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Chapter 26

Sitting in the waiting room is killing Amy. She has so many emotions going through her body. Her nerves are getting the best of her. One minute she is excited about the possibility of being pregnant. The next minute she's scared about it. This is all so new to her.

"Amy are you okay?" Dottie notices the sick look on her friend's face.

"I feel sick." She barely got out.

"The bathroom is through those doors." Amy bolts to the bathroom at Dottie's mention of the restroom.

Once inside she finds herself bent over the toilet ready to be sick. She tries to relax but nothing will stop the nauseous feeling from going away. Amy can't make herself throw up, so she stands up. She looks in the mirror and doesn't like what she sees. Quickly she dabs water on her face. "Get it together. You can do this. Everything will be okay." She gives herself a pep talk before going back into the waiting room.

"Amy, are you okay?" Dottie placed her hand on Amy's.

"No. I think it's just nerves. I wish this was over."

"It will be soon. I hope you get the answer you want." Dottie smiles. Amy looks at her friend and starts to laugh. "What is so funny?"

"I don't know. Everything. I'm a basket case."

"Amy, you crack me up. I love you dearly, but these mood swings are crazy. I kind of feel bad for Brian."  She teased her friend.

"I think he would like this better than all the crying I've been doing."

"Amy Walker." The nurse called out. It was time for her appointment.

"Do you want me to go in with you?" Dottie asked.

"I need to do this for myself, but thanks for offering." Amy was grateful for her best friend. She walked over to the nurse.

Once Amy got into the room, her nerves went overboard. She had never been so scared in her life and wished Brian was with her.

"Good morning Ms. Walker. I'm Dr. Sinclair." A woman in her mid-fifties smiled at Amy. "I see on your chart that this is an emergency visit and that you might be pregnant."

"Yes, that's correct." Amy felt a like school girl in the principal's office.

"Can you tell me about your current sexual history?"

"I'm in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. We just started having sex. The first time was unprotected, but every time after that we've used protection." Amy told the doctor.

"Are you on any type of birth control?" Dr. Sinclair asked as she was writing on her chart.

"No. That's one of the reason I made this appointment."

"Why do you think you're pregnant?"

Amy's mouth went dry. She hoped this would be the last time she would have to explain this in detail. "Well, I realized that after I had unprotected sex that my period was due in a few days. My periods and ovulation are irregular, so it just had me worried. Today I'm supposed to have my period, but it hasn't shown up."

"How many days has it been since you had unprotected sex?" Dr. Sinclair stood up and walked over to me.

"About four days."

"Well let's get the exam started. We'll take some blood and test it for pregnancy."

After Dr. Sinclair finished the exam, the nurse came in to take Amy's blood. Amy was still nervous. She just wanted to know the answer now. She hated waiting.

"Dr. Sinclair would like to see you in her office." The nurse escorted Amy to the office.

"Hello there, Amy. Have a seat."

Amy quickly took a seat. She was curious as to why the doctor wanted to see her. It left her nerves shot.

"I just wanted to talk to you about a few things. The blood test results will be ready in a few days. Don't be alarmed if they come out negative. Your body may not be producing enough HCG at this point. Since you have ovulation issues you may very well be pregnant if you were ovulating when you had unprotected sex."

"So what does this mean for me?" Amy asked.

"If it comes out negative I would suggest taking another pregnancy test in a few weeks. A lot of your symptoms are signs that you are pregnant, but they are signs of other things like stress."

"There is a lot of stress going on in my life. I'm traveling right now, is it possible that I could take a pregnancy test wherever I'm at?" Amy asked. The fact that she might have to go through this again was stressing her out.

"Yes, we can work it out for you to go to a hospital and they can send us the results. Please relax. I know that's hard, but the less stress the better it is for your body." Dr. Sinclair gave her a smile.

"Thank you Dr. Sinclair."

Amy made her way back to the waiting room. She could see Dottie reading a magazine. "Let's go."

"Amy what's wrong?" Dottie could see that Amy was upset.

"I can't talk about it right now." The two women walked out of the medical facility.

Dottie decided to give Amy some space. She would talk when she was ready.  Amy's reaction made her think that things didn't go well. This confirmed to her that Amy wanted to have a baby.

The ride to the airport was quiet. Amy was lost in her thoughts about the doctor appointment. Dottie wanted to help Amy, but knew that she wasn't ready to talk about what happened. The cab pulled up to the airport and the women got out.

"Dottie, I'm sorry for ignoring you. I just need time to collect my thoughts."  Amy apologized.

"A, don't worry about it. I understand. How did it go? I mean if you want to talk about it." Dottie and Amy found a seat. There was some time before Amy's flight.

"I might be pregnant, but the test results may be negative." Amy said as a woman with a baby walked past. Her eyes started to cloud up with tears.

"How can that be?" Dottie was puzzled by her friend's comment.

"Because my system is messed up, I could have been ovulating that day, but apparently it might not show up that I'm pregnant."

"Amy, I'm sorry." Dottie gave her friend a hug.

"Thanks, D. It means a lot to me. Dr. Sinclair says if the test is negative I will have to get another blood test. She said not enough time might have passed and the HCG levels might not be high enough." Amy explained.

"So there's still hope." Dottie smiled at her friend.

"Yes there is. I didn't realize how much I want to be pregnant until I heard that the test might be negative.  I just don't want to tell Brian. He has so much going on; I wanted to be able to cheer him up with good news."

"I think Brian will be okay with it. It's not a definite negative. You still have to wait for the results." The woman started walking toward Amy's gate. "On the plus side, I don't think Brian would mind helping make a baby."

Dottie got Amy to finally laugh. Once she started, Amy couldn't stop. Dottie always knew what to say at the right time.  "Are you saying my boyfriend is addicted to sex?"

"No, he's addicted to you."

"Just like Nick is addicted to you." Amy knew how much Nick loved Dottie.

"Damn he's going to be mad at me."

"D, you have to do what you have to do. Yes, he's going to be pissed, but I get why you're doing it. Nick will get it once you explain it to him. He loves you and worries about you."

"I know. Just tell him I love him." Dottie gave Amy a hug.

"I will do that. If you need me, call me. Be safe." Amy let go and went to get on the plane.

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