Broken by PureChaos92
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Nick can't wait to spend a few weeks with his brother. He soon notices the 13-year-old is acting strange. Aaron is hiding a dark secret. Can Nick save him from this possible life or death nightmare?
Categories: Fanfiction > Music > Aaron Carter, Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys Characters: Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Child Abuse
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1. Prolauge: Preparing by PureChaos92

2. Chapter One: Popstar At The Door by PureChaos92

3. Chapter Two: Weighing In by PureChaos92

4. Chapter Three: Beach Run by PureChaos92

5. Chapter Four: Scared by PureChaos92

6. Chapter Five: Answers by PureChaos92

7. Chapter Six: So Innocent by PureChaos92

Prolauge: Preparing by PureChaos92
Life had been pretty boring for Nick after his last tour ended. Everyone was concentrating on their own families, leaving Nick on his own. Kevin was visiting New York with Kristen. Brian was spending every waking moment with Leighanne. AJ was on vacation in Hawaii with his mom and Howie was in New Mexico with his new girlfriend. Nick had been up since nine that morning preparing for the day. His brother Aaron was coming to stay for a few weeks and it had been almost ten months since they’d seen each other last. Anyone who walked in the house would have thought royalty were visiting. The carpets were vacuumed twice over, the beds made, the laundry folded and the kitchen stocked. Aaron’s bodyguards would drop him off at eight; they’d go for pizza, rent as many movies as they could carry then return to Nick’s.
Chapter One: Popstar At The Door by PureChaos92
The doorbell rang at 8:05. Nick opened the door to find Aaron looking up at him, standing between his bodyguards, Richard and Scott who carried his bags. He threw his arms around the boy. Aaron clung to the man, finally letting go to say goodbye to his bodyguards. Nick took his bags from the men and ushered his inside.
“So I was thinking we’d go to dinner and get some movies. Sound good?”
“Yeah, I guess.” Aaron answered in a small voice. Nick took in his ill appearance. He had changed. He had lost so much weight that his clothes hung off his frame. His hair was thinning, his skin pale. There were dark circles under his drooping eyes.

Aaron didn’t say a word all the way to dinner. He pulled into the parking lot and put the Jeep in park.
“Are you alright, Air?”
“Yes.” He whispered.
“Are you sure?” The 21-year-old asked seriously.

The boy didn’t touch his food, asked to skip renting movies and went straight to bed once they got back to the house. Something was very wrong, Nick vowed to find out what it was and fix it. He leaned up against the bedroom wall, watching his brother sleep. He took a few steps forward and stood over the bed. Slowly he pulled back the covers revealing the shirtless figure. What he saw made his stomach churn. His hips stuck out so much it looked painful and his ribs were visible. He was wasting away. What Nick noticed next scared him most. Bruises covered his thin body. Some fresh, some faded. Many were shaped like he was struck with a hard round object. Others looked like hand pints.
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Chapter Two: Weighing In by PureChaos92
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Awoken by the smell of bacon cooking, Aaron’s stomach clenched. He crawled from his bed and walked sleepily to the bathroom. He torn off his flannel pajama pants with his eyes closed, as to not see his disgustingly overweight body; he took a deep breath as he stepped onto the scale. 91 pounds. Six less than the prior week. He was doing well; he could do better. Avoiding the mirror on his way to the shower he adjusted the temperature. He tried not to look at himself while he washed but he couldn’t help it. He felt as though he was in a fat he couldn’t seem to unzip. In his eyes, it jiggled hopelessly like a water balloon in a child’s hands. He shoved his index finger into his mouth and ran it down the back of his throat, causing him to vomit all over the shower floor. Water was all the came up. He watched numbly as it was rinsed away.
Chapter Three: Beach Run by PureChaos92
Aaron threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a black hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off. He informed Nick that he wasn’t hungry and that he was going for run to wake up, he’d be back within the hour. He took off in a full sprint toward the beach from the back porch. The faster he ran the louder his heart pounded against the inside of his skull. His weakening knees hurt and his entire body shook as an ocean breeze blew. He pushed through the pain, running for miles along side the waves. When his legs are feeling like they are going to give out from underneath him, he dropped to his stomach and readies himself to do push-ups. His goal is two hundred; he only made it to twelve before he collapsed into the sand in agony, gasping for breath.

