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Chapter 56

Amy was snuggling against Brian, when her phone went off. She was comfortable and didn't want to get up to answer it. It was probably Dottie having jitters about getting married. Slowly she got up to answer it.

"Hello." She said sleepily. "Nick calm down....I know your upset....You know Dottie loves you....I'll go find her....ok....just stay calm."

After she got off the phone, Amy quickly got dressed. Then she woke up Brian.

"Bri baby, I need to go find Dottie. Her and Nick had words and she ran off."

"Do you want me to help you?" He yawned. Amy had to do this on her own.

"No, I'll be fine. If I need you, I'll call you. Get some sleep." She gave him a kiss and left.

Where would Dottie go? Amy prayed that she had her phone with her. She dialed her friend but didn't get an answer. Dottie was avoiding everyone. Amy thought for a few minutes. She knew exactly where her best friend would be. She had the hotel get her cab.

Twenty minutes later she arrived at the Mirage. She went to the pool, but Dottie wasn't there. Amy looked around and saw some lights on in the ballroom. She headed inside and saw Dottie sitting in the middle of the floor.

"D, what's wrong?" She sat down next to her friend.

"Everything." Tears were running down her face.

"Nick's worried about you."

"I bet he is. He probably thinks I ran off with AJ or some other guy." Dottie was hurt and angry.

"What happened?"

"Nick hates me because I told him the truth, and he didn't like it. He expects me to be perfect, yet his past is allowed to be colorful." She sniffs loudly and tears continue to fall.

Amy was thoroughly confused about what going on. "D, Nick loves you. He wouldn't be marrying you later today if he didn't."

"I don't think there's going to be a wedding." Dottie started crying hysterically. Amy wrapped her arms around her friend. She prayed that Dottie would calm down. This was more than pre-wedding nerves.

"Dottie, talk to me. You can't keep this inside."

"A, I'm not good enough to marry Nick. He deserves someone who is perfect in his eyes. I'm not that woman."

"What are you talking about? Nick is worried sick about you." Amy attempted to comfort her friend, but it wasn't working.

"Then why isn't he here?" Her voice rose. "I can't be who he wants. He wants a perfect woman. I'm not that."


"No, just stop! Nick made it evident tonight. He got all pissy because I said I fantasized about AJ years ago. It's like he expects me to only have eyes for him."

"But you do. He's the only man you've care this much about."

"I know that." She pulled away from Amy. "He doesn't get that I have been in other relationships. Nick made me feel two inches tall. I can't do this if he treats me that way."

"It's sounds to me like he was jealous." Amy tried to see the situation from all points of views.

"Regardless, I felt like shit afterwards. It made me realize that I'm not the woman for him. Hell, the year proves it. Why would he want a woman who spent time in prison? I'm not worthy of his love. "

Amy was at a loss for words. She didn't know what to say to make her friend realize that she was wrong.

"Nick could do so much better than me. I see the pity in his eyes when he looks at me. Sure he may love me now, but a year from now he's going to realize that I'm not the woman he thought I was. He'll look at me and hate me. I'll never be what he wants."

"All he wants is you. I've never seen a man love a woman like Nick loves you. He loves you flaws and all." Amy need to make Dottie see how much Nick love her.

"I have too many flaws. If he loved me so much, why isn't he here?" She said bitingly.

"He's just trying to give you some space. Nick doesn't want to fight with you. D, you've been so confident lately. After dealing with Jake and Glenna, I saw a change in your personality. You became your old self only better."

"Oh, Amy. Even though I'm over the Jake situation, sometimes I think about how screwed up I truly am."  Dottie sighed in frustration. She wished she was the confident woman everyone thought she was. There were times she was that woman, but other times she was insecure like everyone else. It was hard knowing she wasn't always the person she wanted to be. She tried hard to be strong, but sometimes she was weak.

"Dottie, none of us are perfect. That includes you and your husband to be. We all make mistakes. It gives us character. Everything that's happened to you has made you stronger. Nick loves you unconditionally.  Just because he was acting like a jackass, doesn't mean he doesn't love you."

"But it hurt so much when he acted that way. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough for him. That he wanted me to be something I'm not." She wiped the tears off her face. It was time to take control of the situation.

"You are more than good enough for Nick Carter." Amy gave her friend a hug. "He was jealous because he loves you, not because you're not good enough for him. In fact, Nick might just not be good enough for you."

Dottie started to laugh at the last comment Amy made. She was starting to get to what her friend was saying. "A, thank you for finding me and knocking some sense into me."

"That's what friends are for. D, just remember you and Nick have a great relationship. Sure you've had a lot of issues come your way, but you've always managed to work things out. You and Nick are a great team. I can't wait to be invited to your fiftieth wedding anniversary party. You are more than good enough for Nick. He's lucky he found a woman to love him and deal with his shit."

"I'm lucky to have him. Plus, I like dealing with his shit."  Dottie wiped her eyes while she laughed.

"Well, Mrs. Carter, I think you need to go back to the hotel and talk to Nick. Plus it's almost five o'clock. You need to get some sleep, you're getting married tonight. We need to make sure you are rested for you first night as husband and wife."

"Thanks, Amy. You really great to deal with a crazy emotional friend like me." She hugged her best friend one last time and stood up.

"Anytime. I know you have my back when I'm an emotional wreck. You know what all these mood swings could mean." Amy smiled at her friend.

"I'm not going there yet. I'm just excited about getting married. I can only deal with one dramatic event at time."

"Okay, okay. Let's get back to our men."  The women left the ballroom arm in arm.


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