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Chapter 42

"So have you and Nick set a date yet?" Amy asked. She had a feeling they weren't going to wait long to get married.

"Yes we did." Dottie smiles and starts to giggle.

"When?" Amy and Dottie walk into the kitchen.

"In two weeks in Vegas!" She squealed with excitement as she sits down at the island.

"Holy shit, we have lots do! I'm here to help you with everything. I'm so excited." Amy was excited for her best friend. Everything was falling into place for the two of them.

"Thanks. I don't think I could wait a year to marry him. I can't wait to become his wife." She sighed dreamily.

"Dottie all your dreams are coming true. First comes love, second comes marriage, then I hope to see some babies in your carriage." Amy teased. "Baby Littrell needs a playmate."

"Someday." Dottie smiles at her friend. She knows that someday her and Nick will have children, but she's not going to push the issue until she knows he is ready to be a dad. "Amy will be my maid of honor?"

"Of course I will. You're my best friend and partner in crime. So have the two of you made any plans for the wedding yet?" Amy poured some iced tea for her and Dottie.

"Nothing except deciding on Vegas."

"This will be so much fun." The girls started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Nick asked as the guys sauntered in.

"Just being giddy girls about the wedding." D said as Nick wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on her head.

We heard a commotion coming from the living room. A few minutes later Howie, Leigh, and Rochelle entered the kitchen.

"Hello everyone. What brings you here?" Amy asked with a smile.

"We were in the neighborhood so we thought we'd stop in." Rochelle found a seat at the island.

"Is everyone enjoying their break?" Dottie asked. She hoped everyone was having as good a time as her and Nick.

"Yes, it's been wonderful."

"It's gone so fast." Leigh sighed.

Brian walked in carrying two bags of food, followed by AJ who was carrying another bag. They set the food down.

"Someone must be hungry. That's enough food for ten people." AJ laughed.

"Did you know we were coming?" Nick joined in on the teasing.

"No, we were just getting ready to eat dinner and watch a movie before all you smart asses got here." Brian shoved both of his friends.

"But that's a lot of food for two people." AJ continued. "You have to be having a lot of sex to eat that much Chinese."

"Shut up J. Amy was craving everything on the menu. She's eating for two, so she's hungry." Brian said loudly. Everyone stopped talking a looked at him; then at Amy. Brian's eyes grew big from spilling the beans. He didn't mean to blurt it out.

"You're pregnant, Amy. That is awesome. I wondered if you were. You're glowing." Leigh ran over and gave Amy a hug.

"Thanks." She blushed.

"Another Littrell running around. What are we going to do?" AJ joked. He pulled Brian in for a hug. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks man."

"The Backstreet family is growing. Congrats to both of you." Howie winked.

"There's enough food for everyone. Let's dig in, I'm starving."  Amy started taking the food out of the bags.

They all got some food and made their way into the living room. It was nice relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Nick and Dottie were all cuddled up on the couch in their own little world.

"So where's James tonight?" Amy asked in between bites.

"He's at home with grandma." Leigh set her plate down. "I'm so happy that James is going to have a playmate."

"Dottie is that what I think it is?" Rochelle asked, noticing something glimmering from her left hand.

"What are you talking about Ro?" Dottie played dumb as she hid her hand behind Nick's back.

"You know what I'm talking about." Rochelle jumped up and grabbed Dottie's hand. "Yes, I was right. Congrats. The ring is beautiful!"

"Wow! Congrats. Nicky's finally off the market." AJ teased. "Man, I'm so happy for you. You got a great woman."

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world." Nick smiled. He couldn't stop smiling. Dottie was his life now and forever. She made his life complete in every way.

Dottie gave Nick a long steamy kiss. Each of the other guys pulled their women near. All were thankful for having them in their life. It was hard to find a woman that could deal with their career. Each one of them was blessed.

"Okay, Nick stop showing off." Howie threw a pillow at him. Nick and Dottie broke apart with a smile on their faces.

The girls rushed over to ooh and awe over her ring. The guys took their cue and went outside for some male bonding.

"So have you set a date?" Leigh asked.

"The wedding is going to be in two weeks." Dottie gushed. She wanted to be Nick's wife now, but she could wait two weeks.

"A Vegas wedding.  It's going to be so fun." Rochelle giggled.

"I know I can't wait for the honeymoon." Dottie giggled.

"Didn't you practice on the way here?" Amy teased her best friend. Dottie blushed at the comment. "See you don't even need to talk to answer the question."

"I can't help it. Every time I'm near him I want to jump him."

"We don't blame you. I feel the same way about Howie." Leigh sat back and sighed.

"It's all I think about with AJ."  Rochelle stretched out on the couch.

"Well, you all know Brian and I have a healthy love for each other." Amy grinned as she rubbed her stomach.

"I think it's time AJ and I head home." Rochelle stood up and made her way to the backyard. Everyone knew why she wanted to go home.

"Yeah, it's getting late. We better get home to James."  Leigh gave Dottie and Amy hugs. ‘It's been fun. Good night."

"Well I guess it's just us now. Everyone else is going home and getting lucky." Amy sighed with frustration.

"What's wrong, A?"

"This house creeps me out. This is only the second time I've been here. Brian and I stayed at a hotel because of the reminders of Glenna. I don't feel comfortable here." Amy admitted.

"Oh, Amy." Dottie moved over to her friend. "I understand, but you won't ever be in this house again, and Glenna is out of the picture. Brian's moved on with you. You have your whole live to be together. I've never seen Brian like this. He loves you unconditionally."

"Yes, I love you more than anyone. We have a lifetime to love one another." Brian pulled Amy off the couch. "Please don't doubt my love for you ever. Glenna is the past. You are my present and future."

Brian's mouth was on Amy's in an instant. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't realize Dottie and Nick left.  "Let me show you how much I love you."

"Bri, I know how much you love me. You show me every day in so many ways. I apologize for being insecure about everything. It's not that I doubt you because I know you love me." Amy stopped. She didn't know how to explain how she was feeling.  Amy wasn't sure she understood herself.

"Amy, when the time is right I'm going to make you my wife. I have the ring and everything. I know you love me and that you aren't ready for marriage yet. I don't care about doing things the traditional way." He placed a kiss on her shoulder. "As long as we have each other I don't care about rings and whatever. We are going to have a wonderful life together. A ring doesn't make a relationship or life. All we need is each other."

"Damn it, Brian. Do you have to make me cry?" Amy wiped the tears from her eyes. "You know these pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me."

"And I'll be here for every mood swing you have. Let's go cuddle in bed." Brian took Amy's hand and they walked to the bedroom.


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