What can I do for you dear?’ she asked.
‘Um, I need school robes for Hogwarts, please,’ Liv said, walking to the counter.
‘Hogwarts? It’s a bit late to be starting isn’t it?’
‘I’d expect so. But I've been home schooled all my life and my Uncle insisted on my finishing school at Hogwarts,’ Liv explained. Madam Malkin shrugged.

That night, while she was packing all her new things is her trunk, Sirius knocked on the door. Liv mumbled a ‘Come in’ and Sirius obliged.
‘I got you something. Kind of a congratulations,’ Sirius said, putting a long rectangle box down on Liv’s bed.
‘I said you didn’t have to,’ Liv sighed, closing the lid of her trunk.
‘Well, I wanted to. And I couldn’t very well let you go without one, now could I?’ Sirius smiled.
‘What is it?’ Liv asked, eyeing the box.
‘Open it and find out,’ Sirius told her, putting his hands in his pockets. Liv walked over to her bed and untied the red ribbon on the box and pulled off the lid. She gasped at what she saw. It was a Firebolt racing broom. Liv lifted it out of the box; she could feel it vibrating slightly in her hand. She let it go and it floated in thin air.
‘Thank you so much!’ she squealed, hugging Sirius.
‘Well, Harry’s got one and I don’t think anyone wants to put up with any sibling rivalry,’ Sirius chuckled, returning the hug. ‘Now,’ he let her go. ‘Well be going by Floo Powder straight to Dumbledore’s office at eleven am sharp tomorrow, so you’d better get to bed.’ Liv nodded, thanked her Godfather once more and climbed into bed. ‘Goon night, Liv,’ Sirius said and kissed the top of her head.
‘Good night Uncle Sirius,’ Liv replied.
‘You don’t have to call me that. I’m not your uncle,’ Sirius said.
‘As good as,’ Liv mumbled as Sirius turned out the light and left Liv alone in the dark.

