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Brian was sitting on the bed when Amy walked in. He placed his phone on the nightstand and watched as she climbed on the bed.

"Is everything okay with Dottie?" He asked quietly. Brian wasn't sure what was up with Amy, but he was concerned.

"Not really. She had a nightmare. At least she has Nick to help her through it. He's good for her." She says wistfully. Amy willed herself not to shed any tears.

"And you have me for whatever is bothering you." He moves closer to her and lifts her chin so she's looking at him. "I want to be here for you."

"I know that deep in my heart I do." Her eyes fill with wetness. She hated that she was in tears almost all morning. Sure, she was sensitive, but this was ridiculous. It wasn't her.  Amy was strong, but today she was feeling weak.

"Then why are you shutting me out?" Brian sat back. He wasn't sure he liked this side of Amy. One of the things he loved about her was her strong sense of self. She knew who she was and had a confidence about her that was refreshing.

"I'm scared. This relationship is so new." She crawled into his Brian's lap. "I've never been so head over heels in love."

Brian drew her in so she was touching his chest. He could empathize with what she was feeling. After being in a loveless marriage; he had found everything he was looking for with Amy. They spent sixth months getting to know each other. Now they were taking it to the next level.

"You have nothing to be afraid of.  I'm not going to hurt you." He explained as he placed a kiss on her head.

"But what if I don't live up to your expectations? I'm nothing like Glenna. What if the only thing keeping us together is great sex?"

"A, baby, stop it. You are everything I want and more. Thank God, you are nothing like Glenna. She was a cold-hearted bitch. Making love to you is wonderful, but I fell in love with you before I ever had you in my bed."

Amy didn't know what to say. Brian's words gave her some reassurance, but she wanted to hear him say that she was the one. It seemed like he was afraid to say it. Instead of skirting around the issue, she was going to ask him.

"Brian do you see us being together for a long time?" She blurted out.

"Amy Walker, I plan on being with you forever. Someday when the time is right I'm going to make you Mrs. Littrell." He said seriously. Amy started to laugh. "What is so funny?"

"You are." She continued laughing. "The grim look of your face just makes me laugh."

"My face is not funny." He defended himself as his nostrils started to flair.

"I can't stay mad at your when you make your nostrils do that." She burst into a fit of giggles.

"Shut up about my nostrils" He purposely made them move in and out.

"You know I find that incredibly sexy. It's such a turn on." Amy told him in her sexiest voice.

 "You're going to be the death of me." He laughed and tickled her sides. "Can I ask you something without you getting mad at me?


"What's with the mood swings?" He rubbed her shoulders.

"Brian, I'm not really sure. I think I'm worried about my period coming and if it doesn't then I worry about being pregnant. I'm usually level-headed; these weepy moments are new to me. I think I'm so stressed my body is reacting and making me a basket case."

"Amy, I've always wanted to be a dad. If you are pregnant with our child, I will be the happiest man alive. I love you and I'm not going anywhere." Amy's mouth was on Brian's in a nanosecond. All of a sudden she had an urge to make love to him.

Brian moved Amy off his lap and she fell onto the bed. He quickly straddled her body. He placed soft kissed up her neck, stopping at her ear lobe. As she was sucking on her sensitive skin, her hand moved to his pants. She needed Brian now. Amy unzipped his pants and his hands moved under her shirt. Just as Brian and Amy were starting to undress, his cell phone rang. He groaned in frustration.

Slowly he picked it up. "Hello...okay Jenn. We'll be down in a few minutes."

"What's up?" Amy asked as she got off the bed.

"Jenn needs to talk to us. She says it's important." Brian zipped up his pants and put on his shoes. Amy straightened her clothes. She didn't want everyone one to know what her and Brian were up to.

Five minutes later, everyone was sitting in Jenn's room. Dottie was a nervous wreck. Nick was holding her against him and whispering in her ear. Jenn was looking through a stack of papers. AJ was fiddling with his phone and Howie nervously watched everyone.

"Since everyone is here, we can start. I figured it was easier to talk to you all at once since all of you are affected by this situation. The other day I was going through your annual business records. I noticed that some of your bank accounts and assets weren't adding up."

"What do you mean?" Howie inquired. "I thought everything was in the black when we talked the other day.

"You're still in the black. After taking a closer look I noticed that there's money missing. It's been taken out in small amounts, but it's a hefty chunk." Jenn pinched the bridge of her nose. She had a headache.

"Is it bad? Are we going to be broke?" AJ started pacing.

"No, but if it continues you'll be losing a large sum of your money."

Amy noticed that Dottie was shaking. This was too close for comfort for her. Every time things were getting better for D, something had to take her back to that place. It made Amy sick and she started feeling sick.

"How much have we lost?" Howie was curious. He was the business man of the group and understood figures better than the rest.

"From looking at the data, it looks like you've been taken for seventy five thousand in the past three months."

"How does this keep happening? Why didn't we notice that much money missing?" Howie was pissed.

None of the guys looked happy. Amy couldn't understand how someone was still stealing from them. Jake was in prison. None of this was making any sense.

"Howie, I'm not sure. It looks like it's been taken out in small amounts. I've asked Dottie to go over the numbers and check out the discrepancies. She understands figures better than the rest of us."Jenn explained.

"Thank you, Dottie. We trust you with this." AJ expressed his gratitude for the group.

"I...I..I just want to stop whoever is doing it." Nick grasped Dottie closer to his body. Clearly she was upset.

"Who the hell would do this to us? Jake's in jail." AJ stopped pacing and flopped on the couch. "I need a cigarette.

"Just wait a few minutes, J." Nick glared at him.

"From looking at the bank statements it's Glenna." Jenn looked at Brian. He was visibly upset. Brian's face was red and his nostrils were flaring.

"Why would she be stealing our money?" Howie questioned.

Amy could feel Brian tensing up. She placed her hand on his hoping he would calm down. He was furious. It worried her to see him like this.

"This is whack. She's a bitch. How would she get our account info?" AJ looked at Brian.

"Man, I don't think its Brian's fault." Nick defended his best friend.

"Whatever man. Something's not right here. Brian, how much of our personal information does your ex-wife know?" AJ snarled. He was pissed and always put the blame on someone.

Brain sat there with his hands in his face. Why was Glenna fucking up his life yet again? He couldn't even look at his best friends. Brian felt guilty even though he had no involvement. It was guilt by association.

Amy placed her arm around Brian to comfort him. With a quick movement he pushed her aside and she fell onto the floor. Everyone stared in shock. Brian didn't even notice that he knocked her over.

"Fuck this." Brian ran out slamming the door behind him. Amy was startled and didn't move.

AJ quietly walked over to Amy and helped her up. "Are you okay?"

She couldn't utter a word. Amy was in shock by Brian's behavior. She felt lost because she didn't know what do for Brian. She looked at Dottie who was engrossed in her own pain of the situation. The man she counted on had hurt her and left. Her nauseated stomach got the best of her. She jumped up and bolted toward the bathroom.

Dottie noticed her friend's escape, that pulled her out of the dreadful thoughts she was thinking. None of this was fair. It wasn't only affecting her, it was affecting the guys and her best friend. That made her angry. It was time to fight for justice. She couldn't let her family down.

"Nick, go find Brian. I'll deal with Amy." Dottie went to help her friend. Why couldn't things be easy? How much more could they take?


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