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Chapter 11

            Once Brian leaves the bus, Amy bangs on the door to the bedroom and says, "D, I need your help." When she hears the muffled invitation to come in, she finds Dottie making the bed on the bus.  Sitting down on it, totally getting in Dottie's way, she says, "I need your help."

            Dottie snaps "Move your ass and let me finish making the bed, then I'll help you."

            Looking at her friend kind of shocked, she says, "What's wrong, D?"

            Closing her eyes, Dottie takes a few deep breaths before saying, "I'm sorry.  I'm so sick of all the crap the fans do sometimes.  Seriously."

            Taking her hand, Amy forces her to sit and says, "What happened?"

            Dottie says, "One of them grabbed Nick's crotch.  Right in front of me.  Then she looked at me and said, ‘Oh I hope you don't mind. I just had to find out for myself.'  What the fuck is wrong with people?"

            Amy says, "What did Nick do?"

            Sighing, Dottie says, "Tried to laugh it off.  He knows I'm pissed and he wisely didn't tell me to let it go.  He went to talk to Jen about tighter security at the hotels from now on.  Seriously, why do people think shit like that is ok?  What would you do if it had happened to Brian?"

            Amy says, "Probably been arrested for assault where I kicked her ass.  I'm sorry D, I know it sucks, but we're with men who are famous and sometimes stupid shit will happen.  We have to learn to cope."

            Dottie chuckles and says, "I may need a punching bag to cope." Hugging her friend, she says, "Thanks, A.  I feel better just getting it out.  Now, how can I help you?"

            Amy says, "I want to blow Brian's mind tonight. Can we go shopping? Will you help me pick out a dress and do my hair and make-up?"

            Giving her friend and sneaky grin, she says, "I'm ready when you are.  There's a car waiting for us whenever you're ready to leave and Nick's going to hang out with AJ so you can get ready in our room."

            Amy says, "No wonder the guys can't survive without you.   You're irreplaceable."

            Blushing, Dottie says, "I don't know about that, but I enjoy what I do.  It's fun taking care of them."

            Watching her friend's face closely, Amy says, "You're going to be such a great Mom.  You've got the nurturing down to a fine art."

            Dottie looks away and says, "I don't think I'd jump on the children bandwagon just yet, A.  Hard to have a baby when you're not having sex."

            Amy says, "Ahh, but that can change easily enough. Attack your boyfriend tonight.  Get him all hot and bothered like you did at the pool and then let nature take its course."

            Dottie grimaces and says, "What if I'm not...what if I can't please him, A?"  Then what?"

            Amy stands up and says, "Get real.  The man worships you.  I guarantee you sex with him will be amazing then we'll never get you out of bed."

            Deciding it's time for a subject change, Dottie says, "Come on, let's forget this for now and get you something spectacular to wear tonight."

            Sensing her friend's mood, Amy says, "OK, D, let's go shopping. You'll know when you're ready for it though.  And trust me, Nick will be ready too."


            After 3 hours of shopping, Amy and Dottie return to the hotel loaded down with bags.  Once in Nick and Dottie's room, Amy takes a quick shower. Once she's in black strapless bra and matching thong, she puts on a robe and goes out to have Dottie do her hair and her make-up.

            Once that's all taken care of, Amy slips into the strapless red mini dress she bought for the night.  The bottom rests about 4 inches above her knees.  Short enough to keep Brian's attention on her legs, but not so short the rest of the world can see what's underneath.

            When she's ready, Dottie calls and orders Brian and Amy's car before letting Brian know she's ready.  While they wait for Brian to show up, Amy says, "Thanks for everything, D."

            Hugging her friend, Dottie says, "I'm glad I could help A.  You deserve to be happy and I know Brian is just the man to do it."


            Dottie slips out of the room to let Brian and Amy have their moment alone.  She goes to AJ's room to find Nick, Howie and AJ playing poker.  James is in the floor playing with his race cars.  When he sees Dottie, his little face lights up and he says, "D, come play!"

            She sits in the floor beside him and they play with his cars until he gets bored.  He crawls up onto her lap and says, "Its night-night time."

            Dottie says, "Are you sleepy?"

            He nods and snuggles into her chest.  Howie stands and says, "Come on, Little Man; let's go back to your bed to sleep, ok?  Your blankie is there."

            James holds his tiny arms up to his Daddy and Howie lifts him into his arms.  Once they are gone, AJ says, "Come on, D.  You can play Howie's cards."

            She laughs and says, "No, I think I'll pass AJ.  If Brian and Amy are gone, I need to get some work done."

            Nick says, "Come on Babe.  Take the evening off.  If you don't want to play cards, we can watch a movie."