‘Olivia! Liv, get up!’ Sirius burst through Liv’s bedroom door, only to find her brushing her hair. ‘Oh. You’re up. Good. You ready?’ he asked, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Liv smiled and rolled her eyes. It was Sirius’s turn to smile; only his was much sadder. ‘You look like your mother when you do that.’ Liv turned around.
‘Don’t worry. I’ll be okay. You’ve taught me everything I know,’ Liv hugged Sirius.
‘Yeah, I know. We’d better get going. You got everything?’ He looked at Liv’s trunk that was sitting on her bed. She nodded. ‘Right. Follow me.’
Sirius and Liv stood in front of a large fireplace in the lounge room.
‘You go first,’ Liv insisted. ‘So I've got something soft to land on.’ Sirius threw a handful of Floo Powder into the fireplace and shouted,
‘Dumbledore’s office!’ and he was gone in a bout of green flames. Liv took a deep breath and looked around her.
‘Good-bye house. See you next summer,’ she mumbled into the large room. ‘Dumbledore’s office!’ she shouted, throwing Floo Powder onto the coals. She began spinning faster and faster until she came to an abrupt stop. She fell out of a large fireplace onto a squashy mattress. She lay there for a few seconds while her head stopped spinning.
‘Sirius told me you might be needing that, Miss Potter,’ a soft voice said from above her. She looked up into a pair of pale blue eyes, belonging to one, Albus Dumbledore. She quickly got to her feet and dusted her self off.
‘Sorry, sir,’ she said looking at Dumbledore.
‘It’s okay Miss Potter. Welcome to Hogwarts,’ Dumbledore smiled. ‘I believe there is someone here you wish to meet. Harry,’ Dumbledore beckoned for the boy to come forward. Harry came to a halt next to Dumbledore and smiled shyly. He was about five foot nine. He had messy black hair, just like Liv and bright green eyes, hidden behind round glasses. ‘Harry, this is Olivia, your sister.’
‘Hello,’ Harry said and held out his hand.
‘Hello,’ Liv replied shaking it.
‘God. For brother and sister, you two seem a little shy,’ Sirius smiled from behind Dumbledore’s big oak desk. Liv scowled at him, he grinned in return.
‘You have both been informed of your…connection. So without further ado, Sirius, the sorting hat please,’ Dumbledore held his hand out and Sirius put an old frayed hat into it. ‘Please sit down, Olivia,’ Dumbledore gestured to a three-legged stool behind Liv. She nodded and sat down. He put the hat onto her head and she waited.
‘Well, well, well. I didn’t expect I’d be sorting another Potter any time soon,’ said a voice in Liv’s ear. ‘You have a mind much like your brother’s. Courage, yes. Not a bad mind either. Like Harry, a very good mind. Yes, I think I’ll put you in Gryffindor,’ the hat finished. Dumbledore took the hat off Liv’s head and smiled at her.
‘Well done, Miss Potter. Harry, will you show Olivia to the Gryffindor Common Room please?’ Dumbledore asked, turning to Harry.
‘Yes, Professor Dumbledore,’ Harry nodded politely. Liv turned to look at Sirius who was now standing not far from her. She walked over to him and gave him a tight hug.
‘I love you,’ she whispered in his ear.
‘I love you, too. Now go have fun. Don’t forget to owl me every now and then either,’ he replied letting her go. He looked into her eyes. ‘Lily and James would be proud of you.’ Liv smiled.
‘See you at the end of the year,’ she said and turned to follow Harry out of the office.
‘So,’ Harry began as they descended the stone steps into the long corridor.
‘So,’ Liv repeated.
‘Is there anything you want to know about Hogwarts?’ Harry asked nervously. Liv replied with the only question she could think of.
‘Is there anyone I should avoid?’ Harry was about to answer but was interrupted by a voice calling out to him.
‘Got yourself another girlfriend, Potter?’ the voice was slimy and Liv didn’t like the sound of it at all.
‘Yes, there is a few,’ Harry mumbled as he and Liv turned to face the voice. It belonged to a boy with white blond hair, grey eyes and a pale pointed face.
‘Well?’ the boy prompted.
‘Well, what Malfoy?’ Harry replied hatefully.
‘Aren’t you going to introduce me?’
‘Why should I?’ Harry spat.
‘She could be the future Mrs Malfoy, for all you know,’ Malfoy smirked, looking at Liv.
‘I doubt that,’ Liv mumbled.
‘What was that, cutie?’ Malfoy asked.
‘I said I doubt it. Are you deaf?’ Liv repeated; she was beginning not to like this kid.
‘I don’t believe I've introduced myself. I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy,’ the boy said, holding out his hand. Liv raised her eyebrows.
‘Yeah. So,’ Liv shrugged her shoulders and ignoring the boys hand.
‘I don’t believe you heard me. I said I’m Draco Malfoy,’ Draco repeated. Liv nodded.
‘Oh! Right. Malfoy,’ she said. Malfoy nodded as if he thought she’d just come to some big realisation, but she turned her face blank, shook her head and finished nastily, ‘No, I still don’t care.’
‘Who are you anyway?’ Draco asked, sounding like he was becoming angry.
‘My name is Olivia. Olivia Potter. I’m Harry’s twin sister,’ she told him. His jaw dropped.
‘You’re Potter’s sister?’ he asked in disbelief. Liv nodded.
‘Yes. Come on Harry. Let’s go,’ She grabbed Harry’s arm and made him walk with her in the other direction. ‘Who was that?’ she asked once they turned a corner.
‘Draco Malfoy. He’s a Slytherin sixth year. He hates anyone who is either not a Slytherin or doesn’t bow down to him,’ Harry replied. He lead her on a bit further before they came to a painting of a fat lady in a pink silk dress. ‘This is the entrance to the Gryffindor common room,’ Harry pointing to the painting.
‘Password,’ the portrait said, looking down her nose at Harry and Liv.
‘Daffodil,’ Harry replied and the portrait swung open.
‘Thank you,’ Liv smiled and walked through the hole behind the portrait after Harry. They entered a round room decorated in Red and Gold with a huge fireplace and large couches. Two students sat in front of the fireplace playing a game of chess. Liv looked at the game for a moment and walked over to it.
‘Whose turn?’ Liv asked, still looking at the board.
‘Mine. Why?’ the girl answered.
‘Do you mind if I have a go?’ she asked the girl.
‘Of course not. I’m losing anyway,’ the girl replied. Liv smiled. Apparently, this girl didn’t play very often.
‘No you’re not. Look,’ Liv moved the girl’s queen forwards four squares. ‘Checkmate.’ Liv watched as the boy’s king took off his crown and put it at the queen’s feet. The girl got to her feet as Harry appeared beside Liv.
‘Hermione Granger, this is Olivia, my sister,’ Harry said, Hermione’s eyes lit up.
‘Oh my gosh. You two look exactly the same!’ Hermione squealed.
‘Is that a good thing?’ Liv asked, smiling.
‘Definitely,’ Hermione replied, and then as if noticing what she’d said, blushed slightly.
“Olivia, this is-’ Harry began, Olivia cut him off.
‘Ron Weasley. Nice to see you again,’ Liv smiled, holding out her hand.
‘Likewise,’ Ron replied shaking it.
‘Hold on. You two have met already?’ Harry asked, looking between Liv and Ron.
‘Yeah. Remember I said I saw Snuffles with some girl in Diagon Alley the other day? It was her,’ Ron gestured to Liv.
‘Oh,’ Harry seemed to remember. ‘Anyway, uh, Hermione, can you show Liv where the girl’s dormitories and bathrooms and stuff are?’ Harry asked Hermione. She smiled brightly.
‘Sure. Come with me,’ Hermione grabbed Liv’s arm and pulled her away up a staircase on the right. ‘This,’ she opened a big wooden door. ‘Is where you’ll be sleeping. Your bed is the one with your trunk at the end of it.’ Liv walked over and sat down.
‘Do you mind if we continue the tour later?’ Liv asked as Hermione sat down on her bed, which was next to Liv’s.
‘No problem,’ Hermione shrugged.
‘Can I asked you something?’ Liv asked, looking around the dormitory.
‘Sure. Ask away,’ Hermione nodded.
‘Are you and Harry, well, you know, together?’ Hermione’s eyes widened at Liv’s question.
‘No. Not as a couple anyway,’ Hermione replied. She sounded a little sad as she said the last part. Liv smiled.
‘But you like him. More that a friend I mean.’
‘Oh my God. Is it that obvious?’ Hermione asked.
‘Uh. Yeah. Sort of.’
‘Oh God. Do you think Harry knows?’ Hermione seemed frantic.
‘It’s okay. I don’t think he picked up on it,’ Liv assured Hermione. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.
‘Thank goodness. It’s a good thing boys are rather slow about that isn’t it?’ Hermione said, lying down on her bed. Liv did the same.
‘No kidding.’

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