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Chapter 06

Everyone sat around chatting until it's almost time to leave the arena. Dottie is feeling more relaxed which makes Amy feel better. She doesn't like to see her friend hurting. She sees that Nick is ready for everyone to leave and spend some alone time with his girlfriend. Amy inconspicuously nudges Brian. He gets what she means.

He looks at his watch. "I think it's time I head over to my bus. I'm sure we'll be leaving soon." Then he jumps up and runs out of the bus.

"Well that was subtle." Amy laughed as she rolled her eyes. She was trying to figure out a way to let Dottie know that she was spending the night on Brian's bus. She was nervous about it.

"Yeah, I better go. Leigh is probably ready for bed. Goodnight Dottie. Night everyone." Howie made a less enthusiastic departure.

Amy slowly got up and went to her bunk. She needed to get a few things before heading over to Brian's bus. AJ slowed down when he got to her. He gave her a funny look.

"Well, well, well, why are you packing?"

"Oh, I was just straightening up so I could go to bed." Amy lied. She didn't want everyone making a big deal about her being on Brian's bus.

"You're lying, but I think it's cute. Tell Rok I said hey." He whispered in her ear and left.

"A, can you come here?" Dottie yelled to me. She set her backpack down once more and went into the main bedroom.

"Yes, D."

"I just wanted to thank you for being a support in my life. I wouldn't be as strong without you." Dottie paused to compose her thoughts. "Without your never ending faith and love, I wouldn't be here today."

Amy dropped down on the bed next to Dottie. "You've been my best friend forever. I have your back not matter what. I know you'll have my back when the time comes." She gave her friend a hug.

Nick chose that moment to break up the love. He walked over to Amy and placed a small package in her hand. "Just want to make sure you're careful." He smirked. "Especially after that kiss you two shared earlier.

Amy looked at the package and realized Nick had given her a condom. Her face turned the brightest shade of red. Dottie took the condom and looked at her best friend. "Is there something you forgot to tell me?"

"Umm...I'm...staying on Brian's bus tonight." Amy said nervously. She didn't want her friend to think she was just going over there just to have sex. "It's not what you think, D. We are just going to spend time together and talk. Your boyfriend is jumping to conclusions."

"Hey, Rok has needs. Brian getting lucky makes life easier." He laughed at his own joke. The women just looked at him.

"Well you go and have a good time with your man. I want details in the morning." Amy gave Dottie a hug and grabbed her things.

Amy walked over Brian's bus and knocked on the door. She stood there for a few minutes before he appeared at the door. She was nervous about spending the night with Brian, even if nothing was going to happen. Amy wasn't sure what she wanted to transpire tonight.

"Hey." Brian smiled with his blue eyes twinkling. "I thought you weren't coming."

"I got sidetracked by our best friends." She smiled nervously, especially when she noticed that he was only wearing boxer shorts. "Nick wanted me to give you this." She timidly handed him the foil package.

He looked at it and slowly lifted his eyes toward Amy's. There was a new emotion on his face. It was pure unadulterated lust. It shook Amy in her core. By no means was she the Virgin Mary, but no other guy affected her this way.

"It was just a joke Bri. I didn't even think about that when you invited me over." Amy attempted to say without sounding stupid. In her heart she knew it was lame of her to say that when she had been thinking about making love to him every night for the last couple of months.

"Umm...okay...do you want something to drink?" Brian asked warily. He was caught off guard with the condom and his mind was on sex. Damn Nick. He always had way of throwing a wrench in things.

"I'll have some water." Amy sat down at the table. It was safer to be up front rather than other places on the bus. She wasn't even sure Brian wanted to share a bed with her. After they talked he might give her a bunk to sleep in. This was the first time a guy made her feel all flustered.

Brian handed her a bottle of water as he sat down across from her. He was nervous. A was the first woman since his wife Glenna, that he had wanted to make love with. It was like he forgot how to interact with a beautiful woman.

They both sat silently for what seemed like forever. Amy was looking around the bus, while Brian was picking label off his bottle.

"Why do I feel like I'm in junior high?" Amy decided to make the first move. She couldn't take the silence anymore.

"I don't know." Brian smiled at her. "Everything was so easy for us until tonight."

