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Author's Chapter Notes:

Nick's surprise......enjoy!


Chapter 33

            Dottie skips to Nick's bus to find he's already gone inside the arena. He left her a note that says, "I love you D. Tonight is all about you. Can't wait to see you Baby. Can't wait to hold you. Nick."

            She smiles and goes back into the bedroom. She strips and dons the red sundress Amy talked her into, smiling at her reflection in the mirror. Nick will like it. She reaches in the Victoria's Secret bag and pulls out the slinky black thong she bought and slips it on. She rummages through her bag and pulls out the heels she bought to go with the dress.  Sexy little black pumps that make her legs look longer and boosts her confidence. Nick says tonight's all about her, but he's wrong. Tonight's all about HIM in Dottie's eyes. Tonight she fully intends to let Nick know that she's his forever.

            Amy drops by Nick's bus once she's ready for the show to find Dottie finishing her hair. When Dottie turns to face Amy, she's surprised to find her friend crying. She pushes Amy down and sits beside her and says, "What's wrong A?"

            Amy sniffs and says, "Nothing's wrong. It's just...D you're back. The real you. I had given up on seeing you like this again."

            Dottie hugs her and says, "Stop it, A. Don't make me cry."

            Amy says, "Blame it on hormones. I can't help it, D. You look amazing! You're gonna knock Nick's socks off, and not just because of the dress. You're the woman he fell in love with. He's going to be thrilled."

            Dottie smiles at her and says, "I know A. It feels so good to be me again. The demons are gone, Jake is gone, Glenna's gone. We can all be happy." When Amy doesn't say anything, Dottie says, "Did you take the test?"

            She shakes her head no and says, "Later. I want Brian to be there. D, he wants a baby so badly and now so do I. What if I'm not?"

            Dottie smiles gently and says, "Then you spend the whole weekend trying. But I think you are."  When Amy doesn't say anything, Dottie says, "Want to make it a really fun weekend?"

            Amy catches the hint of mischief in her voice and says, "What do you mean, D?"

            Dottie says, "We're off for 4 days. Spend the first three fucking Brian every possible way you can and THEN take the test."

            Her silliness knows no bounds and Amy can't help but laugh. She says, "God, you're so stupid! But thanks. I needed to laugh."

            Dottie says, "You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Keep that man in bed, A. You both want it so go for it."

            Amy hugs her friend and says, "Thanks. Ready for this?"

            Dottie sighs and says, "I wish someone would give me a hint."

            Amy says, "Nuh huh, no can do. All I will say is you will love it. Now, let's go!"


            Once in their seats, Amy says, "Look around you, D. Can you feel how awesome this is? No wonder the guys get a high from performing. This is incredible."

            Dottie says, "I know. The energy the fans give the guys is unreal. That's what makes the shows so good. They want the fans to get every bit of excitement they can possibly handle."

            When the curtain goes down, everyone jumps up screaming. Dottie and Amy are screaming the loudest. When the curtain falls, Dottie's eyes fixate on Nick. In her opinion, fuckable doesn't even come CLOSE to describing how delicious he looks. Skin tight jeans with a white wife beater peeking out from under a half un-buttoned blue checked shirt.

Nick catches her eye and winks as he throws himself into the performance. Completely forgetting the world around her, Dottie focuses on how he moves. She watches his lips and her heart races. When he starts thrusting those hips, she can't help but imagine him thrusting into her and her body quivers.

During the first wardrobe change, Amy leans over and yells, "You must be having fun."

Dottie laughs and yells back, "When I get that man alone..."

Amy just laughs. But she knows how Dottie feels. Brian had done the same thing to her tonight.

When the guys come back out dressed all in white, Dottie takes a deep breath. She knows this part of the show well. Even though Nick doesn't sing a solo part on I'll Never Break Your Heart his voice always reaches out and touches her through the harmony. After singing that song, plus a couple of other ballads, Nick steps forward and takes center stage.

Dottie knows something is about to happen. She knows this show like the back of her hand and this isn't part of it. Nick holds up his hand, trying to silence the massive screams. Finally, he gives up and starts talking. It's like someone pushes a button. The screams die down because everyone wants to know what he's got to say.

Smiling, he turns toward Dottie and says, "Most of you know last year we had some problems within our management team. Most specifically, we were being robbed." After a chorus of boos, he continues by saying, "What most of you don't know is someone very special and very important to our group was accused and she didn't do it. The guilty person is now serving time for not only theft, but for setting up an innocent person."

