The Secrets of Beta Sigma Beta by nicksgal
Summary: It was the fall of 1999; the Backstreet Boys were at the top of the charts and world famous musicians. But, sometimes, it's lonely at the top. Nick Carter begins to reflect on the other path his life could have taken and whether or not he made the right decision six years ago.
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Chapter Four by nicksgal
Author's Notes:
This is the chapter with the special surprise! Thank you for being patient with me. :o) And sorry. :(

Summary: Knock, whistle, and knock again and you may be allowed to open the doors to the prestigious Beta Sigma Beta. Nick Carter was a GDI, and damn proud of it, but a bet forced him into the world of secret societies where letters mean more than that a girl belongs to the "blonde house" or a guy lives in a perpetual "keg party." This is the pledgeship of Nick Carter; if you would like to join him in his journey, turn your Pledge Book to page three and begin your descent into the secrets of Beta Sigma Beta. 

Chapter Four: Bid Day, or The Day I Made a Really Stupid Bet

Spring Semester had just started at RMU—University of the Rocky Mountains at Boulder. It started normally, just like my past three semesters here. Professors would run through the syllabus on the first day, hoping they would actually be able to start the course as planned. I don’t know why, since even if you start class work during the first week, it’s still always the easiest week out of the semester… probably because no one actually does any of the assigned work anyway. And then the next week, everyone freaks out because they’re so behind. It would be nicer if every day was spent going over the syllabus, but this is college. And college isn’t like that, unfortunately. That’s probably why you have to pay for it.

Meanwhile, students thought up genius ways to avoid learning for that extra day or two. Because there was always at least one way to get around the set blocks of time the teacher planned for going over the syllabus.

"What's your policy on absences?" "It's on page three of the syllabus." "Oh. I don’t see it there." “It is.”

"Is the class curved at the end or on each big test?" "There is no curve." "That can't be right… What if everyone fails?" “Then you aren’t learning what you should.”

"Your office hours aren't on the syllabus." "Wednesdays at eleven." "But I have class then…" “You’ll figure something out.”

"Can I go to the bathroom?" "No."

Genius, right? Right. What's with these professors anyway? Don't they know that the first week of class is for slacking and finding study buddies? Like that blonde in the front of the class with huge tits. That's the study buddy I'll be hooking up with. I’ll bet I can get her by the end of the week, tops.

She turned, and I could finally see the sweatshirt she was wearing. Navy letters on a yellow sweatshirt. K-Y-M… What the hell is ‘K-Y-M’? Shouldn’t I know that? It’s on the tip of my tongue…

She let out a laugh. It was the kind of laugh that made you want to grind your teeth… Like that show with the one actress with that really annoying laugh… "I'm so glad we'll have all those strangers out of our house soon. I mean, there was this one girl with dreds down to here!" She motioned at her waist, "And I was like, why are you even rushing? To prove a point? No one will like you! Not even the Rho Taus! God!"

The girl she was with also wore a long-sleeved jersey emblazoned with ‘K-Y-M.’ She brushed her hair back as she laughed as well. It wasn’t quite as annoying… But that’s kind of an understatement. "I saw her; poor thing was trying so hard not to be a GDI. It's pathetic, really. Since you know, the Rho Taus like everyone! But, at least we get to release our new spring line! The Kappa Mu babies will be adorable, so it was all worth it!"

The girls squealed and giggled as they packed up their things. They clutched their designer bags as they adjusted the fur on their god awful boots. Then they left the room.

I wish that conversation had gone in one ear and out the other… I let out a groan. I hate the Greeks. They are so full of themselves. God! (Did you hear my impression? It was great, wasn't it? I know, I know, I should go into acting.) I rolled my eyes as I pulled out my phone and flung my backpack over one shoulder.

I can't believe Amy wants to be a part of that.

Maybe I should call her to see how she's feeling though… I’m sure it’s stressful trying to impress a bunch of shallow, designer-toting snobs.

Amy… Where to start? Cute, sweet, and practical Amy. An English major and harder to crack than a diamond. And yet… She wanted to be in that world of strange letters and secrets. I still don’t know what’s alluring about being a world where everyone talks about you, and everyone else, behind closed doors.

I shook my head as my phone rang.

"Nick!" she sounded like she was smiling. She was always smiling. At least, she was always smiling these days… Would her smile go away when all of this was over?

I shook off the feeling and put on my best smile. "Hey! Want to get lunch?"

"Oh God, Nick, I'm so nervous, I can't even think about eating."

"That's not healthy…" But it is stereotypical. Apparently eating disorders made you popular in college? Thanks go out to the Greeks again.

"But today's the day I find out which house I got! I'm so nervous!"

