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Chapter 45

            When Nick wakes up, he's alone and confused. Looking at the clock, he sees it's almost 2:00 in the afternoon and he curses. Their flight to Portland is at 6 and he didn't even think about packing. Jumping up, he looks for his clothes only to find his suitcase packed with a clean set of clothes lying on top of it.

            Smiling to himself, he dresses quickly and goes in search of the love of his life. When he finds her, she's sitting at his desk with her laptop open. He thinks she's working and it makes him sad. When she looks up and sees him, she smiles and says, "Hey Sweetie, how did you sleep?"

            He starts around the desk and is surprised when she shuts her laptop. After giving her a lingering good morning kiss, he says, "I woke up lonely."

            She says, "I'm sorry Nick. But you were sleeping so peacefully and I was full of energy. I didn't want to wake you."

            He says, "It's ok. I'm kind of disappointed to find you working though."

            She laughs and says, "Oh, I'm not working. I was planning."

            He says, "Planning what?"

            She says, "I was looking for my wedding dress."

            He smiles and says, "Need help with that?"

            Giving him a coy smile, she says, "I do, but not from you." When he pouts, she laughs and says, "You can't see it till our wedding day. But you do get to pick out the tuxes for the groomsmen and yourself."

            He groans and says, "Tuxes?"

            Laughing she says, "Baby, you can get married in your boxers for all I care, as long as you're standing at the altar with me. Maybe all you guys should be in boxers."

            He laughs at her and says, "Not a chance Babe. AJ doesn't wear underwear. At least he used to go commando."

            Dottie giggles and says, "Why am I not surprised?"

            He leans on the desk and says, "So I have to pick out tuxes?"

            She says, "Nope, you guys can wear whatever you want.  Since its Vegas, I'm thinking it doesn't have to be extremely formal.  Jeans will work."

            He watches her closely and says, "You'd really be ok if we all wore jeans?"

            Smiling up at him, she says, "Nick, as long as you're there, we can ALL wear jeans. Like I said, I was just looking."

            He takes her hand and pulls her up to stand in front of him. He says, "Dottie, I want our wedding to be perfect for you. I want you to have everything you ever dreamed of. If you want it to be big and fancy, we can do that. I mean it."

            Laying her head on his shoulder, she says, "I know you do Nick. But it doesn't. My dream wedding was never about the wedding. It is about the man I am marrying."

            He kisses the back of her head and says, "Well, we're not wearing jeans. I think this occasion calls for something a bit more formal." When she snuggles against his chest, he says, "Dottie, will you let me do something?"

            Leaning back and giving him a sultry smile, she says, "Depends on how kinky it is."

            He laughs and kisses her gently before saying, "Can I plan the wedding for you?  All you have to do is find your dress and the bride's maid's dresses."

            She says, "Really? Nick, you don't have to do this. I'm serious; it doesn't have to be a big deal."

            He smiles and says, "I know. And I promise I won't go over the top. But I'd like to do this for you. Please? You have so much you have to deal with because of us and our lives on tour, let me give you this."

            Smiling up at him she says, "You know I love you more than life itself don't you?"

            Sliding his hands down her body to cup her bottom, he says, "I know I can't live without you."


            After an afternoon in bed, they barely make it to the airport. Once through security, they meet up with Brian and Amy and Dottie says, "OK, I'm starving. We have to eat before we get on this plane."

            Amy gives her friend a knowing look and says, "Starving huh? Stay in bed too late today?"

            Dottie giggles and says, "Never mind. Come on, I want a cheeseburger."

            As they munched on cheeseburgers and fries, Amy says, "OK, what's the plan for the wedding?"

            Since her mouth is full, Nick answers for Dottie. He says, "I'm planning the wedding. All she has to do is pick out dresses for her and the bride's maids."

            Brian says, "Seriously?" Looking at Dottie, he says, "You're really letting him do this?"

            After swallowing and taking a sip of her drink, she says, "Yeah, why?"

            Brian laughs and says, "Probably going to be pretty casual then. Jeans Nick?"

            Laughing, Nick says, "I know I deserved that, but no. Not jeans. This is going to be a day to be remembered."

