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Story Notes:
This is sort of a revision of the story I started to write entitled How to Save a Life, except with a twist that I've been working on since the last update of that story.
The warnings will be altered accordingly with each updated chapter, as I don't know for certain where this is going to go... but I have selected warning tags that I know for certain will be involved, and preemptively rated this story "R" for language and possibly other elements.

As of Chapter 33, there's a sexual content label for a reason. ;)

The Sun
He plays across the horizon, ever present, ever going
Leaving his love behind, cold and broken, unintentionally
Death comes like night but her cold hands cannot touch him
A thousand January and Decembers, and he has watched them all
O sunlight, o love
You have released us all
If I could but bottle you and keep you as my own I would
However impossible taming you might be
Still I love you, though I know you will leave me
I shall set sails across the ocean of death alone
And leave you alive and brilliantly free
Like the sun, you belong to the universe, not to any heart
Not even to mine
O sunlight, o love
You have captured us all