Dottie feels like she's going to cry, but she holds it in. The last thing she wants Nick to do is think he's making her feel bad. On the contrary, his words make her heart soar with love.

Nick goes on by saying, "For a long time, none of us thought she'd ever forgive us for our part in her being sent to prison." The other guys walk out to stand by Nick as he continues speaking. "Even before all this happened, long before she went to prison, I had fallen in love with her. She was my best friend. The person I could turn to even on my darkest days and she'd stand by me. After she let us back into her life, my feelings for her only grew stronger. Today, I'm proud to say she's not only my best friend, she's the love of my life."

A massive wave of screams rise up from the crowd as they cheer Nick on in his very first public proclamation of love for Dottie. When the noise level dissipates once again, he says, "Even though none of you know it, today we finally closed the chapter for good on the past. Our lives are finally back on track and it's all thanks to one special person. A person who was willing to face the thing that feared her most in order to set right all the ways we, as a group, were wronged. We wanted to find a way to let her know we are always behind her, we are always going to believe in her and, for me personally, I want her to know that I am always going to love her just as much, if not more, than I do at this moment."  Locking his gaze onto Dottie's, he says, "This song is for you, D."

            Tears flood her eyes as the music starts. They hadn't sung this song live in years, but tonight, for her, they brought it back. You Can Let Go.

            As they sing, all the guys make a point of singing TO Dottie specifically. When Nick steps forward and sings his line, Dottie feels it to her very core.

You been holding on so long
Tryin' to make believe that nothing's wrong
Not letting it show
There ain't nothin' you can do
To make me turn away from you
I need you to know

            He reaches down for her and she reaches up, placing her hand in his. The crowd goes nuts when he jumps off the stage and envelopes her in his arms while the other guys just keep singing. He pulls back enough to gently kiss her lips then he jumps back up on the stage to finish the song.

            When the lights go out after the song is over, Dottie collapses against Amy. Amy screams in her ear, "You deserve that D. We all love you and we'll all be here for you. They wanted to show you how much you mean to them. Especially Nick."

            Dottie stands up and looks at Amy and says, "If I ever had doubts, I don't anymore. A, that was..."

            Before she could finish, all the fans around them start pushing forward. The security guards quickly hold them back, but they are yelling their support for Nick and Dottie and it makes Dottie feel good to know the fans are ok with it.

            After the show, Amy and Dottie make their way out to the dressing room to wait. The rest of the show was amazing and Dottie and savored every moment of it. Once she and Amy were alone in the dressing room, Dottie hugs Amy tightly and says, "Thank you for always being here for me."

            Amy says, "No more tears D. Tonight you have to be happy. This is the first night of the rest of your life.  The life you're going to have with Nick. Enjoy it."

            Smiling at her best friend she says, "I plan on it A. As long as you do the same with Brian. The demons are gone now. It's time we both move on with our lives." When Amy doesn't say anything, Dottie says, "A, let me know what the test says, OK? Call me, text me, anything, just let me know, ok?"

            Amy smiles and says, "You'll be the first to know."

            The guys come strolling in one by one. Howie first. Dottie runs up to him and hugs him tightly and says, "Thank you Howie."

            He says, "You got it all wrong, Dottie. We have to thank you for everything you did. You're amazing."

            Brian comes in behind Howie and hugs Dottie tightly. He says, "You're more than amazing, D. You saved me from the worst mistake I ever made. And you brought me Amy. I'll never be able to repay you for that."

            She cries and says, "Just make her happy Brian. That's all I ask."

            He kisses her cheek and says, "I promise."

            AJ comes in next and sweeps her up into a huge bear hug, swinging her around in circles. When he puts her down, he says, "You look sexy as hell."

            She laughs and kisses his cheek and says, "Thank you AJ. For everything."

            He tweaks her nose and says, "No, thank YOU."

            When Nick comes in his eyes lock with Dottie's. She walks up to him and slides her arms around his waist. He smiles down at her and says, "Love you D."

            She lays her head on his chest and squeezes him tightly before saying, "Love you too, Nicky."

            The rest of them are watching with smiles on their faces. Brian has his arm around Amy and he looks to her and says, "They will be ok, Baby."

            Amy smiles at him and says, "I know. So will we."


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