            When Nick kisses Dottie's temple, Amy gets all teary eyed. Dottie looks at her and they both start sniffling.  Brian rolls his eyes before kissing Amy. He says, "These hormones are going to do you in, aren't they?"

            She laughs and says, "It's not all hormones." Turning to Dottie, she says, "I have never seen you look happier and if anyone deserves it, it's you."

            Nick says, "Brian, I hear a "girl-moment" coming on. Let's go get refills."

            After they leave, Dottie says, "Amy, what about you and Brian? Any talk of a wedding?"

            She sighs and says, "He wants to, but D, I don't know. He's just out of his divorce. I just don't want to jump in and everyone think I'm a rebound thing."

            Dottie laughs at her. Loudly. When she calms down, Amy says, "Why is that so freaking hysterical?"

            Dottie says, "Amy, of all the guys in the world to have a rebound thing, you think Brian would?  Seriously, that man worships the ground you walk on. Put him out of his misery and marry him already. You know you want to. Hell I know you want to. You can't fool me."

            Before Amy can reply, the boys come back. Nick says, "What was so funny?"

            Dottie giggles and says, "Girl joke, Babe. I think we're close to boarding time."

            Nick says, "Which is why we skipped the refill after all. They just announced our flight while you were laughing."

            Dottie says, "OK, but I get a bathroom break before we get on the plane."

            As she walks away, Nick says, "Why do I get the feeling she's up to something?"

            Amy says, "Because she always is."


            Once they are settled on the plane, Nick turns to Dottie and says, "What are you up to, you sneaky wench?"

            She giggles and says, "Wench? I like that." Lowering her voice, she says, "Nick, didn't you find it funny that I wore a skirt for the flight?"

            He says, "No, you just look so hot, I didn't think of it. I thought maybe you were doing it to tease me."

            She laughs and says, "That's part of the reason." Leaning closer to him, she whispers, "When I went to the bathroom, I took off my panties."

            He groans and shifts in his seat, trying to hide his ever growing bulge. He whispers, "Dottie, are you trying to kill me?"

            She leans closer and licks his neck before saying, "No, I'm just itching to become a member of the mile high club. Wanna scratch that itch?"

            Pulling back, he looks into her eyes and passion is burning there like never before. He kisses her hard and fast and says, "How do you plan this to work?"

            She says, "You can just follow my lead."

            They continue making out, long after the plane takes off. Since it's an evening flight, the lights are dim. Dottie moves her lips to his ear and says, "Follow me."

            She gets up and heads to the bathroom. Two minutes later, Nick follows her, completely ignoring the looks he's getting from Brian, Amy and the stewardess.

            When he gets to the bathroom, he knocks once. Dottie opens the door and he slips inside. He says, "You know we're gonna get caught."

            Scooting up on the counter, she says, "Not until we're finished."

            He watches her spread her legs and even in the confined space, he sees she's dripping wet. Quickly opening his pants, he shoves them down and steps between her legs. His lips capture hers in a fiery kiss as he pushes into her with one thrust.

            As he moves, her body rocks against his. Wrapping her legs around his body, she leans back and says, "Nick, Baby..."

            He moans and continues moving as fast as he can. They both know time is limited and the fact that anyone could catch them makes them both cum quickly. As his face is buried in her neck, he whispers, "You are the most incredible woman I've ever known. I never thought...never DREAMED you'd do this."

            She giggles and says, "I never would have...until you. I love you Nick."

            He kisses her and says, "I love you too."

            They clean up and re-dress. Nick slips out first, followed by Dottie. When she gets to her seat, the stewardess walks up and he sees Dottie press something into her hand. Once she's in her seat he says, "What was that?"

            She laughs and says, "Tickets to the show and a hundred dollars. Had to make sure she looked the other way."

            He laughs and hugs her tightly. He whispers, "You're a dream come true and I'm going to make sure our wedding is everything you dreamed it could be."

            She looks at him with love in her eyes and says, "It already is. I'm marrying you. I love you Nick."

            Kissing her lips gently, he whispers, "I love you too, Mrs. Carter."

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