            Dottie's not really in the mood for either.  She really just wants to be alone to think about things.  She kisses Nick's cheek and says, "Maybe later.  I need to get some stuff done. You guys have fun."

            Before they can stop her, she's out of the room and heading down the hall. She hears a door open and she knows Nick is following her.  When she goes into their room, he's right on her heels. Once the door is shut, he says, "Dottie, what's the matter?"

            She walks over to the window and looks out, watching the sun going down.  She says, "Nothing Nick, I just have a lot on my mind."

             "What that girl did earlier?" he asks.

            Grimacing, she says, "Among other things, yeah."

            Putting his hands on her shoulders, he says, "Baby, I'm sorry. If I could have stopped her, I would have, but I didn't know what she was doing until it was too late."

            Dottie shakes her head and says, "It's not your fault Nick."

            He says, "Then why are you so mad at me?  It's obvious you can't stand to be in the same room with me right now."

            Turning to look at him, she whispers, "Nick, it's not you. I'm not mad at you and I love being with you.  It's just..."

            She turns back to face the window and he steps closer to her, wrapping his arms around her.  He says, "Talk to me D."

            Lowering her head, she says, "When that girl grabbed you, she touched you in a way I haven't. I was...am jealous."

            She feels his body stiffen behind her and she tries to pull away. He holds her tighter and says, "Dottie, does that mean you want to...."

            Raising her hands up to cover her face she says, "I do...but I'm scared Nick. What if you don't like it? What if I can't make you happy?"

            Nick maneuvers around her body until he's in front her, holding her against his chest.  He says, "Look at me, D."  When she shakes her head no, he says, "Baby, come on, it's me.  Look at me."  When her eyes lift up to meet his, he says, "I want you more than I've ever wanted anyone.  When you're ready to make love, D, I'm ready to. But this is your decision. I'm not going to push you into something that could upset you.  Are you ready? Do you want to make love with me?"

            Once her eyes have met his, she can't look away. His eyes have always been a big weakness for her.  She can never say no when she's looking into his eyes.  She whispers, "Nick, I want you so much.  I want to make love with you every night.  But it's been so long...I'm so afraid I can't....what if you don't...."

            Leaning down he captures her lips with his for a slow, sensual kiss.  When he lifts his lips from her, he whispers, "I want you too.  And I'm just as scared.  What if I can't please you?  Then what?"

            When she hears him say he's just as scared as she is, Dottie decides it's time to take that chance.  Sliding her hands up his arms to his neck, she whispers, "Make love to me Nick.  Please."

            He pushes her back toward the bed.  Once her legs bump against his, he lowers his lips to hers once again as he pushes her onto her back.  His body partially covers hers as his tongue probes her mouth. 

            Wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him close, she whimpers as his hand slides down to her thigh, gripping it as he presses against her.  When she tears her lips from his, she cries out, "Nick, please...."

            In a matter of minutes, they are both naked and after hurriedly putting on a condom, he's pressing her into the bed.  As he slips inside her for the first time, he fights the urge to take her fast.  His gaze locks on hers and he says, "I love you D."

            With tears in her eyes and her body tingling for him, she whispers, "I love you Nick."

            Wrapping herself around him, she lets the tears flow freely as Nick takes her body to heights of pleasure she never knew existed.  Just as they reach the pinnacle, he slows down...allowing her body to relax before he starts to slowly move within her again.  He pushes her again and again to the brink, bringing them both closer and closer.

            When she can't stand it anymore, she half whispers half groans "Don't stop..."

            Nick hears her words and knows she's ready.  Cradling her body in his arms, he moves faster and deeper, pushing their bodies to the brink of orgasm one more time.  When his climax overtakes him, he crashes against her, feeling her body tighten around his. 

            After they collapse together, he wraps her tightly in his arms and molds her body to his.  Sucking in a ragged breath he says, "God I love you Baby.  That was incredible."

            Fighting to hold in her tears of joy, she whispers, "I love you too Nick.  It was..." 

Words become impossible as the tears over-take her.  He holds her against his chest, rubbing her back, and he whispers, "It's ok Baby, shhh."

When her sobs subside, she looks up into his face and says, "Thank you Nick."

He says, "For what?"

She says, "Waiting till I was ready. For loving me.  For making me feel like I feel right now.  I love you."

Kissing her nose, he snuggles in close to her and says, "I love you, Baby.  You're everything to me. Without you, my life means nothing."

Kissing his chest and closing her eyes, she whispers, "You'll always have me Nick.  I'm not going anywhere."

Before dozing off, he says, "Damn right you're not.  You're mine Baby.  I'll never let you go."

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