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Chapter 59

            Just as Dottie gets into her dress, Brian calls Amy. Kevin had finally arrived and would be arriving at the suite to get the girls in about fifteen minutes. When Amy tells Dottie, she sees her friend is almost giddy with excitement. By the time Dottie's hair and makeup are finished and she's slipping into her shoes, there's a knock at the door.

            When Kevin comes in, Dottie can't help the smile that crosses her face. He walks up to her and hugs her tightly and says, "Look how beautiful you are!"

            She smiles and says, "How can I thank you for doing this? Nick will be thrilled to see you."

            He says, "Dottie, come on, we may not have known each other for very long, but I remember distinctly how hard you worked to keep us in line. And from what I hear, we all owe you a lot."

            Lowering her eyes, she says, "Kevin, none of you owe me anything."

            He puts his finger under her chin and says, "Don't do that. Brian told me what's been happening. Don't you dare think you could have done anything differently and stopped Jake and Glenna. We may have been the ones losing money, but you're the only victim here. You lost a lot more and I'm glad my little brother has realized just how good he has it with you."

            She smiles up at him and says, "I'm glad Nick has you to look up to Kevin. And I'm so glad you're here."

            He says, "I wouldn't have missed this for anything."

            She hugs him again before saying, "Kevin, I'd like you to meet Amy.  Amy, this is Kevin."

            Kevin turns to Amy and shocks her by sweeping her up into a bear hug and saying, "Welcome to the family Cuz!"

            Dottie giggles at Amy's blush as she says, "Umm, thanks. It's nice to finally meet you Kevin."

            He laughs and says, "FINALLY my cousin finds a good woman.  Not to mention good looking."

            Dottie says, "Yeah, now if we can just get her to marry him and make an honest man out of him..."

            Amy rolls her eyes and says, "D, seriously..."

            Dottie says, "Seriously nothing. Brian wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you and you keep making up excuses. I can't figure out why."

            Without thinking, Amy blurts out, "Why would any man want a fat bride and trust me, this pregnancy is going to make me fat!"

            Kevin's jaw drops and he says, "Pregnancy?"

            Dottie shakes her head and says, "Shame on you, A! Brian loves you and says he can't wait to see you carrying his child. How can you think how you look would matter to of all people, BRIAN?"

            Kevin says, "Excuse me...PREGNANCY?"

            Dottie laughs and Amy blushes brightly. She says, "I'm sorry, we haven't really had a chance to let his family know..."           

            Kevin smiles and says, "Amy, I'm so HAPPY for you and Brian. Maybe I can help you feel a little bit better about marrying my cousin."

            Amy says, "What do you mean?"

            Kevin sits down and each girl sits beside him. He says, "Amy, for as long as I've known my cousin, all he's ever wanted was to be a husband and a dad. He loves kids. Adores them. Glenna never wanted to have kids. She said it would ruin her figure. He was devastated. Then a few months ago, he called me and told me he found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As soon as he got Glenna off his back."

            She says, "A few months ago? When?"

            Smiling, he says, "Right after Dottie got out of prison." He turns to Dottie and squeezes her hand before continuing. "He said when he first saw you at that restaurant, when you were so upset because you thought Dottie was running away; he knew he had found the woman he should have married."

            Amy says, "No, he didn't say that."

            Dottie says, "A, umm, yeah he kind of did."

            Amy turns to her friend and says, "What do you mean?"

            Dottie says, "Brian called me few times about you. Wanting to know what your favorite colors were, where you like to eat...stuff like that. He told me he really liked you and wanted to get to know you better."

            Kevin smirks and says, "Told you so."

            The smile on Amy's face couldn't be wiped off for anything. Dottie says, "Does this mean you're gonna give in and marry that man?"

            Amy says, "You better believe it, Sister!"


            When it's time for the ceremony, Amy pulls Dottie to the side. She says, "I know things are kind of crazy D, and it's all happening fast, but I have something for you."

            Dottie says, "A, please don't make me cry. Not now."

            She says, "Well, I wanted you to know we did remember to do a few things traditionally, even though Nick blew it when he showed up here earlier."

            Dottie smiles and says, "He had his reasons and I'm glad he did."

            Amy says, "I can see that. Now, Brian and I want to give you your something ‘new' and something ‘blue' so we got you this."

            When Dottie opens the box with the blue diamond necklace and earrings in it, the tears threaten to overflow. Amy quickly says, "OH NO YOU DON'T! No tears!"

            Dottie sniffs and says, "It's beautiful, A. Thank you!"

            She says, "Wait, there's more.  You have to have something borrowed so I have this you can wear."  Amy sits down and takes off her anklet. Dottie had given it to her for her birthday 2 years earlier. Dottie puts it around her ankle then hugs Amy tightly and says, "I'm so glad you're here, A. You really did save my life."

            She says, "Now stop that.  We'll cry at the reception.  Now, I don't have something ‘old' for you, but Nick said he had that covered."

            Dottie says, "Why does that make me want to cry again?"

            Amy laughs and says, "It scares the hell out of me!"

            Kevin heard the tail end of the conversation and he says, "It should, but in this case, you're safe. Brian told me." Holding out his arms, he says, "Let's go."


            When Amy starts down the aisle, Kevin looks at Dottie and says, "Nick's a lucky man. I'm happy for you."

            She smiles up at him and whispers, "Thanks," just as they start playing the wedding march. When Dottie and Kevin step through the doors, the look on Nick's face is one of sheer joy. He spares a brief glance at Kevin, thrilled he's there giving away the bride, before his gaze focuses on Dottie.

            He expected a long, flowing Princess gown. But seeing her in the short, pixie-looking wedding dress seemed perfect. She steals his breath when his eyes meet hers and she smiles. When they reach the altar, Kevin hugs Nick and says, "I'm proud of you, Little Brother."

            Throughout the ceremony, Dottie watches Nick as much as he watches her. After they exchange rings and exchange vows, the minister says, "I believe Nick has something he'd like to say."

            Nick turns to Dottie and says, "Sweetheart, I wanted you to have the most perfect wedding possible. Everyone here helped because you deserve it. I know we didn't have something ‘old' for you to wear, so we decided to bring something ‘old' into the ceremony." He looks to Kevin and says, "You in on this?"

            Kevin smiles and steps up next to the guys.  The next thing Dottie knows, she's being serenaded by the guys. They started singing "I Promise You" a cappella. Tears sting her eyes because Nick sings most of the lead with the others just harmonizing. 

When the song ends, the minister quickly pronounces them husband and wife. Dottie practically leaps into Nick's arms, kissing him while everyone laughs and cheers. When he finally puts her back on the ground, she hugs Amy, Leigh and Rochelle then turns to her boys. They all take turns hugging her and she thanks them each for standing by her through the worst days in her life and the happiest day of her life. When she hugs Brian, she whispers, "Ask her again. Tonight!" He pulls back and looks at her funny. She giggles and says, "Trust me, DO IT!"

Turning back to Nick, he wraps his arms around her and says, "Hello there Mrs. Carter."

She smiles through her tears and says, "Hello yourself, Mr. Carter."

He says, "You look GORGEOUS Baby."

She smiles and says, "You should see my husband. He's so sexy."

Nick laughs and kisses her gently. With his forehead pressed to hers, he says, "I love you Baby."

Rubbing her nose against his, she says, "I love you too."


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