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Chapter 9

            Amy doesn't get to sleep long. Within half an hour, Dottie is calling her. Groaning, she answers the phone, "What?"

            Dottie is startled by her friend's attitude.  After Nick told her what he saw, she was sure Amy would be on cloud 9. She says, "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go poolside with me, but I can see you're not in the mood for it."

            Amy feels really bad about snapping at her. She says, "I'm sorry D. I was just sleeping and the phone startled me.  The pool sounds like fun, but all my stuff is still on Nick's bus."

            Dottie still feels a little uneasy about Amy's surly attitude, but she pushes aside those thoughts and says, "I haven't been up to mine and Nick's room yet. I just went in to get the room keys.  I'm going to get some laundry done at the hotel today so I was sorting it to send out.  You can come over and get ready if you want.  Then we can hit the pool.  Their meeting is supposed to last at least two hours."

            On the inside, Amy feels like crying because she's missing Brian, but she says, "Sounds good. I'll be over in a few minutes."

            When Dottie hangs up, she can't help but wonder about Amy and Brian.  Nick said they looked happy, apart from him barging into the bedroom while they were still in bed.  She wasn't at all surprised when Brian had stopped her and told her to fix it so Amy was with him from now on, but she was so happy for her friend. Amy loved Brian and Brian loves her. They are perfect together.

            Dottie had gone back into the hotel at that moment and given up Amy's room, getting her a key instead for the room she would be sharing with Brian. The downside is she's going to be on Brian's bus from now on. Sometimes, Dottie needs Amy around, to help keep her grounded.

            She finishes sorting their laundry and tags it for the hotel cleaning service.  When Amy jumps up on the bus, Dottie schools her face to only show the happiness she's feeling for her friend.  She cheerfully says, "Good morning," as she finishes tying the last bag of laundry.

            Amy comes up to her and says, "Hey, I'm really sorry I snapped on the phone.  I hope you're not mad."

            Dottie shakes her head and says, "No, of course not. I guess things with Brian are ok?"

            Amy blushes and says, "Yeah, they are. He wants to be with me."

            The happiness Dottie feels for her friend greatly overshadows the sad feelings from earlier. She hugs her and says, "Oh A, that's so great! I'm so happy for you."

            Amy says, "Let's not talk about me for a few minutes. How are you? Yesterday was pretty traumatic."

            Dottie sighs and sits down, playing with the tag on one of the laundry bags. She says, "I think I'm ok.  I slept all night and for the first time in forever, I didn't have nightmares or wake up in a panic attack."

            Amy says, "D, that's wonderful! What about Nick? Everything ok with Nick?"

            Dottie sighs and stands up, moving the bags to the door of the bus. She says, "Everything's the same with Nick.  Maybe better, I don't know."

            Amy says, "What's wrong, Girl?  Why do you sound so sad?"

            Sighing, Dottie sits and buries her face in her hands and says, "A, what's wrong with me? I'm living my dream. The dream I've had since the first time I had lunch with Nick alone. We've always just clicked and it's been amazing." Looking down, Dottie plays with the band on the diamond watch Nick had given her so many years ago. She says, "A, I just want a normal life. I want Nick to come off stage and sweep me into his arms and make love to me till neither of us can move. But he doesn't."

            Moving to her friend, Amy hugs her and says, "D, Nick's waiting for you to make the first move. I know you thought you were hiding the panic attacks and all the other stuff from us, but we saw it. I think Nick saw it more than the rest of us. None of us knew how to help you and Nick's been afraid to push you because he's afraid he'll make it worse.  He's been waiting on you, my friend."

            Sighing, Dottie says, "I know.  I know he has.  But what if....never mind."

            Shaking her shoulders, Amy says, "Stop it! Don't you dare put yourself down.  Not for a minute.  You know Nick worships the ground you walk on. D, he loves you.  LOVES YOU! You know this.  Why are you so insecure to show him that you love him just as much?"

            Pushing away from Amy, she says, "Honestly? I still think he could leave me."

            Amy says, "D, stop it. You gotta let go of all of that and focus on what's right in front of your face. A man who only wants to see you happy. You are happy when you're with Nick, aren't you?" She nods and Amy continues, "Then why are you making yourself sick. Seduce him.  When you get him alone, seduce him and show him just how much he means to you."

            Dottie says, "Amy, it's been so long..."

            Amy says, "Who do you think you're talking to, D? I know how you feel, I was the same way with Brian...but you have to take that leap. You have to."

            When she brings up Brian, Dottie says, "You know, Nick's very proud of himself for giving you that condom last night. He feels like he played match maker, even though you two were already in love."

            At the mention of the condom, Amy froze.  She says, "D, I think we did something really stupid."  Before Dottie could ask what, someone from the hotel comes by to pick up the laundry. Once it was gone, she turns back to Amy and Amy says, "OH no, we're idiots!"

            Dottie says, "Why?  What's wrong?"

            Amy says, "D, I don't think Brian used the condom. We were going to, but...oh damn, why didn't I think to make sure?"

            Grabbing her friend's shoulders, Dottie says, "A, first you gotta calm down.  Are you sure he didn't use it?"

            Amy says, "There's one way to find out."  Amy quickly grabs her suitcase, throwing her toiletries inside it with her clothes. 

They quickly make their way to Brian's bus.  Dottie waits as Amy goes into the bedroom and comes back, carrying the little foil packet.  Amy's white as a ghost.  She says, "D, I don't think Brian and me..."

Dottie says, "Girl, you don't even know if you are.  Maybe it's the wrong time for you to get pregnant. Don't panic until there's something to panic about."

Amy says, "I know, I know, but Brian and I, well, this is so new.  God I'm such an idiot."

Shaking her by the shoulders, Dottie says, "STOP.  Don't start that, it takes two to tango and you're both so much in love.  You aren't an idiot and neither is he.  I don't remember health in school, but I'm sure we can figure out if it's possible that you could have gotten pregnant."

Amy says, "Health class.  OK, wait."  Dottie has to giggle. Amy was always one of the smarter kids in school.  Odds are she does remember health class and the best time to conceive.  Taking out a calendar, Amy does some quick counting and relief shines on her face. She says, "I think I might be ok.  I know it's not an exact science, but I'm due to start in 4 days or so."

Dottie says, "See?  Don't panic again. But be careful from now on, unless you want a little B to rock your world."

Before Amy can reply, Nick and Brian jump up on the bus.  Amy hides the condom as Brian sweeps her into his arms.  Nick grabs Dottie and says, "Here's my beautiful woman."

Dottie laughs and says, "It hasn't been two hours, what happened to the meeting?"

Nick kisses her and says, "We're ditching. We get a day off and I want to spend it with my girl, not with management. What are we doing?"

Dottie says, "Amy and I are going to the pool. Want to come with us?"

Molding her body to his, Nick says, "Definitely! I want to spend the entire day with you."

Kissing his chin, she says, "I like how that sounds, Mr. C. I love you, you know."

Smiling down into her eyes, Nick whispers, "I love you too, Lady. With all that I am."


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