Pomp & Circumstance by bjnkha9192
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Graduation day is here for the Jr. BSB, as Harry gives his valedictorian speech, their parents take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about their own high school years and the series of events that brought them to this special day. This is where it all began.
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Chapter 13 by bjnkha9192
Vicki crossed through the kitchen and came to the backdoor. Twinkle lights hung around the yard, strung along the branches of the trees and in the bushes.

“Wow" she said opening the door and stepping outside.

"Surprise" Brian said coming up behind her, she turned to face him, he wrapped his arms around her "like it?" he asked.

"I love it, what is all this?" she asked.

“Well, I had a very special present for you" he said.

"You already got me concert tickets" she said.

"I know but I wanted to save this one for tonight" He reached into his shirt pocket and took out a small velvet box and handed it to her. “Go ahead open it” he said, she looked wary and opened it seeing a ring. An emerald cut amethyst stone with two smaller emerald cut diamonds on either side of it.

She gasped as she saw it "Oh my god" she said "This is beautiful" she said to him.

Brian took the box from her "Vicki I love you and I don't think there's anyone else in the world who's more perfect for me than you are ” he said "you are the only one I want" he said sliding the ring gently on to her finger "and I'm promising you our future togther" he said.

"I love you too" she said kissing him "thank you so much" she said looking at the ring glistening on her finger.

"And now...” he said pressing a button on a radio. The song sixteen candles echoed into the woods and Vicki laughed.

"Way to ruin the moment" she said to him "Really?" she asked.

"Your mom is making me do this" he said to her.

"She would" Vicki said to him he held out his hand for her.

“So, birthday girl, may I have this dance?” she took it and he pulled her close, she looped her arms around his neck and they let their foreheads fall against each other.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, baby Oh, I love you so. Sixteen candles make a lovely light
But not as bright as your eyes tonight. Blow out the candles, make your wish come true.
For I'll be wishing that you love me, too. You're only sixteen but you're my teenage queen.
You're the prettiest Loveliest girl I've ever seen. Sixteen candles in my heart will glow.
For ever and ever for I love you so."

Lizzie stood at the backdoor and watched them cuddled up together in an embrace.

"Just so you know my mom is watching, so just smile and act like this isn't completely cheesy" she said to him, he turned around to smile at Lizzie "Yep keep smiling" Vicki said to him before Lizzie finally walked away they laughed.

"I love you" he said smiling at her.

"I love you too" she said as they kissed.

"What do you think?" she asked holding her hand up.

"That is so beautiful" Kellie said looking at Vicki's ring "I can't believe he got it for you" she said, they stood against the school lockers.

"I know" Vicki said "I couldn't believe it when he gave it to me, and he decorated the backyard with lights and we danced, it was perfect" Vicki said happily.

"aww...so? When's the wedding?" Kellie asked.

"It’s just a promise ring" Vicki said to her.

"Hello beautiful" Brian said wrapping his arm around her.

"Handsome" Vicki said to him.

"So Kel, what do you think?" he asked about Vicki’s ring.

"Very nice, I'm surprised actually, how'd you get it? You join the mob or something?" Kellie asked jokingly.

"Well I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you" he said to her "No actually I had some cash stashed away and it was worth it" he said kissing Vicki's forehead.

"Oh god you make me sick" Kellie said to him "Sorry, hormones" she said.

"Come on Romeo, bye Kel" Vicki said as she and Brian walked off down the hallway.

"Bye guys" Kellie said "Hey" Kellie said to Christina as she approached her locker.

"Oh hey, what's up?" Christina asked pulling books out and shoving them into her bag.

"I have a present for you" Kellie said handing over a book.

"Oh my god thank you" Christina said "I needed one of these" she said looking at the book.

"Well Kev and I have been through that book about a hundred times but I think we finally found the names we like so I figured you can have mine" Kellie said.

"You sure?" Christina asked.

"All yours" Kellie said smiling.

"Well thanks" Christina said hugging Kellie.

They jumped back and laughed "Did you feel that?" Christina asked.

"Yeah" Kellie said touching her stomach "Oh my god, that's the first time that's happened" Kellie said putting her hand to her stomach. "There it is again" she happily "Oh wow, there really is a baby in there" she said astonished, Christina laughed. "Oh this feels weird" Kellie said as the tiny kicks continued.

"Good weird?" Christina asked.

"Amazing weird" Kellie said to her.

"Hey" Christina said to Howie as she walked into the cafeteria.

"Hey, what are you doing? You can't be carrying all these books in your condition" Howie said taking her backpack from her.

"Wow thanks" Christina said stunned "You will never believe what happened" she said to him excitedly.

"You okay?" Howie asked nervously "You should sit" he said to her, sitting her down on the bench seat.

"I'm fine, Kellie felt the baby kick" she said.

"Her baby or our baby?" he asked.

"Hers" she said to him "Oh, and look what she gave me" she said showing him the book.

"Oh hey great" he said taking it from her and looking in it.

"Yeah but I think I already know what I want to name him" she said taking a bite of her lunch.

"Oh yeah?" he asked.

"I want to name him after my dad" she said chewing on her food.

