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Chapter 47              

            Dottie lets herself into her and Nick's room. She goes over to the window to look out at the city's lights twinkling and for some reason, she gets melancholy. She looks at her ring and a smile lights up her face.  She's beyond thrilled at Nick's proposal, so why is she so moody? PMS maybe?

            Before she can get her jumbled thoughts in order, she hears the door to their room open. She turns to see Nick come in looking flustered. She says, "What's wrong Nick?"

            He says, "Nothing D, they just mixed up mine and Brian's keys.  I sort of walked in when Amy was...planning to seduce Brian."

            Dottie starts giggling. When his blush deepens, she says, "How much did you see?"

            Rolling his eyes, he says, "Everything was covered. Barely." When her giggles turn to full blown laughter, he says, "Is it really that funny?"

            She says, "The look on your face is. The fact that it was my best friend makes it priceless. I can't wait to tease her."

            In two strides he's in front of her and hauls her body up against his. Smiling down at her, he says, "Do you know how good it is to see you laugh like this? And be happy?"

            She sighs and lays her head on his shoulder and says, "It's kind of nice to be happy Nick."

            Sensing something's not right, he says, "What's wrong, D?"

            She says, "Nothing. I think.  I just...I was feeling sort of down when I came in here and I don't know why. I'm perfectly happy with you. I'm over-the-moon happy. I just felt...I don't know.  Moody."

            Rubbing her back he says, "Maybe I should forget seducing you and let you sleep.  It was an amazing flight after all."

            She giggles and says, "I don't wanna sleep. I wanna crawl all over you in bed and feel you do all those amazing things you do to my body."

            She feels his body react to her words and she snuggles closer to him. He says, "You sure don't play fair, do you? I'm trying to be a loving and caring fiancé."

            Looking up into his eyes, she says, "You are. Especially when you rip off my clothes. Then you're REALLY a loving and caring fiancé."

            He laughs and says, "Hey, it's not my fault it ripped. You're the one who said, ‘Come and get it', remember?"

            They laugh together before Nick's mouth swoops down and covers hers. She leans into him, letting her tongue explore his as his hands work their way down over her butt to grind them closer together.

            When their lips part, he says, "Tell me what's got you moody. What's on your mind?"

            He takes her to the bed and they stretch out together. Even though they both want to make love, Dottie knows he's worried and she says, "It's stupid, Nick."

            He says, "Come on, tell me."

            They lay face to face, their knees touching and Nick's hand on her hip. Putting her hand up on his chest she says, "Promise you won't laugh?"  When he nods, she says, "I'm jealous."

            He says, "Jealous? About what?"

            She looks down at his adam's apple and says, "Amy's pregnant, probably with twins, and I'm not. I'm...jealous."

            He slides his hand up to her neck and uses his thumb to force her eyes to his. He smiles and says, "You really want a baby, don't you?"

            She says, "No, Nick, I really, really want YOUR baby. Our Baby."

            He leans closer to her and kisses her gently before saying, "Then I guess we better work on that."


            Around 12:30 that night, Nick is spooning Dottie, both of them sleeping soundly. Suddenly, she jerks away from him and sits up, breathing hard and almost crying.  He sits up fast and says, "Sweetheart...Baby, what's wrong?"

            Realizing she's awake, she sobs and says, "It was a dream. Oh thank God it was just a dream!"

            He pulls her against his body and holds her tightly. He says, "D, calm down. Baby, you gotta stop crying, you're going to be sick." When her sobbing subsides, he says, "What was it D? What did you dream?"

            She says, "I dreamed we had a baby and they took it away. They said I couldn't have a baby because of my past...because of being in prison."

            Holding her tightly, he says, "Baby, I'd never let anyone take our baby from you. You know that."

            Sniffling, she says, "I know. Maybe...Nick, I'm so scared. Why does this happen to me?"

            He pulls her down until they are lying tangled together and he says, "Sweetheart, it's a dream. That's all. You've been through so much."

            She says, "I'm sorry I woke you."

            He says, "Stop it. I love you D. I don't want you to be afraid. We're going to get married and have lots and lots of babies and you're going to be an amazing Mommy and as the Daddy it will be my job to take care of you and my children."

            She sighs and feels her eyes drooping. She says, "I love you too Nick."

            Long after she falls asleep, Nick lays awake and holds her tightly. Tears slide from his eyes as he thinks about how fragile his beautiful lady is and how much he wants to make her happy.

Nick feels her take a deep breath and sighs in her sleep and he looks down at her, watching her in the muted light from the window. Even though she's doing so much better with everything, the claustrophobia still bothers her. He kisses her forehead and whispers, "Sweet dreams, D."


When Dottie wakes up, the sun is slowly rising. She sees Nick sleeping, holding her close and she smiles. She kisses his shoulder and snuggles closer. Because of his worry for her, he awakens instantly and says, "Good morning beautiful."

She says, "Good morning. I'm sorry if I woke you."

He smiles at her and says, "I'm not." After kissing her gently, he says, "You ok this morning?"

She looks at him puzzled and says, "Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

He looks at her kind of strangely and says, "You don't remember waking up around 12:30?"

She shakes her head and says, "No, I don't. What happened?"

He says, "You had a bad dream, that's all. I'm glad you don't remember it. You were pretty wound up."

She says, "What was it about Nick?"

Thinking he better keep the details to himself, he says, "I don't know. You couldn't remember it. You were just upset."

She sighs and says, "I'm so sorry Nick. I thought the dreams were done."

He says, "It's ok Sweetheart. I'm just glad you're feeling better this morning."

She smiles and says, "What time do you have to go to work?"

He says, "I have a few hours, why?"

Sliding her leg up his thigh, she asks, "Make love to me, Nick?"

Sliding his fingers up her rib cage to cup her breast, he says, "It will be my pleasure, Dottie."        


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