Last year, smart, practical, sweet Amy refused to go through the demeaning thing called “Rush.” This year, for some reason, the same sweet, practical, and smart Amy decided she would torture herself by speed-dating a bunch of hypocritical snobs for the past week. At first she thought she belonged with the squiggles, then the peace signs, then the shoes and shopping bags… And you're starting to get how meaningless these symbols are, right? What’s the point of having arbitrary letters to represent your identity? Don’t people already do that with their name-brand clothing anyway? It seems pointless to me.

"What are your choices?" But see, I’m a nice friend and I pretend like I’m interested anyway!

"Well, I really want Tri Pi."

"OhMyGod! It rhymes… That's like sooooo cute!!" I imitated the valley girl speak those K-Y-M girls had just been twittering in. I think it made me a little sick to my stomach… I’ll just find a new study date.

"You sound like an idiot." I know they sounded like idiots; that’s why I made fun of them. Amy, pay attention to my jokes! You know I’m hilarious.

I decided to change the subject; "And you sound like you're hungry. Come on, let's eat."

She paused and sighed, "Can we go somewhere I can get a salad?"

"Only if it's also somewhere I can shove a Snickers down your throat."


Her silence was killing me. Seriously, Amy! When did you develop an eating disorder? I don’t like it!

"Okay, deal. Meet you at the Student Center in five?"

"Sure." I hung up and opened the door as I stepped into the cold air. I pulled my sweatshirt hood up as I walked outside. A smile spread across my face; she'd thank me later for making her eat.


Amy, in her normal wisdom, had chosen a cheeseburger over that salad she mentioned. Honestly. What kind of girl would eat a salad to impress other girls? It's nonsensical. Just like it’s nonsensical for a great looking girl to starve herself. These are all things that people need to learn—especially because a lot of people in college do things that make absolutely no sense.

She looked up at me and mumbled something. Well, not really mumbled, just that she started talking right after she had taken a huge bite of that cheeseburger. I do that all the time… But I’m used to me doing it. She’s usually pretty lady-like.

So that fact that she did it caught me off guard. "What?"

She swallowed and started laughing.

"What?" I whined. But let's keep the fact that I admit to whining a secret between us, alright? It’s one of those things that I will go to the grave for before admitting to doing it out loud; I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t.

Amy continued laughing, "That must have been really garbled if the King of talking with his mouth full couldn't understand."

"Ha ha ha ha ha…" I rolled my eyes.

She took a breath, "Sorry. I asked if you were still going to make me eat that Snickers. I don't think I'll have room for it…"

I shook my head, "No. I mean, you did eat a cheeseburger, that's even better than a Snickers." I gave her a short wink.

She laughed. "Where are you off to next?"

"Bio… And Music Theory 4." I took a bite of my sandwich.

"Fun…." She shook her head.

"Hey, I don't like English, but you don't see me rolling my eyes at your classes."

"Sure I do. All the time."

"So, what about you?" I rolled my eyes. If anything, it was just to spite her.

"American Lit after 1860, then I have to go home and get ready for Bid Day."

"Aren't they supposed to be your 'loving and supportive sisters' now? Why do you have to doll yourself up for them?" I shook my head. Women. Women who make themselves look good to impress other women… Do you see the logic here? I don’t.

"Well, there will be photos… And yes, I'd like to look nice…"

"But why? It's not like you have to impress other girls."

She shook her head as she picked up her glass, "Nick, you just don't get it..."

"And especially the Greeks, no one can impress them," I spat.

She slammed her glass on the table, "I'm about to be one of those Greeks, Nick! Does that mean I'll fit into your narrow classifications who's good and righteous in the world?!"

"Amy…" No…. I just don’t want you to become something you’re not…

"I mean it, Nick! You should learn to accept people!"

"Pfft," I laughed and spat at the same time, "Tell that to the Greek system." They need to here it more than me. Amy, I you change, I wouldn’t like it… but I’d still like you. I wish there were a way for me to tell you that… I really do.

She grabbed her tray in a huff and stood, "God, Nick! No wonder you're a GDI!"

I stood as well, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me, you're a 'Gosh Darn Ignorant'!" She stormed off with her tray.

I sank back into my seat. 'Gosh Darn Ignorant,' huh? What was it that chick in class said?

"I saw her; poor thing was trying so hard not to be a GDI. It's pathetic, really."

I guess being ignorant is a little pathetic, but… I shook my head. That’s not it at all. Amy… I think maybe we're both the ignorant one.


There was finally some peace and quiet in our house, for the first time this entire semester. Amy was off gallivanting with her new “sisters” (though I had yet to find out who these “sisters” were), Morgan had holed herself up in the Delta Delta Pi house waiting for their new recruits, and Blake was out on a date with his girlfriend, Sam—she was in the Business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi . God! Why am I surrounded by all these fucking Greek letters? I buried my head in my biology text book. I wish textbooks had built-in guns. It’s only been three days and I’m already ready to shoot myself…. I think it’s because everyone is running to the Greek system with open arms.