His face fell "Your dad?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah, Drake" she said happily.

"Huh" he said to her.

"Huh?" she asked "You give me huh?" she said "What's wrong with Drake?" she asked.

"Nothing...it’s great, I love your dad's name, heck I love your dad for not strangling me" he said.

"Well then...what's the problem?" she asked irritated.

"I don't know...Drake? It’s just...weird" he said.

"Weird how?" Christina asked.

"It’s just...it sounds like...wait a minute" he said flipping through the book "Ah exactly what I thought, it means dragon!" he said handing it to her.

"Oh come on" Christina said "Fine, what do you want to name him?" she asked, he was silent "Hmm?" she asked "Uh huh, yeah I thought so" she said as he stayed silent.

"I'll find something" he said taking the book from her.

"Fine, look, but if it’s not better than the name I picked we're going with Drake" she said to him.

"You're on" he said shaking her hand.

Later that afternoon, Christina lied on her couch with the book.

"Hi Chrissie, how was school?" Louise asked coming into the house with a grocery bag.

"Long" Christina said sitting up "Where's daddy?" she asked going into the kitchen.

"Working overtime, just you and me tonight kiddo" Louise said. "Which reminds me, I'm going to make us a special dinner and later, got your favorite movie" she said holding up a video.

"Ghost?" Christina asked hopefully.

"Oh...I thought Indiana Jones was your favorite?" Louise asked.

"Yeah...when I was like eight" Christina said taking the tape from her.

"Wow, I forgot how cranky pregnancy hormones make you" Louise said to her

"Sorry" Christina said to her "Kel gave me this book of names today" she said.

"Well that spoils my second surprise" Louise said pulling a thick glossy covered book from one of the bags.

"Thanks" Christina said taking it from her and laughing.

"So what happened? You picked a name and he doesn't like it?" Louise asked.

"Exactly" Christina said to her.

"Been there done that three times...it's not fun, I think your dad and I fought the whole nine months on what to name you" Christina groaned. "So what name did you pick?" Louise asked as she finished unpacking her bag.

"Well I said if it were a boy I would want to name him after daddy" Christina said folding the empty bag.

"Oh he would love that" Louise said putting the groceries away.

"Yeah tell my boyfriend that" Christina said helping her put things away.

"Don't worry I'm sure you'll come to some kind of agreement you forget all about that for tonight, just put your feet up and relax, I'll start dinner" Louise said patting Christina's cheek.

"Thanks mom" Christina said as she picked up her book and began reading again.

Later that night, they sat on the couch together with a bowl of popcorn in between them.

"I can't believe I used to like this so much" Christina said as they watched the movie.

"I don't think it was the movie as much as it was Harrison Ford" Louise said.

"How did you know that?" Christina asked her.

"Because you were the only little girl interested in Star Wars" Louise said.

"He looked so good as Han Solo" Christina said to her as she ate a handful of popcorn.

"I'll get you some tea" Louise said getting up from the couch.

"Thanks mom" Christina said sitting up, sticking her hand back into the popcorn bowl.

"Don't worry when you get older we'll watch these movies together all the time" she said patting her stomach. "You me and Harrison Ford" she said gazing at Harrison Ford dressed as Indiana Jones. "Harrison..." she said "Kid I think we just found a name for you" she said putting a handful of popcorn in her mouth.

The next afternoon Christina sat at her lunch table, books sitting open in front of her.

"Okay, okay I've been all over this book twice" Howie said sitting down across from her.

"And?" she asked

"And... I got nothing...you were right" he said.

"Wow...can I hear that again?" she asked.

"I guess we're going with Drake" he said.

"Yeah..." she said biting the end of her pencil.

"What?" he asked.

"I was thinking...what do you think of Harrison?" she asked.

"Harrison?!" he asked.

"Yes, Harrison, Harry, for short" she said tapping her eraser on her notebook page.

"You mean like Harrison Ford or something?" he asked.

"I guess...whatever..." she said "Harrison Drake Dorough" she said to him.

He nodded "Harrison...Harry...Harry go to your room" he said to himself "Oh wow...that's weird" he said.

"Well?" she asked curiously.

"You got a deal" he said holding his hand out for her to shake.

The weather became warmer, the nights longer and as April turned into May, summer vacation was on everyone's minds as the end the school year drew closer.

"Okay kids settle down” a teacher said to their class "I think it’s time we talked about reviewing for finals” a collective groan resounded. “Yes, I know I know” the teacher said handing out paper packets “But it must be done”.

Brian waited under the bleachers, leaning up against the wall as Vicki walked towards him.

"Hey, why'd you want me to meet you here?" she asked.

"Because I have been waiting all day to do this" he said grabbing her closely and pulling her into a passionate kiss.

"Mm wow, what was that for?" she asked as they parted.

"Well I know finals are coming up and you're going to be spending all your time studying..." he said.

"Yeah..." she said.

"Just wanted to get one last kiss in" he said to her.

"I don't have to start studying for finals for a while, so don't worry" she said winking.

"Ooh what was the wink for?" he asked as she smiled at him and began walking away.

"You'll see" she said smiling to herself. He caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her.
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