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Story Notes:
This story is part of the What I Do From Day To Day challenge that is going on from September to December.

ON HIATUS: I'm taking a break from this one. I hope to come back to it in the future.

Nick walked out of the restaurant and quickly tried to get to his car. The paparazzi were everywhere. It must have been a busy night of celebrities. This is why he hated living in Hollywood. The paparazzi would never leave anyone alone. He quickly placed his sunglasses on his face, hoping he didn’t get noticed.

“Leave me alone. Please stop taking my picture.” Madison Jo Williams, the current country cutie pleaded with the guys harassing her.

They continued taking pictures of her. The paparazzi were relentless after she had been seen out with Justin Timberlake a few weeks ago and then Justin Bieber the next week. She was the new “It” girl.

“She said leave her alone. Go away and bother someone else.” Nick yelled at them. Even that didn’t stop the camera flashes.

Madison stood their looking scared. She hoped that Nick would be able to stop them.

“Shut the hell up. At least we aren’t bothering you. Wait you are a has been. No one wants to see you.” The man spit in his face.

“I said leave her alone. You can mess with me I don’t care. She’s trying to get to her car. She doesn’t need to be bothered by the scum of the earth.” He attempted to push the photographer away.

The burly man pushed Nick into the street lamp. Nick grabbed the man by the shirt and threw his camera on the ground.

“What the hell? That camera cost a lot of money. You’re a dead man Carter.”

The man lunged at Nick. Punches and obscenities were being thrown around. Madison started to cry. Paparazzi were taking photos. Both Nick and the photographer were bloody. Moments later the loud sirens of a police cruiser stopped at the scene.


Nick couldn’t believe he was up this early during his time off. It was six o’clock in the morning. He had to be at the school by seven thirty. He was not a morning person. Plus he had to drive about forty minutes to get to the school.

Nick was going to be spending the next year volunteering in a kindergarten class. This was his punishment for beating up the paparazzi. They had no right to harass celebrities. Celebrities were just normal people. Nick had enough of watching them harass people. Besides doing a year of community service, he had to pay for the dick’s camera. He didn’t mind paying out a couple of thousand dollars. It was priceless to see him freak out when the camera broke.

Pictures of the fight were all over the internet and television three week later. It didn’t seem to get old. Most of the media portrayed Nick as a hero. He was helping a young girl from the crazy paparazzi. He was just being a good citizen. Nick tried to ignore it all. He tried to keep himself out of trouble, but it had once again found him. This time was a little different. Madison was young and frightened. She was a sweet, nave and not used to the Hollywood scene.

At first the guys were shocked to see Nick in the headlines again. He was doing so well the past few years. When they realized he was protecting Madison Jo Williams, they lightened up a bit.

The judge had gone easy on him. He could have spent time in jail, but he since he was attempting to protect another human being he had to pay for the camera, pay a fine, and do a year of community service.

Nick was nervous about his community service. He liked kids and thought they were cute, but he had never spent that much time with them. What was he going to do in a kindergarten classroom? He had no experience teaching children.

He quickly got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Then he grabbed a pop tart and headed to the car. He looked at the clock and knew he was going to be late. That sucked because he didn’t want to make a bad impression on his first day. It was going to be a long day.