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Thier shoes made a crunch-crunch sound on the fallen tree leafs that were around them.The sound made way to the creaking wood as the guys stepped up the stairs of the restauran porch.
Suddenly the guys were greeted by sights,sounds,and smells when they opened the door.The restauran was something from the old west.Cowboy stuff hung from the wall.Cowboy hats hung from the rafters.Photos in every corner.
Instead of regular tables,there were long picnic tables and wooden benches.

A young girl with a suntanned face and a wide,gap-toothed smiled greeted they.She wore a red bandanna with a wisp of black hair sticking out from behind it.

"Your my favorite group!" She said with a smile.

"What's your name?" Justin asked her.

"Erica." She answered shyly.

Justin grabbed a napkin and signed it.Giving it to her.

"Oh wow,Thanks!"

"Anything for a fan."

They all talked a while,then erica took thier order and walked off.

The guys were talking,laughing,joking,when the lights went out and somewhere in the darkness there was a scream.After that an eerie silence hung in the air.One of the nsync stars had been kidnapped.