If you asked anyone I know about my most basic information, they will tell you several things. First, that my name is Nickolas Gene Carter. Second, I am a Backstreet Boy.
What they would not tell you is that I claim I’m allergic to red dye number 40 and that I’m afraid of cats. They wouldn’t tell you that my favorite book is a collection of poems from an author nobody's ever heard of. And they wouldn't tell you that I wear a rubber band around my wrist everyday to cope with stress.
But they’d be wrong about a lot of the basics that they would tell you. Things like my birthday being January 28, 1980. Or, that my favorite food is pizza. Or that my favorite color is green.
Even AJ, Brian, Howie and Kevin – the people closest to me in the world – would answer some of these questions incorrectly. Because there are some things that nobody knows about me.
There are some things that I've never told them, or anyone else, things that even if they knew they would never believe or understand.
Some of it even I don't understand. Like how it all started, or where I came from, or even who or what I really am. I mean, technically I can't be human. All I know is that I can see time. Like literally, I see it, and I live apart from it, independent of its effects. I also can't die. At least I don't think so...

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You Are, by Claire Elizabeth Lawson-Brunner by Pengi
You Are
By Claire Elizabeth Lawson-Brunner

You are I
And I are you
One grammatically incorrect structure
Pieces of a puzzle not meant to fit
But shoved together
Two faces, two hearts
But our hands melt
Together as one
One dream
One prayer
But always we are torn apart by Time
By Time, our Master
Time, our Keeper
Time, our Enemy
Some things are never meant to come true
And some words are best unsaid
But if you were normal
Or I supernatural
Would we bind?
Would we last?
Would you be mine to keep?
You are I
And I are you
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