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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm SO SORRY I didn't post last night!  BAD TIGGER!  I hope you all forgive me! 


Chapter 63

            Brian and Amy leave Dottie and Nick alone at the pool. Nick pulls her into his arms and says, "You look happy. Are you happy?"

            She says, "I think it's safe to say I'm the happiest woman on the planet."

            He says, "So you're in fairly good mood, right?"

            She looks at him puzzled and says, "Yeah...why?"

            He grins wickedly and says, "You're turn to get wet." He lifts her up and jumps in the pool with her in his arms. When they come up for air, he whispers, "I like you wet."

            She giggles and slides her foot up his calf and says, "Well, you know you're the only one that can make me wet."

            Covering her lips with his, they slip beneath the water. When they come up gasping again, Nick says, "Baby, I gotta get inside you soon."

            She playfully bites his neck and says, "Not here, Nicky. Let's go to bed."

            As they get out of the water, Nick says, "It's a damn shame AJ didn't see that bikini."

            She giggles and says, "Maybe he should."

            Slapping her on her bottom, he says "Naughty girl. What if he and Ro are..."

            Dottie laughs and says, "Ro will get the joke. Let's go."

            She grabs her towel and starts to dry off. Nick takes it from her and kneels down, starting with her feet and working his way up. He kisses her stomach before standing and says, "Baby, I can't wait to make a baby with you."

            She pushes against him and whispers, "Then we better make this visit with AJ a quickie."

            She slips on her cover up and they grab their towels. Nick takes a step away from her, then turns back to see why she's hesitating. He finds her staring at her ring. He puts his finger under her chin and tilts her face up to his. When their eyes meet, he whispers, "I love you, D."

            She stands up on tiptoe and kisses his chin before whispering, "I love you too."


            When they get to AJ's door, Nick stands about 15 feet down the hall so AJ can't see him.  He smiles as Dottie winks at him before she knocks. Loudly. After a minute, he hears AJ yell, "What the hell?"

            Dottie says, "Open up AJ!"

            He says, "Dammit, D, why now? Geesh, can't this wait, we're kind of..."

            She says, "I'm very upset with you AJ McLean, you open this door this instant!"

            Nick is biting his lip to keep from laughing.  Dottie is fighting back giggles as they hear more thumping around. Finally the door opens just a bit and Rochelle whispers, "Dottie, what's wrong?" She sees Dottie fighting back a laugh and she smiles.  She says, "OK, I'll get him." Turning back, she says, "AJ, you better talk to her."

            Dottie hears AJ curse. Knowing he's heading to the door, she takes off her cover up and waits. Nick checks out the curve of her body and feels himself growing with need. This woman completes his life in ways he never dreamed anyone could.

            When AJ flings the door open and sees her standing there in her bikini, it's all she can do not to laugh in his face. He says, "D, what the...what did I do?"

            She says, "I do NOT welsh on a promise and you left before you saw my bikini." She spins in front of him before leaping into his arms and whispering, "Love you AJ. Have a GREAT night!" Then, as she's skipping away, she says, "LOVE those sexy legs, McLean!"

            As she runs down the hall, he sticks his head out and sees Nick leaning on the wall laughing. He looks at Dottie and says, "You interrupted me...for THIS?" When she giggles, he says, "Oh, paybacks are a bitch, my darling. Watch your backside.  Better yet, let me watch it. It's cute."

            Rochelle slaps his arm as Nick says, "Keep your eyes on your own woman's backside AJ. Please, continue what you were doing...if you can get it up again."

            As Dottie and Nick walk into their room laughing, AJ yells, "I'll get you for this Carter! BOTH of you!"

            Nick closes the door as Dottie collapses against the wall in a fit of giggles.  He laughs with her as he pulls her into his arms. She lays her head on his chest and breathes in his fragrance, loving the fact that she can now say this is her husband. 

            Suddenly, he says, "Hey, what's that?"

            She turns and says, "What?" seeing a gift bag sitting on the bed. She looks at Nick and says, "Did you?"

            He says, "No, wasn't me."

            Going over, she picks up the card. It says, "Dear Dottie and Nick. Seeing as how you're finally married, I thought you'd benefit from my expertise. This little gift will hopefully keep you both "satisfied" for many nights to come. Enjoy. Love, AJ."

            Dottie giggles and says, "Aww, wonder what kind of expertise he's sharing?"

            Nick says, "I bunked on a bus with him for years. You might want to be afraid."

            Dottie reaches into the bag and pulls out a naughty nurse's uniform which Nick whistles at. She sticks out her tongue and keeps digging. A pair of fuzzy handcuffs, a feather, a blindfold, two containers of edible body butter, a copy of the kama sutra, and a board game. Strip checkers. Dottie looks at Nick and says, "Is he serious?"

            Nick chuckles and says, "I'm surprised there's not a vibrator in there."

            Dottie looks in the bag then giggles as she pulls out a purple vibrator. Nick starts laughing and says, "God, he's crazy."

            Dottie says, "Wait, what's this?"

            She pulls out a CD with a note taped to it. The note has Nick's name on it. Under his name, it says, 'Shut Up and Listen', so she hands it to him. He reads it quickly and says, "Well, well he actually did it."

            She says, "What?"

            Nick says, "OH, there was a song he wasn't sure about recording. I thought it was perfect for his voice and talked him into it. This is it."

            She says, "Can we listen?"

            He chuckles and says, "Only if you put on the naughty nurse uniform."

            She smiles seductively and says, "I have something better than that for our wedding night, Nicky."

            He steps closer to her and nibbles on her lower lip. When she pushes against him, he says, "Show me D."

            She grabs a bag from the closet and goes into the bathroom. When she comes out wearing a long, white silk and lace gown her hair falling down around her shoulders like a halo, Nick actually wonders if he's died and gone to Heaven. He stands and moves in front of her and whispers, "You look stunning."

            She smiles up at him and says, "I'm glad you like it."

            He smirks and says, "Like it? LIKE IT?" Taking her hand he presses it against his crotch and says, "THIS likes it!" Putting her hand over his heart, he says, "but here...here I LOVE it. You are so beautiful, D."

            Pulling his head to hers, she whispers, "Let's listen tomorrow. I need you Nick."

            Lifting her up and gently placing her on the bed, he covers her with his body and says, "I need you more. Love you Mrs. Carter."

            As his lips move along her jaw line to her ear, she whispers, "Love you too Mr. Carter."


Chapter End Notes:

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