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Chapter 37

            After hanging up with Amy, Dottie just starts giggling. Nick smiles at her silliness and says, "What's so funny?"

            Even though they are still lying on the living room floor,  Dottie is content to lay down and cuddle with Nick. She says, "I think I might have interrupted them in the middle of something."

            He laughs loudly and says "Maybe I should call Brian and tell him we're engaged. He is my best friend and all."

            She playfully slaps his chest and says, "You're such a bad boy Nick."

            He squeezes her tightly and says, "And yet you said you'd marry me anyway. That must me you love me, huh?"

            She props herself up on her elbow and looks down at him. She says, "I love you more than anything in this world Nick."

            He reaches up and slides his hand through her hair and brings her face to his for an explosive kiss. She crawls up over him and straddles his body, pressing her knees into his sides. He groans against her lips before moving his mouth to her neck. As he sucks on the sensitive skin below her ear, he whispers, "Baby I need you."

            She nuzzles his neck and says, "Take me, Nick. I'm yours."

            He sits up; wrapping his arms around her and says, "Baby, we're in the middle of the floor. This is not how I planned to do this."

            She tickles the hair on the nape of his neck and nibbles on his jaw line. She says, "I don't care Nick where we are Nick. When I'm with you, everything is perfect."

            His chuckle turns into a moan as her fingers start unbuttoning his shirt and sliding inside. He says, "I'm going to remember that when you get me all worked up backstage, D. I might just find a nice private hiding place and fuck you."

            She leans back and strips off her shirt and tosses it aside. As he feasts his eyes on her lace covered nipples, she says, "Do you think I'd tell you no?"

            Releasing the clasp between her breasts, he smiles a wicked smile. As she tosses aside her bra, he says, "Baby, you never should have told me that. Now we'll have to do it." He strips off his shirt and throws it as she slides her hands over his chest and pushes him onto his back. She hovers over him and her eyes lock with his and he whispers, "I love you, D."

            That simple statement touches her more deeply than anything ever has before. He sees the change in her face. The look of love that radiates from her eyes, the tears that pool and spill over the edge, dripping onto his chest. He pulls her closer, fusing their lips together.

            Their movements are relaxed and unhurried. They explore each other's body with hands and mouths, as if it's the very first time they are making love. Nick revels in the feel of her body against his as she basks in the glow of his love. When she opens her legs to him, he groans and slips in slow and deep. Wrapping her legs around him, she manages to whisper, "God you feel so good."

            He groans and moves faster as she gently sucks and bites on his neck. He slides his hands up under her back and cups her ass as he pushes deeper and deeper into her.

            When he hears her whimper, he starts to slow down but she says, "No, Nick, don't stop. Faster."

            Watching her face, he knows her climax is approaching. He feels her nails digging into his hips, spurring him on. He moves harder and faster, pushing her over the edge before spilling his seed inside her. He keeps moving, rocking her through the waves of pleasure until they are both spent.

            He collapses on her and she holds him close, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he buries his face in her neck. He whispers, "D, that was...I didn't think it could get better between us."

            She sighs and holds him tightly, loving the feel of his weight pressing down on her. When he tries to move, she whispers, "No, Nick, don't. Just stay with me a minute. Please."

            He licks the sweat from her neck and whispers, "I'm too heavy for you Baby."

            She shakes her head and says, "No, Baby, please...just let me hold you."

            For several minutes, she keeps him wrapped in her arms. He tries to keep his weight off of her as long as he can. Finally, when he feels the fatigue creep into his arms, he whispers, "My turn." He rolls over, taking her with him. Once she's resting on top of him, her head on his shoulder, he says, "There, perfect."

            She giggles and says, "It was perfect before Nick. I loved feeling you on me."

            Sighing he rubs her back and says, "You're incredible. In case you missed it, I'm more than happy you said yes to my proposal."

            She giggles and says, "In case you missed it, I'm more than happy you asked."

            Nick holds her quietly for a few minutes before saying, "Come on, D. Let's go to bed."

            She sits up and his eyes drink in the sight of her body.  Sweat from their lovemaking glistening on her skin ignites a spark in Nick. He growls, "Fuck you're so beautiful D. I want you again. I need you."

            She smiles seductively at him, causing his stomach to clench and his body hardens. She says, "What's stopping you?"

            He rolls his eyes and says, "Woman, I'm trying to make this romantic for you."

            She giggles and says, "Who says it's not? Nick I love this. I can finally be myself again and I can be with you. We can make love in every room of this house if we want to, and Baby, I want to."

            Tears fill his eyes and he whispers, "D, I'm so glad you're back. I'm thrilled you love me, and I'm ecstatic you are going to marry me."

            She stands up and says, "Why don't you show me the rest of the house."

            Seeing the wicked gleam in her eye, he says, "Where would you like to start?"

            Stepping closer, she slides her hand down his body and strokes him lightly, saying, "Kitchen. I'm getting hungry."

            Pulling her into a rough embrace, he covers her lips with his briefly before saying, "Sounds good. I could use a snack myself." When his hand slides between her legs, she shivers and then sighs. This is where she's supposed to be. Nick is hers. Nothing can stop them now.



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