Aaron is completely unaware of the fact that he’s been gone for almost four hours and his brother is frantically driving around town in search of him.
Chapter Four: Scared by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
**Language warning**
When Aaron caught his breath, he got up, brushed himself off and slowly limped back to the house. Once inside, he laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Nick pulled into the driveway, over come with worry. He should never have let his brother go on his own. It was a stupid mistake. What was he thinking? He walked into the house only to find the boy on the couch.

“Where the fuck have you been?” The man yelled. His brother’s eyes shot open. Nick stood over him, completely enraged. “Do have any idea how scared I was? I thought some fucking perv had got you!”

“Nick I- “

“No! I don’t want to hear it! Get the hell out of my sight.” He hissed.

On the verge of tears Aaron ran upstairs, locking himself in the bathroom. Nick hadn’t intended to yell, he certainly hadn’t meant to be so cold. He had just been so damn worried. The boy ripped a piece of duct tape from the back of the toilet. Stuck to the tape was a small razor. With trembling fingers he gripped the metal. Hot tears streamed his cheeks. Nick knocked on the door, the knob shook.

“Aaron, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Let me in.”

“No.” His voice quivered.

“I’ve always been honest with you… so I’m going to be now. I’m scared. You know that you can come to me with anything but you’re hiding something big. That hurts. Please Aaron, open the door?”

“Go away!” He shouted. Nick stayed calm.
He spoke through the door again, “I saw the bruises. Who hit you?”

“No one.”

“You were never a good liar. Who hit you?”

The boy let out a screech of frustration, breaking in to an overwhelming fit of sobs. Nick went to get a screwdriver then returned to his spot outside of the bathroom. “I’m coming in.”

Aaron watched as the knob begun to shake. Nick quickly undid each screw and pulled out the knob. The boy held the blade tightly in his fist. He cringed as it cut in to his palm. Warm liquid seeped through his fingers.
Chapter Five: Answers by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
Sorry, I didn't realized how screwed up this chapter was. It's fixed now. Again, I'm sorr.
Nick stepped into the bathroom. His gaze traveled down to the boy’s bloody fist, then to his puffy wet eyes.
“Aaron… who hit you?”
He shook his head, whimpering.
“Who hit you?” This time he emphasized each word.
The suddenly became very angry.
“You know perfectly well who!” He shrieked. His entire body started to tremble. He looked down at feet and spoke barely above a whisper, “The same person who hit you. Remember when Mom and Dad would yell and you’d hide us in the closet… I used to watch as she beat you. You never cried, never flinched, not once. You always took it like a real man.” His voice cracked. “I cry, I flinch… every time.”
Nick embraced the weeping boy protectively. He kissed top of his head as tears welled up in his own eyes. With an echoing clank the bloody razor fell to the floor.
Chapter Six: So Innocent by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
Sorry about the wait guys.
It was the early hours of the morning when the boy had finally fallen asleep. Nick sat beside the sleeping figure with his laptop in front of him. He opened a new browser and typed in 'Florida Child Protective Services'. He clicked on the first site. The page explained that someone who suspected neglect or abuse they should report it immediately. He dialed the number provided. Aaron stirred; Nick slowly ran his free hand over the boy's back until he lay still. A woman picked up on the other end.
“Hello ma’am. I was wondering if someone expected child abuse what would be the process of confirming it?”
The woman who sounded to be in her thirties went on to explain the he would have to report his suppositions and an investigation would be held. During which time the child would be placed either in a foster home or with a well-known relative.
“And if the child is being abused where would they be placed.”
“Again a relative or foster care.”
“And if a particular relative wanted custody of the child?”
“Social Services would interview the both parties and a few of the relative's friends. Then a investigation of the relative’s home would be held. Ultimately it is up to a judge to decided sir.”
“Thank you.” Nick closed his cell phone, looking down at his brother. He pushed the blonde hair out of the boy’s face. He was so innocent. How could anyone even dream of hurting him?
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