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Chapter 32

While everyone was busy doing their job, Amy was stuck trying to find something to do. She lets out a big yawn and decided to head to Brian's bus. She figured it would be an hour or so before Dottie was done meeting with Jenn.

Amy found her way to Brian's bed. She decided to get under the covers and take a short nap. She didn't realize how tired she really was. The stress of the past week had taken a toll on her body and emotional state.  Amy knew that things were going to settle down and she could spend time with Brian. She was ready for the break.

Amy snuggled deep into the covers. She was starting to doze off when her phone beeped. She picked it up and saw a text from Brian. Wish I could be with you right now. I luv you.

Amy started typing. We have all weekend. I luv you back. Amy set her phone down and closed her eyes. She would sleep thinking about Brian.  Her phone beeped again. She knew it was Brian. When you go shopping, you need to get pregnancy test. Just do it. Don't ask questions.

Amy read the message at least ten times before she fully comprehended what Brian had written. She didn't know if she was ready to be disappointed again. It would break her heart if she wasn't pregnant. She quickly sent Brian a message. I will & will trust you. Going to take a nap.


About an hour later, Amy woke up feeling nauseous. She bolted out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She made it just in time to spill her guts. Achiness filled her body cause her to stay sitting on the floor.  She had no gumption to move.

"Amy, yoo-hoo. Are you in here?" Dottie called out.

"In the bathroom." Amy quickly stood up and splashed some cold water on her face.

"Is everything okay?" Dottie walked into the small bathroom.

"Yeah, sure." Amy didn't want to say anything. She wasn't feeling as nauseous as before. It was a happy day for Dottie and she didn't want to ruin it with her personal issues. "Get everything done?"

"Yes, it feels good being back here working." Dottie said smiling.

"I bet it does. It's good seeing you so happy. You can't stop smiling." Amy was happy for her friend. Dottie deserved all the happiness in the world. It had been a long time coming.

"I know." She giggled. "I can't help it."

Amy hugged her friend. "Are you ready to go shopping?"

"Yes, but what should we shop for?" Dottie giggled.

"I think we should both get a new outfit for the show and maybe some lingerie for the weekend." Amy smiled, knowing the surprise Nick had in store for Dottie.

"Sounds good. Let's go." The girls headed to the car waiting to drive them to the nearest mall.

About ten minutes later the girls were looking for new outfits. Dottie was looking for a cute sundress, while Amy was looking at capris.

"Did you find anything D?" Amy walked over holding a couple pairs of capris.

"Yeah, I found a purple dress and a dark green one." She held them up.

Amy spotted a red dress. She handed it to Dottie. "You need to try that one."

Dottie took it and they headed to the dressing room. Each of them went into a separate room to try on their clothing.

"Damn it." Amy cursed.

"A, what's wrong?" Dottie asked while trying on the purple dress. It was pretty but showed way too much cleavage. Nick would like it, but she couldn't wear it to the concert.

"None of these stupid pants fit. I can't button them up." She sighed loudly.

"Are you sure you grabbed the right size?" Dottie tried on the next dress.

"Yes, I know what size I wear." She said sharply.

"A, come out here this instant." Dottie stepped out of her dressing room. She was not going to deal with her friend's attitude. She wasn't going to let Amy ruin her good mood.

Slowly Amy walked out to meet Dottie. She couldn't look at her best friend. "What?"

"What is with the mood swings? One minute you're cheerful. Then the next minute you are sad and weepy. Now you're acting bitchy. What is up?"

"D, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm frustrated. I've been in the same size pants since high school. Now I can't even get them buttoned up." She felt horrible for treating Dottie that way.  Today they were supposed to be celebrating, not arguing.

"Amy have you gained weight?" Dottie questioned. She had a feeling the Amy was pregnant.

"Not that I know of.  I have been eating a lot of dessert lately." She smiled thinking about cupcakes and cookies. Her sweet tooth had been in overdrive for the last week.

"Amy have you gotten your period yet?" Dottie questioned her friend.

"No." Amy looked at Dottie.

"A, I really think you might be pregnant." Dottie smiled at her.

"I'm not going to get my hopes up about it until I get a positive result." She didn't want to set herself up for disappointment again. "I need to stop at the drugstore before we head back. By the way, get the red dress. It looks beautiful on you. Nick will love it."

Dottie got the red dress. The girls made a quick stop at Victoria's Secret and bought something special to wear for their vacation. The girls discussed their plans for the weekend and how excited they were to be spending time all with their boyfriends.

"Hey girls. You went shopping without me." AJ pouted. "I'm hurt."

"Don't cry AJ. You had work to do." Dottie teased him.

"You're a meanie." He stuck his tongue out. "Ooh Victoria's Secret. Can I see?

"No!!!" Both women shouted.

"Damn Nick and Brian are lucky." AJ shook his head as he strolled away. The women giggle at him.

"It was fun today. I'm going to go find Nick. Let me know the results." Dottie gave Amy a hug and walked towards the venue.

Amy made her way towards Brian's bus. When she stepped on Brian was on the phone. He waved to her and continued talking.

"Okay, mom. I promise after the tour I'll bring Amy to meet you. Okay. I love you, too." He ended the call. "Hey A. How was your shopping trip?"

Amy sat down beside him. She was exhausted from the shopping trip. All she wanted to do was go to Brian's house and crash. "It was okay." She leaned on Brian.

"Just okay?" He kissed her hair.

"It was frustrating, but I don't want to talk about it." Amy yawned.

"Did you get a test?" Brian asked excitedly.

"Yes and Dottie seems to think I'm pregnant because the capris I tried on didn't fit. Plus, she says I'm having mood swings."

"Jenn says you're pregnant and she knows nothing about what is going on."

"Is it that obvious?" Amy cuddled close to Brian. She closed her eyes as her rubbed her back.

"Apparently puking is an indication of being pregnant." He laughed. Brian hoped that the pregnancy test would show the result he wanted. For the last few years all he thought about was becoming a dad. He didn't even tell Nick his desire to be a father. Now that he found the woman of his dreams, a baby made from their love would make him the happiest man in the world.

"And mood swings and weight gain." Amy joked.

"I wish there was time for you to take it now."

"I know, but you have a show to get ready for." Amy looked at her watch. "You better get your cute ass in the venue or your fans will be upset that one fourth of the Backstreet Boys is missing."

"Fine. I'll have four days to be with you. Four days to make love to you.  If you're not pregnant now, I might make it happen by the end of our vacation." Brian pulled Amy's face to his and gave her a smoldering kiss. "That's just a preview of how I'm going to love you the next few days.

"I can't wait." Amy smiled. "Now go, you're late."


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