The door opened as I let out a loud groan. “Nick?”

I looked up to see Amy walk through the door carrying a teal cup filled with that crinkly paper you fill gift bags with. I watched a few pieces spill on the floor. Thank God I wasn’t the one who cleaned this house.

She gave me a smile, “I can’t believe Bio is that frustrating, you totally aced last semester.”

I scratched my head as I tossed the book on the coffee table. Should I tell her the real reason? I shook my head and decided against it, I mean… I wouldn’t want to bring up that fight we had earlier, especially now that she obviously was in one of those sororities. “No, it’s nothing…” I laughed to throw her off my trail. She’s smart; she’d figure out the real reason eventually.

She shook her head and set the cup on the coffee table next to the couch where I was sitting.

I gave her a small smile and patted the seat next to me. “So, what’s the word?”

Her face lit up instantly as she pulled her camera from her bag. “Tri Pi!”

I laughed slightly, “Morgan won’t be too happy about that.”

She shook her head as she turned on her camera, “It’s okay; both Morgan and I know that I’m lacking plastic.”

“Like breast implants?”

She raised an eyebrow, “Nick….” She shook her head, “No, nevermind. Look at my pledge class!” She thrust the camera in front of my face. “Tri Pi is the diverse house on campus, so we have a lot of different types of girls.” She beamed.

I studied the picture for a moment, and then laughed, “You’re right, it is diverse! There’s a lot of brunettes, a lot of blondes, and even a few red-heads! And look, I see an Asian girl!”

Her smile fell slightly. “Nick, that’s not funny.” She snatched the camera from my hand and picked up her cup from the coffee table. “I’m still mad at you.”

There was a loud pound on our door. I nearly jumped off of the couch and shit my pants. I stomped over to the door and thrust it open, “I know this is a college town, but damnit, it’s midnight on a Wednesday! Seriously!?” There was no one there.

“Nick, it’s Thursday… Technically…”

“God Damnit!” I almost slammed the door, but the glitter on the floor practically blinded me so I had to back into the kitchen and shield my eyes. I waved at Amy… Or the door… I couldn’t really tell the difference. “I think you’ve been vandalized…”

“Don’t you mean us?”

I tried to clear the spots from my eyes by blinking. “No one in their right mind would vandalize me with glitter!” I rubbed at my eyes, “Damnit!” Blind me with glitter, maybe. Maybe… I rubbed my eyes even harder than before.

It looked like she shook her head. “I hate it when you swear…” She walked toward the door and let out a high-pitched squeal. God, she’s already turning into one of them. That high-pitched shriek is the mating call of sorority women and teenyboppers the world over. “It’s a fish with my name on it!” She hugged herself tightly as she stared lovingly at the door. “It’s so sweet!”

I rolled my eyes, now that I was finally able to see again. She probably wasn’t the only one that had one, and they were probably all made month in advance without any regard to the girl who was actually receiving it… And it really was a cheap trick to win them over. Love us; we painted you a poorly crafted fish! “God, I hate the Greeks.” I muttered under my breath.

Amy abruptly turned to me again, “That’s it, Nick!”

I turned slightly as I resisted the urge to pound my head against the wall. That glitter was still scrambling my brains. “What’s it?”

“I’m sick of you making fun of the Greek system!” She put her hands on her hips, “There are a lot of good people in it!”

I let out a low laugh, “Yeah, right.”

“There’s me!”

“You accept a bid and suddenly you’re Greek? I don’t think that’s how it works.” I rolled my eyes. Amy, you have no idea, do you?

“I bet you wouldn’t even last through the recruitment process, let alone get into a house! You’re such a jerk, Nick!”

“Who would want to get into a frat?” I rolled my eyes and put my hand to my head. And why does all of this make me a jerk? You’re the one who started yelling at me!

“I’ll bet even if someone took pity on you, you would drop before you were initiated.”

I struck my fist against the wall, “I wouldn’t join in the first place! So why does it matter if I would drop or not?” I hate the Greeks! That’s what we’re fighting about, remember?

She gave me a smug sneer, “You’re such a wimp, Nick.”

I released my clenched fist, “Excuse me?”

“Be a man and pledge!” She looked down on me with her sneer, “I hate people like you.”

It was baffling. Amy was this sweet and gentle girl. The Greek system grabbed her, and suddenly she was this entirely different person. An entirely different person that hated me… “Amy…”

“I’m betting you, Nick. What will you do about it?”

