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Author's Chapter Notes:

A two-fer...just because. :)


Chapter 08

Amy's eyes opened and she tried to figure out where she was. She realized she was in bed with Brian. He had his arms around her. She realized she was still fully clothed and that brought memories about the previous night.

She couldn't believe that she almost made love with Brian. Amy wanted it more than anything. This worried her because they weren't in an exclusive relationship yet. All signs were leading to that, but he hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend. Maybe it was better that they didn't make love yet.

Brian started to stir and rolled over to face Amy. His blue eyes opened up as he smiled at Amy. Brian couldn't wait until tonight. He was excited about the romantic evening Dottie helped him plan for Amy. It was going to be very special.

"Good morning, sweetheart. This has been the best wakeup all tour." He grinned at Amy.

"Oh Bri." Amy blushed. "You're too cute for your own good." She leaned in and gave him a slow kiss.

"Mmmm...baby. I want you so bad." Brian murmured in Amy's hair. Her arms wrapped around Brian.  He rolled her onto to her back and moved on top of her. Their mouths met in a smoldering kiss. Hands were touching and moving all over each other's body.

"Brian, you have me on fire." Amy said after she broke away from Brian's lips.

"All I think about is how much I want to make love to you."

"Brian." Amy's body trembled.

"Tonight I have something special planned for us. It's going to be romantic and at the end of the night I want to make sweet love to you."

"What do you have planned?" Amy questioned.

"That's for me to know and you to find out tonight." He jumped off the bed and made his way to the door.

"You just can't leave me after a comment like that." Amy quickly got out of bed and followed him to the front of the bus.

Brian was sitting at the table pouring cereal in a bowl. Amy snuck behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He slowly turned around and smiled at her before placing a kiss on her nose. "Would you like a bowl of cereal?"

"Sure. I'll grab the milk." Amy walked over to the refrigerator to get the milk. When she opened the door she couldn't help but laugh at what she saw. "Umm Brian, you'll never guess what I've found in the fridge."

He walked over and looked inside. Brian laughed at what he saw.  "I can't believe the condom was in the refrigerator the whole time. Why didn't I look there last night?"

"I figured you did with all the banging that was going on." Amy chuckled. The whole situation was funnier than anything that ever happened to her.

"I must have put it in their when I got the water last night." He grabbed it and closed the door. "I'm thinking I'm not so hungry for cereal anymore."

"What are you hungry for?" Amy asked even though she knew what his answer was going to be. She wanted to hear him say it.

"I'm hungry for you." He pushed her against the refrigerator, closing the space between them. "I want to taste and nibble all of your body."

Brian stepped back and took Amy's hand. He pulled her into the bedroom and locked the door. He knew they were close to the hotel and he didn't want to be bothered. Knowing his luck Nick or AJ would bust in on them.

Amy was living a dream. For the last few weeks all she could think of was making love to Brian. He was always sweet and charming, but the sexy side of him was coming out. She loved it. At this moment she couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. Amy was excited and extremely nervous.

Brian guided her to the bed. Before he pushed her onto it, he kissed her with as much passion as he was feeling for her. His tongue entered her mouth and explored like it was the first time it invaded her mouth. Amy's hands were on his butt, which pressed his body onto hers. She was on fire. Her soft moans and murmurs were turning him on.

Within a few seconds Amy's shirt was on the floor along with her shorts. She was left standing in her lime green panties. Brian smiled at her. "Baby, you're so sexy. You have a beautiful body."

"Thanks." She blushed. "But I want to see your hot body. Your clothes need to come off."

Without any hesitation Brian undressed in front of Amy. She watched in excitement and anticipation. God he was gorgeous. After he got naked, he moved closer to Amy and gently picked her up. He placed her on the bed and started placing kisses on her neck.

"Mmmm...Brian...don't stop."

"Don't worry this is only the beginning." He smiled at her and moved down to her breasts. Taking his time; he licked and sucked making her hot and wet. He felt her wiggle beneath him and decided it was time to move further down her body.

His tongue devoured her belly button as his hands moved to her womanhood. He rubbed her over top of her panties as she wriggled underneath his hand. The pleasure on Amy's face was enough to make him feel good. He wanted her to remember this moment forever. While she was consumed with the pleasure she was feeling, Brian removed her panties.

"Brian, I need you." Amy panted. At that exact moment Brian slowly moved inside her. He waited for her to get used to him and then he slowly started to thrust. She met his thrusts.

Amy never realized how different it was to make love to someone you truly loved. There was something different about making love with Brian. She was bursting with love, joy and ecstasy.

"Look at me Amy." She slowly opened her eyes. "I want to see what you're feeling when we cum together."

That caused Amy's body to go into hyper drive. Her release was getting closer. Brian moved faster inside of her. She was moaning. Brian's lips met her in a passionate kiss. Just as the both were ready to explode, they stared into each other's eyes and hit their passionate climax.

"I love you, Amy." Brian screamed out.

"I love you, too." She said as Brian's body collapsed onto hers. Both of them lay their catching their breaths and thinking about their shouts of devotion. Amy prayed that Brian meant what he said and wasn't just caught up in the moment.

Brian rolled off of her and brought her close to him. He enjoyed cuddling after sex. To him this was the most intimate part of making love. Brian always loved the close feeling he had afterwards. His ex-wife was not into cuddling, so he missed this part.

"Brian that was amazing." She placed a kiss on his cheek and rubbed his face with her hand.

"It was. I just want you to know that I meant it when I said I loved you."

"Brian, you mean the world to me. I know that we haven't really been dating, but I feel the same way." She told him. Amy found that it was easy being honest with Brian. Sure, at times she was shy about her feelings, but in the end she knew Brian would never laugh at her.

"Amy, just because we haven't had a traditional relationship doesn't mean I haven't fallen head over heels for you." He played with her hair. "You know more about me than my ex-wife. Amy you're my best friend. We've had all this time to really get to know each other. I wouldn't want our relationship to be any other way."

Amy pulled Brian's face to hers. She slowly sucked on his bottom lip before kissing him passionately. This started a full blown make out session. They were loss in each other, that Brian didn't notice his phone ringing.

"Get your ass out of bed Littrell. We're at the hotel and Dottie has your key." Nick screamed through the door.

Brian broke away from Amy and sighed. Nick always had a way of ruining the moment. He pulled the covers over Amy. "Just leave it on the table. I'll get it when I'm ready."

"No Brian. We have a meeting in five minutes."

They could hear Nick fiddling with the lock. A minute later the door opened and Nick came in. He leaned against the wall and smirked at the couple.

"Would you get the hell off my bus?" Brian ordered not getting out of bed. Amy was mortified. She couldn't believe Nick was just standing there, while she was naked under the sheets.

"I see you used the gift I sent over." He laughed as he ignored Brian's command. Nick was happy for his friend and a bit jealous. He couldn't wait until the moment he made love to Dottie. It was going to be the best moment of his life.

"Go Nick!" Brian pointed to the door. "Leave my key and I'll be there in ten minutes."

Nick saluted Brian and left. Brian stood up and found his boxers. Amy watched him get dressed. She was too comfortable to move. After Brian got dressed he sat on the bed next to Amy.

"A, I hate to leave you but duty calls. Feel free to stay here as long as you want." He rubbed her arm. "Let Dottie know that you'll be rooming with me from now on. No reason for you to room by yourself."

"Are you sure?" She asked him shyly.

"I'm positive. I won't be able to sleep without you in my arms." He gave her a quick peck. "Be ready by six. I have a special night planned for you."

With that Brian left to attend his daily Backstreet meeting. Amy settled down under the covers and fell asleep dreaming of her man.



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