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Chapter 54

"So what do you guys have planned for the bachelor party?" Amy asked as she was getting ready.

"I'm not a hundred percent sure. AJ offered to plan it." Brian was watching Amy as she was getting dressed. She looked beautiful in her tight white t-shirt. He loved how in accentuated her breasts. Oh, how he loved them.

"You should be in for a good time. I'm sure AJ will have something planned with naked women."

"You're the only woman I want to see naked." He pulled Amy onto his lap.

"Oh how sweet of you." She played with his hair. "Do I look okay?"

"All I want to do is undress you and have my way with you." His mouth ravaged hers. They both got lost in each other. Neither one cared about anything else at the moment.

There was a knock on the door and Amy's face backed away from Brian's. "I guess we better get that."

She went to the door and in walked Dottie and Nick. "Hello, you two."

"Hey girl! You look gorgeous." Dottie was wearing tight jeans with a tank under a sheer red blouse.

"Thanks. So do you. Are you ready to go have some fun without these two?" Dottie teased.

"You want to get rid of me?" Nick started to pout.

"Never, but the sooner we leave the sooner I get to come back to you. Just wait until you see what I have planned for you." She said sexily forgetting that anyone else was in the room.

"Bye guys. Have fun! Don't get into any trouble." Amy shoved Dottie out the door.

"You know they are going to get into trouble." Dottie laughed as they made their way to the lobby.

"Especially with AJ planning whatever they're doing." Amy giggled.

Amy and Dottie met the other women outside the hotel. A limo was waiting for them.

"Are you ready for your last night as a free woman?" Ro teased.

"Actually I can't wait be Mrs. Nick Carter." She said dreamily.

"You two are perfect each other. " Leigh was happy for Nick and Dottie. They were a perfect match.

About twenty minutes later the limo stops at their destination. It's time for them to have some fun.

When they get inside, they follow Ro to a table near the middle. Dottie can't stop giggling and Leigh is talking about penises. Amy can't help but smile and is thankful she isn't able to drink. That leaves her to take the pictures and videos.

They sit down and a hot shirtless waiter comes over to take our order. "Hello ladies. What can I get you tonight?" He smiled at us.

"We'll take a round of sex on the beach for three and one very virgin strawberry daiquiri." Ro batted her eyes and pointed to Dottie. "This one is getting married tomorrow."

"Lucky man. These drinks are on the house." He winked and went to fetch the drinks.

"I can't believe you insinuated that I'm a virgin." Amy shrieked as she smacked Ro in the arm.

"Well the way he was looking at your breasts just now made me realize why he was so endowed."

"Oh my gosh!" Amy shook her head in disbelief. "I did not give him a woody. You're just obsessed with penises, Leigh."

"Says the girl in the white t-shirt." Dottie commented; then whispered. "With her nipples showing."

The girls laughed, while Amy pretended to pout.  "I thought you were my friend." She looked at Dottie seriously.

"Oh A, I'm...." Dottie started to apologize.

"Just kidding. You know my boobs belong to Brian."

"He's going to love pregnancy as they get bigger." Leigh pointed out as the waiter started passing out their drinks. They broke into another fit of giggles.

The lights dimmed letting them know that the show was about to begin. The ladies got comfortable to watch the show. They were enjoying the watching the men dancing and were carrying on.

Meanwhile the guys were backstage getting ready to do a special performance for their women.  "Are you sure this is okay?" Brian asked AJ. This was all his idea.

"Yes, if our women think they can watch a bunch of hot guys and enjoy it. They deserve to see a real show." AJ wiggled his eyes at the guys.

"I can't believe I'm crashing Dottie's bachelorette party." Nick shakes his head at what they are about to do.

The beginning notes of "If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)" started playing and the guys sashayed onto the stage.

"What the fuck? Are those our guys?" Dottie asked in surprise.

"Oh hell yes!" Amy started to laugh.

"I bet this was AJ's idea." Leigh laughed.

"TAKE IT OFF." Ro yelled.

The guys continued dancing. Nick started getting into the song. He started thrusting and gyrating. Nick lifted up shirt and showed his abs to the audience. Then he danced his way to Dottie. He pulled her up and started grinding against her. The others guys made their way to the ladies. They all started dancing.

"What are you doing here?" Dottie asked after giving Nick a quick peck on the lips.

"We wanted to surprise our women. Why stare at these chumps, when you have me?" Nick chuckled and bent down to give Dottie a real kiss.

Brian and Amy were lost in each other. They were whispering quietly to each other. "I can't believe you crashed the party." She giggled in his ear. He pulled her close to his body.

"It was all AJ." Brian smiled. "But the look on your face when I started dancing with you was worth it."

"You make me horny; I'm not going to lie." Amy ran a finger down Brian's arms.

"Well since Alex ruined our fun. Do you all want to come to our suite and continue this party?" Ro's arms were around her lover.

Nick and Dottie spend a few minutes whispering to each other. "That sounds awesome. We'll meet you there."

They walked away hand in hand before anyone could complain. A limo pulled up and they got inside. Nick made it so that Dottie was on his lap. He pressed the intercom. "Could you please circle around the strip two, no make it three times."

"Not a problem Mr. Carter." The driver replied.

"What do you have planned, Carter?" Dottie asked while Nick started to undress her.

"I plan on fucking you before we go back to the hotel. I just wanted a private party with you." He unclasped her bra and his mouth went to her breasts.

"I like this private party." Dottie arched her back.

"I knew you would. I can't stand being away from you for more than a minute."

Dottie started unbuckling Nick's jeans. He pulled them down and then removed her jeans and panties. He entered her quickly. At this point it was all about lust and desire at this moment in time. They didn't take their time; all Nick wanted to do was make Dottie feel good. Their climax hit at the same.

"Damn baby, I'm so excited that I get to do this for the rest of my life." They were forehead to forehead.

"Me, too. This is the life I always wanted. I wouldn't want it any other way."

"And it's always going to be this perfect, Mrs. Carter." They held and caressed each other all the way back to the hotel.


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