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Who would believe that just one kiss could change the course of your life.

Rated: NC-17
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Alternate Universe, Dramedy, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 33
Completed: Yes
Word count: 55007
Read: 15732
Published: 08/14/11
Updated: 12/24/11
Story Notes:

I'm in a romance/Nick mood...lets see if you like this. LET ME KNOW!So sorry you guys! I forgot to add AU as my genre! Oops.

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1. The Kiss by kevmylove [ - ] (1855 words)

2. Shoot by kevmylove [ - ] (1586 words)

3. Need a Favor by kevmylove [ - ] (1691 words)

Hope you like!

4. Cheater by kevmylove [ - ] (1525 words)

5. In Two Weeks by kevmylove [ - ] (1698 words)

Thank you all for the reviews and taking the time to read! I love it!

6. Calla Lilies by kevmylove [ - ] (1572 words)

7. Pixie by kevmylove [ - ] (2029 words)

Hey ladies! Sorry it took me a bit to get this chapter out...I was in a small slump...but I'm back in business. hehe...thank you for all the reviews, which I will respond later today. :)

8. Apology Accepted by kevmylove [ - ] (1675 words)

9. Smile by kevmylove [ - ] (1817 words)

Ok...so this turned out to be just one chapter...wow. I hope you like. I shall reply to your reviews later today. It's like 4am.

10. Mr. Twinkie by kevmylove [ - ] (1953 words)

Thanks to FrickFrackGurl for the Twinkie name! Also thanks to my love, Summer03 for helping me get unstuck all the time! love ya!

11. Confused by kevmylove [ - ] (1722 words)

Thanks to Summer03 for all her help with getting me started. Thanks love! Thank you guys for your suggestions when I need them and for reading and all the fun reviews!

12. Oh Poop by kevmylove [ - ] (1831 words)

13. So Close by kevmylove [ - ] (1996 words)

14. Bigger by kevmylove [ - ] (1582 words)

Thanks you guys for all the reviews and taking the time to read. I greatly appreciate it.


15. I Need by kevmylove [ - ] (1686 words)

Hello ladies, sorry took me a bit longer. Had my bday celebration, but I'm back and I missed you guys! Hope you like this chapter. ;) Thank you for reading and all the reviews!

16. Rude Boy by kevmylove [ - ] (1860 words)

17. Snitch by kevmylove [ - ] (1327 words)

18. Pina Coladas by kevmylove [ - ] (1578 words)

Hope you like!

19. Songbird by kevmylove [ - ] (1721 words)

Hope you like ;) The title is "Songbird" because it's the song that I listened to over and over to inspire this chapter...its by Eva Cassidy. Fits quite well.

20. Little Longer by kevmylove [ - ] (1418 words)

Sorry one of the more boring chapters...well to me, but we need those fillers. Thank you guys for reading and reviewing!!

21. Really Bad Day by kevmylove [ - ] (1989 words)

Thank you ladies :)

22. Boss Man by kevmylove [ - ] (1758 words)

23. Trust Me by kevmylove [ - ] (1747 words)


24. F**k You by kevmylove [ - ] (1435 words)

Just wanted to thank you guys for all your feedback. I really appreciate it. I can't respond to your reviews right now, but I will as soon as I can. Damn computer and Ipod.

25. The Truth by kevmylove [ - ] (1489 words)

Ok...not sure this went the way it should've, but this is what my mind saw...ugh. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

26. Airsickness by kevmylove [ - ] (1478 words)

27. The Test by kevmylove [ - ] (1491 words)

Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long to update, I was totally stumped! Plus, Nick and AJ as werewolves are plaguing my mind. But I'm back now. I'm sorry I can't respond to your reviews at the time, but I really appreciate them all! Thank you!

28. Good Luck by kevmylove [ - ] (1618 words)

OMG this has been a long day. I'm out of a computer and it was a total mess to get this posted. But I got it posted. Hope you like. Thank you for all the reviews by the way. ;)

29. I Missed You by kevmylove [ - ] (1541 words)

Hi all!! I finally got another chapter out. I think I figured out my sick comp, to where I can just write. Woohoo! Also thank you for the reviews for the last chapter...greatly appreciated, as always.

Thanks to Patti (03summer) for the pig in a shirt idea. I just made up the name. lol.

30. The Tog Up by kevmylove [ - ] (1370 words)
Sorry if there are some mistakes...I wrote this on my iPod for the first time. HORRIBLE!!!

31. Mow Down by kevmylove [ - ] (1384 words)

32. Games by kevmylove [ - ] (1912 words)

33. Elizabeth by kevmylove [ - ] (1673 words)

Well another one of my stories comes to an end. woohoo and sorta boohoo! I'm going to miss Abby and Nick. hehe. Thank you all for reading and all the awesome reviews that inspired me to continue with this story. much love!

Note: I always have a hard time writing endings, so I hope that you like it. Thanks again.