I hated that icy stare Amy was giving me now. I shook my head slightly. In order to get back the Amy I liked, did I really have to join the Greek system? I slammed my fist into the wall again. Damnit. I hate them! I hate the Greeks! I smacked the wall a third time before I finally turned back to her. “What do you get if you win?”

She smirked, “The satisfaction of knowing that I won.”

That’s not a great prize in this bet… “What do I get?”

“If you manage to get yourself initiated, I’ll set you up with the hottest girl I know by that time.”

“Like Stacy?” I blinked. For real? Stacy was a sex kitten! Maybe I would, for Stacy…

She rolled her eyes at me. “Nick, I’m in the Greek system. If you do get initiated, I’ll probably know someone even hotter by then.”

I bit my lip. Stacy… Or someone even better than Stacy? Tempting… Very tempting… But if I lost, I’d have to deal with a gloating Amy. But Stacy…. Or someone ten times better than Stacy? “Deal! I’ll do it!”

“Great. Blake was also going to rush, so I’ll get him to pass the information on to you tomorrow….” She paused, “I know you don’t have to go to all the houses, technically, but for the sake of our bet, I think you should….” She waved a hand at me, “Anyway, I’m going to bed.” She turned toward her room, down the hall, “Oh, and Nick?”

“What?” That was the longest ramble of instructions and information I’d ever heard. Just go to bed, already!

She gave me that smirk again, “Someone like you will definitely get eaten alive by the Greek system.” She wandered back to her room and shut the door.

I stood in the kitchen for a minute, and then slammed my fist against the wall again. Eaten alive? What exactly have I gotten myself into?


Nick wanted to help alleviate some of the confusion you may have about the Greek system at RMU.

University of the Rocky Mountains at Boulder-A University located at the base of the foothills in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. It is at least partially based on a real University… partially.

Jersey-When referring to clothing worn by any member of a fraternity or sorority, this simply signifies a shirt with the house’s letters, regardless of style or material. Under this logic, a long-sleeved thermal shirt is a jersey, a short-sleeved v-neck is a jersey, and a tank top is also a jersey.

“K-Y-M”-Visually, the closest approximation to the Greek letters ΚΥΜ, or Kappa Upsilon Mu. There will be more about this house’s stereotype on campus later. This house’s nickname is “Kappa Mu.”

Rho Tau-The nickname for the house ΡΟΤ, or Rho Omicron Tau. There will be more about this house’s stereotype on campus later.

Tri Pi-The nickname for the house ΠΠΠ, or Pi Pi Pi. As Amy states, this house is known as the “diverse house” on campus because there are so many personalities within it. It is also considered to be one of the sweeter and “real” houses on campus.

GDI-Unlike Amy’s meaning of “Gosh Darn Ignorant,” this acronym actually means “God Damn Independent.” This is how members of the Greek system often refer to people outside the Greek system. It can be used in both a slightly chiding way, as in “Chris, you’re such a good guy, why are you still a GDI?” It can also be used in a harsh manner, as in “God, I hate that fucking GDI! He just sneaks into our parties and drinks all our damn beer!” Would be hopefuls often wish this distinction was actually the house ΓΔΙ, or Gamma Delta Iota.

Bid Day-The day on which Rushees, or Potential New Members as they are currently called, receive a Bid Card pronouncing their requested membership into a chapter. It usually says something to the effect of “________(sorority) cordially invites __________ (Rushee’s name) to become a New Member of __________(sorority’s campus chapter) chapter _____________ (college or university).” This process is different for fraternities and sororities, as will be shown later. Since it was left out of the story, the sorority process generally has the rushees all go to one location where they are handed an envelope with their bid. They listen to some speeches about Greek life and female power. Then they are allowed to open their envelopes. They go to their chapter representatives, are then led outside where the rest of the chapter is waiting. Then the entire chapter runs back to their house (sometimes through traffic, lol). Afterwards they have finger food and introduce themselves, take pictures, and then go attend a sisterhood activity like a tea or ice skating.

Rush-The Recruitment Process. This name is being phased out in favor of terms such as “Formal Recruitment” and “Informal Recruitment.” This is similar to the phasing out of “Rushee” (the person being recruited) for the term “Potential New Member.” And also similar to the phasing out of “Pledge” for the term “New Member.” Though fraternities still use these less “PC-terms.”

Delta Delta Pi-The sorority one of Nick’s roommates (Morgan) belongs to. Its Greek letters are ΔΔΠ. There will be more on this house’s stereotypes later. The nickname of the house is usually shortened to Delta Pi.

Alpha Kappa Psi (ΑΚΨ)-One of the few true organizations referred to in the bulk of this story. This is an Honors Business fraternity with both male and female members. It differs largely from the social fraternities and sororities that are portrayed in this work (And thus why its real name is still used).

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