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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry, with 3 stories going, I'm trying to be good about my updates. If I screw up and do too many, I apologize in advance. I'm trying to keep track!  Please enjoy!


Chapter 36

Brian and Amy decided to spend the day walking around on Rodeo Drive. They were enjoying each other's company walking in the sunshine and window shopping. Amy was shocked at the cost of things. Rodeo Drive was not her style, but then neither was Walmart. Materials things were not important. The whole debacle with Glenna proved that. Amy loved Brian for the man that he was, not his money.

"Amy, what are you thinking?" Brian asked with a smile.

"I was thinking about how wonderful you are." Amy reached up and gave him a quick kiss.

Brian stopped in the middle of the street. He pulled Amy close and their mouths met. It was a sultry kiss that left both of them on fire. She could feel Brian's desire near her womanhood. Amy wanted him now, but she knew she had to wait.

"I love you Amy Walker." They continued walked down the street hand in hand.

Finally they reached the destination of Brian's choice. Amy looked up and saw Tiffany's. Her eyes were wide and her heart was pounding. Next to her, Brian had the biggest grin on his face. "What are we doing here?" Amy asked unsurely.

"There's something I need to get you." Brian started to pull her towards the door, but Amy refused to move.

Amy knew what Brian was planning on purchasing. As much as she wanted it, the timing was all wrong. She thought quickly about how she was going to tell him no.

"A, baby let's go inside." He started making his way to the door.

"Brian, I can't." She barely whispered.

"Amy, what's wrong?" Brian looked panicked. He didn't get Amy's objection to going into Tiffany's. Most girls would run into that store.

"Bri baby, I know what you want to get in there, but no, you can't. I'm not going to let you." Amy managed to get out. She knew she was going to hurt his feelings.

"Excuse me?" He was confused to say the least.

Amy walked over to a bench and sat down. Brian followed her. "I know you want to get me an engagement ring, but...."

"But what? I love you Amy. I see my life with only you in it. I want you to be my wife." The sadness on his face made Amy want to cry.

She remained strong so she could explain. "I plan on becoming your wife. Please don't ever doubt it. Right now is not the time for that to happen. A year or two from now I can see us having the wedding of our dreams."

"A, why not now?" He questioned with slight aggravation.

Amy took Brian's hand and rubbed in gently. "You just went through hell because of Glenna. That was stressful. We're going to be having a baby. That's another added stress on our relationship. It's good stress, but stress nonetheless. Adding a wedding on top of that is just too much for me." She placed a kiss on his hand. "I want to take time to just enjoy being with you."

"Amy, I always thought you were the traditional one. You know everything happens in a specific order. The wedding first, then lots of babies, etc."

"Brian, I'm all about tradition. Maybe not so much in the sense that I have to follow the rules, as you can see, I'm having the baby before the marriage." Amy laughed at her comment. Brian relaxed a bit and chuckled. "I don't care about fancy weddings or do what everyone thinks is the right order to do them. I do care about what marriage vows stand for. I care about how a husband and wife treat each other. That's my traditional ways."

"I love you. From now until forever I plan to love, honor, and cherish you."  He wrapped his arms around Amy.

"I plan to do the same with you."

They sat on the bench enjoying the closeness. Brian decided that he would go to Tiffany's another day when Amy wasn't around. He wanted his ring on her finger. Brian wanted Amy to be his in every sense of the way.

"Well since you won't let me buy you a ring, why don't we head over to La Perla and buy you a beautiful piece of lingerie." Brian suggested with a waggle of his eyes.

Amy stood up and grabbed Brian's hand causing him to jolt up. "Oh, Bri. I think that sounds like a perfect idea. Then we can go to the hotel and I'll model it for you."

"That sounds perfect." They headed to the lingerie store.


A couple hours later Brian and Amy were relaxing in their hotel room waiting for room service to arrive. Amy looked stunning sitting on the bed in her short black silk slip with Florentine lace. It had a sexy slit and thin straps that keep sliding off her shoulders.

Brian walked over to the bed with the food cart. "Are you ready to eat?" He smiled knowing she was starving.

"Yes, but I'm hungrier for you." She said seductively. All she wanted was for Brian to take off what little clothing she had on.

Both of them sat quietly eating the fancy mac-n-cheese. After a few bites of the delicious cheesy delight, Amy placed her fork on her plate. She couldn't stop looking at Brian. He was looking sexy in his baby blue polo shirt and khaki shorts.

"What's wrong baby?" Brian asked not sure what was wrong.

"All I wanna do is make love to you. I'm hungry for you, not this food." She placed her plate on the nightstand at the same time Brian did.

They met in the middle of the bed. Brian slowly moved one of the thin straps off her shoulder. He placed tiny kisses on her collar bone. Amy shivered in delight. She could never get enough of Brian's mouth on her body. He removed the other strap and let the slip fall from her upper body.

Brian got excited every time he saw her breasts. Amy was a beautiful woman. His hands moved to her breasts. His thumbs playing with her nipples; instantly they harden. Oh, how that turned him on.

"Brian, I need you. I need you in me." Amy cried out.

Brian stripped his clothes and Amy's off. He couldn't stop looking Amy. His mouth moved to her stomach. It was still flat, but in a few months it would be holding his baby. Brian placed light kisses all over her stomach. Then he kissed back up to Amy's mouth, taking time to enjoy her breasts again.

"Amy you're so beautiful. I planning on loving you like this my whole life."

Amy's cell phone started to ring. She was never more annoyed with her phone until now. Didn't the caller know she was in the middle of making love? "Ignore it baby. They'll leave a message." Brian sucked on her neck.

"It could be important. Let me take it and then I'll turn it off for the rest of the night." Amy grabbed her phone while Brian lay on top of her. He continued to suck and lick on her neck.

"Hello! Amy speaking. This better be fucking important." Amy rattled into the phone. She could hardly pay attention. "Ummm....hey...yeah....Dottie."

Amy pushed Brian off of her as she sat up. She was curious as to why her best friend was calling. She thought she would be too busy in bed to be checking in. Dottie must have had something to share.  All Brian knew is that Dottie had better make this phone call quick. He wanted Amy so bad he could taste it.

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