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Story Notes:





Name – birthday – age as of 2011


Howie – Aug. 22, 1969 - 42


Leigh - n/a - 41


James - n/a - 2


Brian – Feb. 20, 1971 - 40


Leighanne - n/a - 41


Baylee – n/a - 8


AJ –Jan. 9, 1972 – 39


Rochelle - n/a -33


Nick- Jan. 28, 1975 - 36


Aaron- Dec. 7, 1982 - 28


Ashleigh Brianne – Sept. 8, 1997 – 13

Feb. 9th 1997


Aaron’s knee bounced uncontrollably as he sat in his manager’s office. He fought the urge to chew on his bottom lip as his eyes stayed glued to the ugly painting on the wall in front of him. His mother who sat beside him looked just as nervous.

“He didn’t say what the problem was?” Jane asked looking even more concerned then Aaron.

“No mom. He just said we had a huge problem that needed dealt with immediately.” Aaron explained never moving his eyes or stopping his knee.

Jane sucked in a deep breath of air and in one quick huff let it out.

Suddenly the office door swung open and in walked a large man whom they had both seen many times before. “Thank you both for coming on such short notice.” He said moving in a hurry to sit down behind his desk.

“Short notice?” Jane quipped. “Try no notice.”

“Yes, well, let’s just cut to the chase shall we?” He asked not in the mood for Jane’s attitude.

Aaron sat up a bit straighter and nodded. He had no idea what could be wrong and that scared him.

“Aaron, you screwed up… big time.” He bluntly said.

“I… I did?” Aaron swallowed hard as a lump formed in his through. He could feel the palms of his hands begin to sweat.

“You’re birthday party, do you remember it?”

Now Aaron’s heart rate began to pick up. His mouth went dry and all he could do was nod.

“Aaron, you slept with a fan. Didn’t you?”

“Excuse me!” Jane no longer was nervously silent. In less than a second she had become angrily loud. “You had sex? You’re not even allowed to go past kissing!” Her face was flushed red with rage.

“I… I’m… sorry.” Aaron stuttered. He had hoped his mom wouldn’t find out about that. Now, not only did she know but his manager did too.

“Oh, that’s not even the best part.” His manager said with a voice was obviously filled to the brim with sarcasm.

“There’s more?” Jane’s voice asked even more angry looking at her son.

“Mom I…” Aaron wasn’t even sure what to say. He and the fan hadn’t done anything else. He was sure of it.

“Aaron,” His manager took a dramatic pause. “She’s pregnant.”

Jane froze while Aaron’s face drained of all color. He couldn’t have just said what he thought he did. Certainly he heard him wrong.  “Pr- Pr-“ He couldn’t get the words to come out of his mouth.

“Pregnant. Yes, we’re sure. We confirmed the doctor’s notice she brought in. She’s 8 weeks along and isn’t sure of what she is going to do yet.” He explained.

“I… She…” Jane couldn’t put her words together.

“She can’t… I can’t… I mean, I only just turned 14. It’ll destroy my career and everything I’ve worked for!” Aaron fought against the urge to cry. He didn’t wanna be a father. He wanted to be a singer.

“I’m sorry Aaron; it’s not your choice.”

“How do we know it’s for sure his?” Jane was finally able to talk; her voice soft. She couldn’t however bring herself to look at her son.

“The parents and the girl swear he was her only partner. Their willing to prove it any way possible and they have a lawyer on standby if needed. I doubt they are lying.” He explained.

“But she said she was virgin. Virgins can’t get pregnant.” Aaron argued.

“Yes they can Aaron. That’s only a myth.” His manager told him.

“My God…” Jane trailed off running a hand over her mouth. “What do we do now?” Jane asked.

“We offered them money to stay silent for the time being. They agreed so now we wait till they make a decision.” He simply replied folding his hands and placing them on his desk.

Jane opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when Aaron stood quickly, “While they make a decision? If I’m the… ya know… don’t I get a say? Can’t I… tell her she can’t have it?” He looked back and forth between his mother and manager.

“It doesn’t work like that Aaron. You have no say and even if you did I wouldn’t allow you to just throw away a human life. It’s morally wrong.” Jane still could not look at him but she did at least sound calm.

“Well, I don’t want a stupid kid. I’m just a kid myself!” Aaron yelled enraged.

“You should have thought about that before you…”

“I’ll handle this part of the conversation!” Jane cut him off sternly.

Aaron’s hands widely ran through his hair. He began to pace back and forth as he bit down on his tongue in hopes that it would force the tears to fade.

His life was ending and yet it had only just begun. He hoped that the girl would understand his career was more important than a baby and choose to flush it down the drain. He couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to sing because of some stupid mistake he made.

“Let’s go Aaron. We have a lot of talking to do.” Jane said gripping his shoulder rather hard.

“I’ll be in touch.” His manager assured.

“Thank you.” She almost spat and pushed her son from the room.