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Chapter 2

Amy was walking around the venue while the guys were doing sound check. She had a lot of pent-up nervous energy. She really wasn't sure why she was feeling this way, but mostly likely it had to do with Brian. She thought a walk would calm down her nerves, but for some reason it only intensified them.

Brian was everything she wanted in a man. He was charming, kind, funny, handsome, and genuine. She had met him through her best friend Dottie. It was an instant attraction, but she was careful to take her time getting to know him. She figured there was no purpose in rushing a relationship. In her heart, she believed the best lovers came out of friendship. Plus, when she met Brian, he was in the process of getting a divorce. There was no way he was ready for a relationship.

Amy made her way into catering. Maybe some caffeine would make her feel better. She spotted Dottie sitting at a table enjoying a snack. She grabbed a can of Pepsi and sat down with her friend.

"What have you been up to all day, D? I haven't seen you at all." She took a swig of her cold beverage.

"Just busy running the lives of the famous Backstreet Boys." They both giggled. "What about you?"

"Umm, I kind of spent the day by myself."

"Why is that, A?" Dottie was curious. Amy seemed a little off and that was unusual for her.

"I don't know. It's like I'm afraid to be near Brian all of a sudden." She was frustrated at her own behavior.

"Why is that?" Dottie gave her best friend a smile. She knew exactly how she was feeling.

"Because...I...I...think I'm in love with him." She gushed. Sure Amy dated a few guys, even some seriously, but Brian was the only one who made her feel this way. It made her feel like a giddy school girl.

"Amy, I'm so happy for you. Brian is such a nice guy. You both deserve to be happy." She stood up.

"Thanks. Where are you off to?"

"Sound check is almost over and Nick conned AJ into doing the tour. So we are going to go hang on the bus for a little bit before dinner."

"Make sure the bus isn't rockin' when the fans come by. You don't want to give them a show." She teased.

"Ha Ha Ha. You know I haven't slept with him yet." Dottie sighed.

"When the time is right it will happen. I know it's hard when you have such a hottie for a boyfriend, but it's going to happen." Amy knew her friend wanted to make love to her man, but timing was everything. Nick really loved Dottie and she knew he wanted everything to be perfect.

"It's like you waiting for Brian to ask you to be his girlfriend." Dottie teased. Amy stuck her tongue out at her best friend.

"Save it for Brian." She started walking away. "I must go meet my man."

Amy finished her drink and sat there daydreaming about Brian. She had nothing better to do until she met Brian for a quick dinner before the show.

She enjoyed being on the tour, even though she didn't get out often enough. She was still working so it was mainly weekends and a few days here and there that she could visit Brian. When she wasn't with him, they were on the phone daily. Plus he would text her all the time. Her favorite was during sound check. His funny comments would crack her up.

She felt a pair of lips on her cheek. That brought her out of her daydream. She looked over and saw Brian sitting next to her. "Hey A! I've missed you today. Where have you been hiding?"

"Oh...umm I did...umm some shopping this morning." Her tongue wouldn't let her get the words out.  "Then I spent the afternoon walking around here."

"Sounds like fun. It was lonely without you." His fingers moved up and down her arm. She got the chills from his touch and scooted her chair away from him. "What's got you so nervous?" He smiled at her. Brian loved how she reacted to his touch.

"You!" Amy giggled.

"Really now?" He smirked at her and pulled an envelope out of his pocket. "I was going to wait until later to show you this, but I can't wait."

He handed Amy the envelope. She took the letter out and read it. Slowly and carefully she read it over once and then a second and third time. Amy showed no emotion on her face as she placed the letter back in the envelope. Brian looked at her unsurely as she handed it back to him. Then without any notice she jumped on his lap, knocking them both onto the floor.

Their mouths met in a feverish kiss. His arms were wrapped around her waist, and Amy had hers around his neck. Neither was one letting go anytime soon. Within minutes their tongues were dancing a hot tango. Every nervous thought Amy had disappeared when she read the letter.

"B, I'm so happy for you."  Amy said as they broke apart from their kiss.

"You know what this means?" His eyes were a mixture of love and mischief. Amy shook her head, playing dumb. "I get to be with you unconditionally. I'm all yours, Honey."

"Dada, wookie!" James shouted and ran over to us.

Amy looked up at James; he smiled and jumped onto her back. He started giggling as Brian reached up and tickled him.

"Sorry guys, he was excited to see you." Howie apologized with a grin on his face. He enjoyed seeing his friends happy, even if they were making out on a dirty floor for the world to see.

James started bouncing on Amy's back and giggling. Howie picked him up. "No Dada, no, no, no." He shrieked.

We both got up. Amy grabbed James from Howie. He placed baby kisses all over her face. "James and I are going to play. I'll make sure he gets back to his momma before the show. See you later." With that Amy walked away from the men.

"What's got you both so happy?"

"My divorce is final. I'm a free man, D." Brian had the cheesiest grin on his face.

"That's great man. I'm happy for you. So are you going to take things to the next level with Amy?" Howie was curious.  He thought Amy was a great woman. He wanted his friends to be happy and in love. Nick was definitely at that point with Dottie. Brian was on the right track, especially after his wench of a wife left him.

"You'll just have to wait and see like everyone else, D."






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