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Chapter 12

Brian walked into the room and was stunned when he saw Amy. She was a pretty woman, but tonight she looked absolutely stunning. He was almost ready to stay in for the night. Brian walked over to her and brought her close to him. His lips devoured hers, as his hands moved up and down her body.

"Amy, you look absolutely stunning. I want to ravish you right now." He said with a throaty growl.

"Bri, you will have plenty of time to ravish me tonight. Let's get out of here before I decide to let you have me now." Amy giggled.

Brian handed Amy her purse and they were on their way. They made out like teenagers until the elevator arrived. Amy was feeling slightly flustered at the moment. She was crazy about Brian. He was everything she wanted and then some. Amy had never been with a man that was as sexual as Brian. It unnerved it somewhat, but excited her at the same time.

When they got to the lobby a few fans were sitting there waiting for a glimpse of one the Backstreet Boys. Brian quickly waved as he pulled Amy out the door. "You could have stopped and said hi to your fans." Amy told him.

"Tonight is all about us. I love my fans dearly, but my eyes are only on you." He kissed her cheek.

"You're so sweet."

The ride to the restaurant was quiet. Brian and Amy's minds were on each other, but few words were spoken. Brian's hand was moving up and down Amy's thigh. She was busy playing with the hair near Brian's neck. Both were lost in thoughts.

The car stopped and Brian got out, holding the door open for Amy. They made their way into the restaurant. After they ordered, Brian and Amy sat there staring at each other.


"Umm...." Amy attempted to say something. Why was this so hard? She never had a hard time talking to Brian. They spent so much time talking during the beginning of their relationship.

"Why is this so awkward?" Brian took Amy's hand in his. He rubbed her smooth skin.

"I'm not sure. We've always been able to talk." Amy smiled at him. "Maybe we're out of our element."

"What do you mean?" He questioned softly, not sure what she meant.

Amy looked around the restaurant. "This." She moved her hand pointing at their surroundings. "This isn't me. I'm just a down home average kind of girl. I don't do fancy restaurants or drink champagne."

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"A little bit. I just don't know how to act. I might drop a fork or something." Amy tried to relieve the tension at the table. She didn't want to hurt Brian's feelings. He went to a lot of trouble making sure tonight was perfect.

"I wanted tonight to be full of romance." He sighed.

"Brian, being with you is what is important to me. You don't have to lavish me with fancy dinners to make me happy. I love spending time with you watching movie or playing games. I love cuddling with you and talking." She explained. "I appreciate this Brian, but this isn't you either. Don't get mad at me, but what is this all about?"

Brian thought for a moment about what Amy was saying. At first he didn't want to admit it, but the more he thought about it she was right. This wasn't him or Amy's idea of a romantic date. God, he was stupid when it came to women. Brian was trying to impress her, but he didn't take in to consideration Amy's personality. "Amy, I'm sorry. This dating thing is new to me again. I'm not mad at you. Thank you for pointing out what a fool I was."

"You're not a fool Brian. I think it was romantic that you went to all this trouble for me. No man has ever done that for me." She scooted her chair right next to Brian. "I'm not your ex-wife. I don't need fancy dinners and diamond jewelry. All I need is you."

"I love you Amy. What do you say we get out of here?" Brian threw down a hundred dollar bill and took Amy's hand. He pulled her through the restaurant and out the door.

"This is the Brian I know and love." Amy brushed her lips against his.

"So what do you want to do?" Brian smiled at the love of his life. He loved that fact that she was down to earth and didn't expect him to be someone he wasn't.

"I think we should go back to the hotel, order room service and spend lots of time making out."


Once they got back to the hotel, Brian ordered room service. Amy grabbed some clothes from her suitcase and headed toward the bathroom. "What are you doing?" Brian walked toward her.

"I was going to change into something more comfortable." Amy stopped in the doorway of the bathroom.

"I think you should leave the dress on." He looked coyly at her. Brian thought she looked amazing in that little red dress. The things he wanted to do to her in that dress.

"And why is that Mr. Littrell?" Amy moved closer to him.

"Because you look absolutely fucking sexy in it." He growled. She placed her arms around his neck as she kissed his lips. Brian slowly pushed her back into the wall. He pressed his body onto hers. Then he found the zipper of her dress. Slowly he unzipped, backed away and watched it fall to the ground. "Damn you are gorgeous."

Amy was standing in her bra and panties. "I think you're a little overdressed Littrell." She started untying his tie when there was a knock on the door.

