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"Amy, are you okay?" Brian ran to her as soon as he got to the room. "I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

"I'm fine Brian." Amy said quietly. She was still shaken and didn't feel like talking about it.

The guys watched the scene unfold before them. AJ was still pissed at Brian for letting Glenna into their lives. Howie wished that he was helping Jenna and Dottie. He hated sitting around doing nothing.

"It doesn't sound like it." Brian was feeling like a jackass. "Let's go somewhere private and talk."

"I really don't feel like talking." She turned her head away from him. Amy was upset by everything that was happening. Maybe she needed to cool things off with Brian until this whole mess was finished.

"I apologized for the way I reacted. I didn't mean to push you down. Having Glenna back is killing me. If you only knew what she's done to me then you would understand my attitude." Brian was annoyed with Amy. He was annoyed with everyone. It wasn't his fault that Glenna was stealing money.

"Maybe if you told me, I would understand." Amy hissed. Brian never wanted to talk about Glenna. Maybe she could deal with things better if she knew what Glenna put him through.

"Do you know how hard it is to talk about it? The guys don't even know everything." Brian's body was shaking. Talking about Glenna made him sick to his stomach. No one would understand the hell she put him through.

"Bri, you can't keep it bottled inside. You need to talk to someone. Please talk to me. I want to be the one to help you through this." Amy touched his face. She knew that he was hurting. All she wanted was to make things better.

"Can we go somewhere private?  I can't bear for everyone to know right now." Amy nodded her hand and followed Brian to their room.

They both sat on the floor leaning against the bed. For a few minutes the room was silent. Brian was composing his thoughts, while Amy waited patiently for him to spill his guts. She could see the anguish on his face.

"When I met Glenna it was love at first sight. It was intense; we became a couple instantly. I thought she was perfect. Boy was I wrong." He said bitterly.

"Brian, we all make mistakes." Amy scooted closer to him.

"Three months later, we were married. It was such a whirlwind. Kevin thought I was crazy for getting married. He didn't trust her. It pissed me off that he was against me being happy."  Brian stopped to gather his thoughts. Amy's heart was breaking, seeing that he was this upset. "We had so many plans. She told me she wanted kids and wanted to be a stay at home mother. During the tour all she did was shop and party. We'd go out every night to expensive restaurants and clubs. It wasn't me, but I would do anything to keep her happy."

"You were trying to be a good husband. She was the one who was being unfair." Amy was trying to show Brian that none of it was his fault.

"When I complained about going out, she would get mad at me and go out anyway. During the Never Gone tour I caught her cheating on me. She told me that I wasn't pleasing her sexually. I was floored because in the beginning all she wanted was to have sex. I asked her for a divorce then and she refused. Glenna said we were married for life and there would be no divorce. She continued to cheat on me." Brian was shaking as he talked.

"Oh, Bri. I'm sorry that she was a bitch. She had no reason to treat you that way." Amy wrapped her arms around him. "She was lying, you know."

"It gets worse. I can't believe I let her manipulate me. One of the guys she was dating on the side had some gambling issues, she convinced to pay off his debts or she was going to go to the press."

"For what?" Amy interrupted. She was pissed that someone could be so cold-hearted.

"She was going to say that I slept with an underage fan and got her pregnant." Tears started falling from both of their faces.

"I ended up paying over two hundred thousand of this guy's debt. A few years later, she asked me to help he sister get out of debt. I was stuck, and she knew I wouldn't say no. After Kevin left the group things got worse. For some odd reason she was afraid of Kevin."

Amy was at a loss for words. How could a person be so cruel? It made sense to her that Glenna would be the one to steal money from the group. She was manipulative and twisted.

"Then one day she asked me for a divorce, but she asked for a lot of money. If I didn't give it to her she was going to make up a story for the press to ruin the group and my name. I didn't care about myself, but I wasn't going to let her ruin my friends."

"Brian, how much did she take you for?" Amy knew it was a lot. She was ready to kill the bitch.

"Five million." He winced. The embarrassment of the situation was enough to realize that Amy might leave him over this. Who would want a man as weak as him?"

"What a fucking whore! Brian, none of this is your fault. It was nice of you to think of your friends. She was deceitful and took your money." Amy was seething. "If I ever meet her I'll kill her. No wonder you're a ball of nerves when her name is mentioned."

"The worst thing about the situation is the verbal and emotional abuse I took from her. She basically stomped on my masculinity and I let her. Then I let her take my money. I'm broke and Nick is the only one who knows. We weren't going to do a big tour this time, but Nick wanted to help me out financially."

"How much money did she take from you?"

"With the money she borrowed and the spending.  Glenna took me for over twenty million. She made some bad investments while we were married I have money in investments, but I can't touch it. After I gave her the five million she asked for alimony and the judge is making me pay her five thousand a month for the next five years."

"That is fucked up. What can I do to help?" Amy places a kiss on Brian's cheek. She wants to make things better for him.

"Amy, I just need to you to be here for me. I apologize for being an ass. I'm furious about this situation. I try to stay positive, but it's getting hard." He pulled her onto his lap.

"Thank you for telling me. I think you need to come clean with the guys. You can't keep this inside. It's going to eat you alive."

Amy and Brian held each other for a long time. Neither one needed to say anything. Brian knew things would be better because he had Amy in his life. Amy loved Brian more than anything. He was stronger than he gave himself credit. She couldn't help but love him more. She would stand by his side no matter what.

The buzzing of their cell phones pulled them out of their thoughts. "Dottie wants us to meet in her room."

Everyone is seated in Dottie's room when Amy and Brian enter. The room is filled with an eerie silence. All eyes were on Brian, which only cause him to get madder.

"Since, everyone is here I'm going to fill you in on what we found out. It's taken a lot of time, but we know a lot more." Jenn said as she grabbed a stack a papers off the bed.

"We've been in contact with the bank. The stolen money has been taken from the tour emergency account. Glenna apparently got Brian's information and asked for a new card." Dottie explained. "Brian your current card doesn't work because she deactivated it.

"What does that mean for us?" Howie asked calmly.

"We deactivated everyone's cards. The bank is going to close the account and reopen it as a new one tomorrow. From now on, I will be the only one allowed to replace the cards."

"How are we going to get our money back?" AJ asked as he nervously played with his shirt.

"I'm waiting for a phone call from your lawyers on how to proceed." Jenn explained. "We have bigger issues to worry about at the moment."

Amy noticed the Nick was by Dottie's side. She could see that something was up by the worried look on their faces. She prayed that Brian would catch a break with whatever the bigger issue was.

"I don't know how to tell you this." Jenn began. Dottie looked like she was going to be sick and Nick held her tightly against him.

"Just tell us. Things can't get much worse."

"We found out that Glenna was married before."

"What's the big deal about that?" AJ questioned. He could less how many times Glenna was married.

"Brian were you aware of this?"

"No, she told me had never been married." His face turned white. Amy grabbed his hand and squeezed it to show that she was there for him. He took a deep breath to calm down.

"It turns out that Glenna was married to Jake Johnson."

The room went silent from the shock of Jenn's statement. No one knew what to say or do. What was going on?




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