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Chapter 46

Amy and Brian were lost in their own little world when Nick and Dottie came back from the bathroom. They were snuggling with Brian's hand rubbing Amy's stomach. Her mind was on the conversation she had earlier with Dottie.

She wanted to marry Brian more than anything. She told him she wanted to wait, but if he asked her tomorrow she would say yes.  Right now it was Dottie and Nick's turn for the fairytale. They deserved to have this special moment. Dottie was getting her happily ever after. If anyone deserved it, she did.

"You got quiet all of a sudden." Brian placed a kiss on Amy's head.

"Just thinking about D and Nick. I'm so happy that her and Nick are getting married. It's going to be beautiful. Well at least I hope so. I mean Nick is planning it." She giggled at the thought.

"Yeah, that has me somewhat worried. I hope he can plan it in such a short time." Brian tilted Amy's face up toward his. "Does this have you thinking wedding bells and honeymoons?" He whispered in her ear.

"Maybe." She looked in his blue eyes. It was so easy to get lost in them. "I want to marry you."

"I want to marry you, too. I'd do it tomorrow if you'd let me." Brian voice was full of emotion.

"I know you would, but Dottie and Nick should have their day first. D deserves this. Her and Nick have something so special. I don't want to rain on their parade."

"I understand and agree. Nick better make this a day she'll never forget." Brian chuckled.

"Yes, if he doesn't I'll kick his ass." Amy giggled. Then she gave Brian a quick kiss. They cuddled until they reached Portland.

Both couples were lost in their own world as they took the shuttle to the hotel. Nick and Dottie were making out. They hadn't stopped since they got on the plane. Amy was rubbing Brian's thigh, and he was playing with her hair.

The van pulled up to the hotel. "Guys were here. You can come up for air now." Brian said cheekily.  Nick answered by flipping off his best friend. Amy laughed and got out of the van. Brian grabbed their luggage and both couples went inside.

Jenn was sitting in the lobby waiting for them. "Here are your keys. Guys you have a meeting, now." They both groaned. "I promise it will only take about twenty minutes. Then you have the rest of your night free."

The men gave their ladies a quick kiss and followed Jenn. Amy and Dottie made their way to the elevator. They were lucky and caught it as it was opening.

"So how was sex on a plane?" Amy teased her best friend. The blush on Dottie's face was priceless.

"It was wonderful. You should try it with Brian someday." She smiled thinking about how much she enjoyed trying new things with Nick.

"I don't know if he'd be into that. Plus with my growing belly, we'd get stuck in there. Now that would be a story for the media." Both girls laughed at Amy's comment.

"Saint Brian gets stuck in bathroom while fucking his very pregnant girlfriend." Dottie snorted at the headline she came up with.

"Ha ha ha. You are so funny." Amy punched her friend in the arm. "I told Brian I wanted to marry him." She said seriously.

"Aww, I bet you made his day. What did he say?" Dottie asked.

"Said he would marry me tomorrow." Amy said dreamily.

"I told you so."

"Shut up D. I hate when you say that." They both giggled. "I told him that I wanted to wait a little bit longer."

The elevator dinged letting the women know they arrived to their destination. They stepped out and started looking for their rooms.

"What are your plans for tonight?" Dottie asked.

"I plan on seducing my man."  Amy replied as she reached her door. "Have fun with Nick."

She disappeared into her room. Amy set her suitcase down and unzipped it. She needed to find the perfect lingerie to seduce Brian with. After rifling through her suitcase she found exactly what she wanted to wear. She pulled her hair out the ponytail it was in and shook her hair. It fell softly around her face in soft waves. Then Amy slipped into the sexy royal blue lace babydoll and thong set.

Quickly she got settled on the bed, so she would be ready when Brian walked in. Amy didn't have to wait long. She heard the door open and saw Nick walk in.

"Oh shit, Amy. They must have gotten the key cards mixed up. I'll send Brian over A.S.A.P." Nick said quickly. "By the way you look beautiful. Sorry."

Nick closed the door as fast as he opened it. Amy laughed at Nick. He couldn't get out of the room fast enough. She couldn't wait to tease him.

When Brian entered the room he was out of breath. "Hey...there. Nick said you were all dolled up for me."  He started walking over and tripped over the suitcase.

Amy couldn't help but laugh at Brian. He was all flustered. It was like it was the first time they were going to have sex. "Are you okay, Bri Bri?" Amy said seductively. "I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself because of little ole me."

"Oh, fuck, Amy. You look absolutely fucking gorgeous." He started unbuttoning his shirt. Then he threw it on the floor and finished undressing.

Brian climbed on the bed, making his way towards Amy. She sat up on her knees and grabbed Brian face. Their lips met in a frenzy of passion. Ever since the flight Brian wanted to attack Amy and have his way with her. Apparently she wanted the same thing.

"Blue looks good on you Baby. I think you should wear this more often." He started kissing down her neck.

"Well I guess I'll wear it to breakfast tomorrow. I'm sure the other guys will like it." She teased Brian.

"I meant you should wear it for me. There's no way in hell I want the other guys to see how fucking hot you are." He sucked on her collarbone."

"Mmm...Brian. You know Nick saw me in it tonight." She slid off her knees and backed herself up to the headboard.

"I guess I'll have to kill him." Brian slid one of the thin straps off Amy's shoulder.

"We can't do that to Dottie. Maybe Nick will let you have a sneak peak of D." Amy giggled. Brian could feel his pants tightening from her laugh.

"As beautiful as Dottie is, she's not as endowed as you are." He slipped the other strap off and his hands moved toward her chest.

Amy gave Brian a kiss to silence him for a few minutes. She placed her tongue in his mouth as he laid her down on the bed. He separated her thighs with his knee and could feel Amy's wetness on her thong.

"So Bri Bri, you're only with me for my breasts." Amy asked seriously.

"Well, I do love your breasts, but I love your smile and your beautiful personality, too. Your boobs are just an added bonus." His hands were cupping her ample cleavage. His mouth was moving closer to her pert nipples.

"I'm glad you enjoy them so much." Her eyes twinkled. Brian's tongue slowly swirled around her nipple causing Amy grip the comforter. He flicked his tongue a few more times before sucking on her luscious breasts.

Brian's faced moved between her cleavage. He started kissing and squeezing.  "Mmm. I love my boobs."

Amy sat up abruptly. "What did you say?" She looked at Brian with a hint of confusion.

"Umm...I...said...I love your boobs." His nostrils were flaring, so Amy knew he was lying.

"That's not what I heard." She smirked at him. "You're lying, Mr. Littrell."

"What did you hear?" Brian asked with amusement.

"I'm not telling." She refused with a huge grin on her face. Amy heard what he said and thought it was funny to torture him.

"Come on, A." He started begging.

"You tell me what you said." Her eyes were full of mischief.

"Fine." He gave up. "I said I love my boobs."

Amy let out a huge laugh. She could barely breathe from laughing so hard. Brian started to chuckle, too. Neither one could stop for a few minutes.

Finally Amy caught her breath. "I didn't know you owned my boobs."

"I can't help it I love them so much. They're a masterpiece." He grinned at her.

"Then you better get them insured for a million bucks." She couldn't contain her laughter. "I'll be back I got to pee." Amy ran to the bathroom.

Brian sat on the bed with a huge smile on his face. Sure the romantic mood was killed, but he wouldn't trade this moment for anything. Tonight only proved how perfect he and Amy were together.



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