"Are you sorry that I told you I was falling for you?" Amy was ready to bolt, but the bus had already pulled out. There was no way she could run for safety.

"Baby I'm happy you told me because I feel the same way. You're all I think about. When I'm singing I'll Never Break Your Heart I'm singing it to you. I have love songs popping up in my head that I haven't heard in years." He sighed and grabbed my hand. "I don't think I've had feelings like this for anyone."

Amy was speechless. It was like a fairytale come true. She willed herself to remain calm because real life was more than a fairytale. "B, I'm touched. Sometimes I feel like this isn't real and tomorrow I'll wake up knowing it was all a dream."

"Baby, it's not a dream. I'm falling head over hills in love with you." He pulled her up and then made his way to the bedroom.

"What are we doing here?" Amy gulped. She knew she sounded like a little girl. Brian's move toward the bedroom unnerved her.

"Whatever you want A. I'm not going to pressure you to make love. I'm not that kind of guy." He caressed her cheek and sat her down on the bed. "I'm not going to lie there's nothing more I'd rather do than love you in that way, but I'm going to respect your wishes."

Amy was absolutely stunned that Brian wanted her in that way. She was ready to say yes to him right now. "Why don't we just cuddle and talk some more, right now."

"That sounds wonderful." Brian settled on the bed next to Amy. Her head was on his chest and he was playing with her hair.

The couple was quietly cuddling. Neither one saying anything, but both having the same thought inside their head. Brian couldn't take it anymore. He sat up slowly pulling Amy up with him. They both looked at each other knowing exactly what the other one wanted. Within a moment, their lips met. They were taking it slow exploring each other's mouths.

Brian's hands moved to the bottom of Amy's shirt. He looked at her and she nodded. Swiftly, Amy's shirt was on the floor. She moved herself closer Brian and placed light kisses on all over his chest.

"Amy, don't stop." He moaned in her hair. She moved her way up to his neck, lightly nipping and sucking. Brian breath was ragged. He was amazed how good Amy was making him feel. She made her way to his lips, where he took her tongue into his mouth. They spent the next few minutes in a heated tongue battle as their hands were all over each other's body. 

Brian broke away from Amy. "That was incredible. Are you okay with this?" He said lovingly as he looked into her eyes.

"Bri, I want you so much. I don't think I can wait." She cupped his face in her hands. "I hope you don't think badly of me for wanting to jump into bed with you the first night we're alone." She cared about Brian so much that she didn't want to do anything to hurt this new relationship.

"I could never think badly of you. I want it as bad as you do." He smiled at her.

"Okay." She said shyly.

"What's wrong baby?" Brian wrapped his arms around her neck. They were having such an intimate moment without even realizing it.

"I just don't want you thinking I'm that type of girl. They all know I'm spending the night with you."

"I'd never think that. Who cares what anyone thinks? We're adults and can do what we want. They're just jealous because they aren't getting any." Brian smiled at Amy and they both started to laugh.

"Well I guess you better get that condom Nick gave us." Amy leaned back on the bed. She watched Brian look at the nightstand.

"Shit, do you know where I put it?" He continued looking around by the nightstand.

"Umm, no I thought you had it." She giggled. For some reason, Amy found this kind of amusing.

"I did, but I don't know what I did with it." Brian was starting to get annoyed. All he wanted to do was make love to Amy, and he was stuck looking for a condom.

"Don't you keep any on hand?" Amy giggled again as she asked Brian. The whole situation was kind of embarrassing in that high school kind of way. They were in their thirties and couldn't get it right.

"No, I haven't had sex in over a year. No reason to keep them on hand." He walked over to the door. "Stay put, just like that. I'll go check up front."

While Brian was searching the front half of the bus, Amy stretched out on the bed in a sexy pose. She heard cupboards opening and closing. Brian was cursing and banging the drawers. It was like a comedy was being filmed on Brian's bus. A few minutes later Brian walked back in.

"Amy I couldn't find it, but the next rest stop is like twenty minutes away. The bus driver said he would stop." He took one breath to get it out.

Amy pulled him close to her and kissed him. They continued to make out like horny teenagers until they couldn't breathe. After that Amy cuddled into Brian's chest. A few minutes later Amy and Brian were fast asleep.



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