"Room Service." The man called out. Amy ducked into the bathroom while Brian got their food.

A few minutes later Amy walked out wearing one of Brian's basketball jerseys. She sat on the bed next to Brian. He handed her plate with a cheeseburger and fries on it.  She dug into her food.

"Brian tell me something I don't know about you."

He thought for a moment. "This is hard. I've told you so much about me."

"There has to be something you never told me." Amy giggled. "Tell me about your first date or something equally as scintillating."

"Ooh, using big words on me." He stole one of her fries and ate it. She smacked him.

"Stay away from my fries, boy. I've been known to beat up people who steal my food." Amy teased him. She took a fry from his plate and licked all the salt off.

"Don't do that or I'm not going to be able to finish my meal."

"Oh Brian, does it turn you on?" Amy giggled and licked the salt of another fry.

"Stop." He groaned. "Let me tell you the story about my first date."

Amy continued to stare at Brian as she ate. This was the best date she ever had. It had nothing to do with the surroundings and everything to do with being with the right man. She could see herself spending the rest of her life reliving this scene. Amy understood how Dottie felt about Nick. She was feeling the same way about Brian.

"I had a crush on this girl. She was very pretty, friendly, and a lot of fun. Her best friend was dating my best friend. We were friends first. Finally I got the guts to ask her out. I decided to take her on a fancy date, but she was more into burgers, fries, and shakes." He smiled cheekily.

"Umm...that sounds familiar, kind of like us." Amy snickered.

"Well, my love life before you is insignificant. All I care about is you." He took our plates and put them on the cart. Amy was still reeling from Brian's statement.

"Brian, thank you for choosing me." She lounged against the pillows as Brian found a movie on TV. He snuggled in next to her.

They watched the movie silently for a while. Both just loved the feeling of being together. Things were going well for them, even with the condom debacle. Brian thought that if it was meant to be it wouldn't matter if Amy was pregnant. He would love the baby as much as he loved her.

"I wonder if Dottie decided to seduce Nick tonight." Amy said randomly.

"Was she planning on it?" Brian turned to face her. He started playing with her hair.


"Is that all you're going to say?"


"Would you stop, girl? You are driving me crazy."

"Maybe." She smiled at him.

"I know how to get you to shut up." His hands moved to her hips. He slowly licked up her neck. She moaned into his ear.

"That is the good way to get me to shut up, but I know a better way." She placed her leg between his thighs by his manhood and slowly rubbed back and forth.

"MMM, baby that feels so good. What do you have in mind?" He said slowly, engrossed in the pleasure he was feeling.

"Make love to me." She sat up, took the jersey off, and was only in a black thong. "Brian do you have condoms?"

"Yes, I bought some this afternoon."

"Good. I bought some, too, but I forgot them in Dottie and Nick's room. I hope they find them useful." She laughed with relief. "We got to make sure we use them tonight."

Brian stood up and took off his clothes. Then he went to his suitcase and came back with a condom. Amy quickly took off her thong. She was in no mood to wait for Brian to undress her.

Brian got on the bed and started kissing up Amy's body starting with her feet. He spent extra time on her thighs near her center. He teased and taunted her with his tongue. Then he moved to her womanhood. He licked and sucked making her wriggle beneath him.

"Brian, that feels so good." Amy moaned as she started to orgasm. Wow, she never had a man please her that well with his mouth. She took a moment to calm down and breathe. "You really know how to use your mouth."

"Anything to please you baby." Brian smiled from between her legs.

"Roll over Bri. It's my turn to pleasure you."  Amy sat up, but Brian wouldn't budge.

"A, baby tonight is all about you. I get pleasure by pleasing you. Glenna never let me please in the way I just pleased you. Knowing that I made you moan my name makes me rock hard. They don't call me B'Rok for no nothing." He chuckled.

"You're such a dork, but I'll keep you. Now let's make each other feel good." She kissed him quickly. "Give me the condom."

He handed her the condom and she slowly put it on him as she teased his erection. Once it was on, he pushed her back down. He moved over top of her and plunged inside her.

Within minutes they were both reaching their high together.

"Damn, Amy. It gets better every time." Brian said as he rolled off her.

"Brian, it's never been like this for me.  Sure I've had orgasms, but nothing like what you make me feel." She played with his curls.

"We're a perfect fit. It's meant to be. Let me love you again."

Amy rolled on top of Brian this time. It was going to be a long night filled with desire.

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