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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Chapter 53

            When the girls make it back to the hotel, Amy takes charge of the dresses. They had rented an extra room as the "wedding room" and their dresses and shoes are there, along with everything they could possibly need to make the wedding day special. Ro's doing everyone's hair and makeup so all that's left to do is get dressed and say I do Friday night."

            Dottie looks at Amy and says, "I'm not so sure about a bachelorette party."

            Amy says, "Tough! It's happening. Tomorrow night. The boys are off and gonna give Nick a bachelor party. You get a night on the town too."

            Dottie laughs and says, "What if I want a night on my fiancé?"

            Amy laughs and says, "That's WAY too much info!  We're still going out, so get that through your thick skull now. Leigh and Ro are planning it."

            Dottie sighs and says, "You girls are the best." After a brief pause, she says, "You're not really taking me to see Chippendales, right?"

            Amy laughs and says, "Of course we are. You only live once, Sister! This is your last fling."

            Dottie says, "I don't want a last fling...and I sure don't want some strange dude grinding up on me because I'm the bride-to-be."

            Amy looks at her face and she says, "You're really serious, aren't you?"

            Dottie fights back the laughter for a minute before saying, "OK, sort of. I really don't want them grinding up on me. Can we NOT sit near the stage?"

            Amy sighs and says, "Don't scare me like that girl!  Yeah, I'll call Leigh and Ro and tell them to make sure we're not close to the stage, per the bride's request. Anything else?"

            Dottie laughs and says, "Think you can get Nick to do a strip tease for me instead?"

            Amy falls over on the bed laughing and says, "Can I watch if he does?"

            Dottie says, "Sure, he's seen you almost naked, I guess it's your turn."

            Amy blushes and says, "Oh my God, I can't believe...SHUT UP, D!"

            The girls are still giggling as they make their way down to the Grand Theater to watch the boys do their sound check. They stay well to the back and listen as the boys answer the fans' questions.  Dottie's ears perk up when one says, "Nick, I hear you're getting married VERY soon."

            Leigh and Ro show up Amy starts talking to them about the bachelorette party. Dottie steps away from them so she can hear Nick's answer. He says, "Well, yeah, I am. But it's still a little ways off."

            The fan says, "That's awesome. Is it the girl you were singing too on the youtube video?"

            This has Dottie stunned. She turns to the girls and says, "I've gotta go. I'll be back."

            Before they can stop her, she's off like a rocket. When she gets to their room, she boots up her laptop and pulls up youtube. She hears Amy knocking on the door but she ignores it and puts in her earbuds, turning up the volume.

            After searching for it, she finally finds it. "Nick Carter's in LOVE". When the video starts, tears slide down her cheeks. It's the show in LA. More specifically, it's the part where Nick talks about loving her...then they sing to her. Powerful doesn't even come close to describing the effect this video is having on her emotions. When it ends, she starts it over and watches it again.

She's half way through the third time when the door opens and Nick walks in. She turns back to the computer, mesmerized by his voice. He sits beside her and puts his arms around her, holding her as she finishes the video. When it ends, she pulls the earbuds out and he says, "You ok, D?"

She nods, laying her head over on his shoulder to cry. Amy slips in and Nick looks at her. She holds her hand up to her ear and mouths the words "call me". Nick nods and she leaves, letting him do what he does best. Take care of her best friend.

He carries her to the bed and sits with her on his lap. When her tears subside, he says, "What happened D?"

She sniffs and says, "Nothing, really, I just...that girl mentioned the video. Have you seen it? Nick, it's incredible. I just...it blew me away again."

He smiles and says, "So these are good tears, right?"

She nods against his chest and says, "Very. I'm just so happy Nick. We're going to get married, Amy and Brian are so much in love...how can it get better?"

He says, "It will Baby. Every day of our lives will be better than the last." After a minute of silence, he says, "Where do you want to live?"

She smiles against his chest and says, "I'll give you three guesses."

He laughs and says, "Our house in Florida." She nods and giggles and he says, "Where do you want to go for our honeymoon?"

            She says, "I hadn't thought about it Nick. We still have 3 months of this tour. Amy did say we were going to have the honeymoon suite somewhere far far away for our wedding night."

            He says, "She did? I'll have to thank her." When she sighs, he says, "Seriously, where do you want to go for our honeymoon? Anywhere in the world."

            She thinks about it a minute and says, "Where do you want to go?"

            He says, "Nuh uh D, doesn't work that way. I've been all over the world. I want to take you to a place you've always wanted to go. So tell me."

            She says, "I don't know Nick. I'm not like everyone else. I don't dream of places like Hawaii or Paris. I mean I'd love to see them, but..."

            He says, "But not on our honeymoon.  So, where do you want to go? What do you want to see?"

            She says, "You'll think I'm insane."

            He says, "You have to be, you're marrying me." She slaps his chest and he says, "OK OK, I won't think you're crazy. Where?"

            She says, "Scotland. I've always wanted to go to Scotland."

            He says, "Really? I thought for sure you were going to say Australia."

            She says, "Oh, I'd like to go there too, but I've always wanted to see Scotland. The pictures I've seen are so beautiful. The castles, the green grass, the water...it's breathtaking."

            He says, "And you want to see it all firsthand, don't you?"

            She says, "Someday, yeah. But our honeymoon should be a place we BOTH want to go so what about you?"

            Turning to push her down on her back, he stares into her eyes and says, "I want to be with you, anywhere in the world, as long as I have these eyes to look into, these arms to hold me, these lips to taste and this body to touch."

            As his lips cover hers, her heart swells with love and her body tingles with desire. She pulls him closer, deepening the kiss. They may not have a lot of time, but in the short time they have before the show, they show each other how deep their love is. No words are necessary. Their hearts and souls are one. And in two days time, they'll be joined in marriage. Forever.


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