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Chapter 61

            Dottie saw Amy slip out and sent Brian to find her. When they don't come back, Dottie starts to get worried. She's still glued to Nick's side so she turns her face up to look at him and whispers, "Nick, I think I should check on Amy."

            He smiles down at her and says, "Don't you trust Brian?"

            She says, "Of course I do, but I know how irrational she's been lately. I'm afraid her mood swings are going to push him over the edge."

            Nick laughs and says, "Girl, Brian has the patience of a saint. He's not going to let her push him away." When he sees she's still worried, he kisses her nose and says, "Come on Beautiful, let's go check on them."

            She smiles up at him and says, "Did I remember to tell you how happy I am tonight?"

            He squeezes her and says, "You did. Did I tell you how beautiful you look?"

            She smiles and says, "I love you, Husband."

            He says, "I love you, Wife."


            When they get to the pool area, Brian and Amy are standing close to the water, deep in a kiss.  Really deep. So deep, Brian's hands are all over Amy's ass and her dress is riding up higher and higher.  Dottie looks at Nick and he whispers, "I've already seen her almost nude, that's nothing."

            Dottie fights back a giggle and says, "I think they need to cool off, don't you?"

            Nick sees the wicked gleam in her eye and he cautions her by saying, "She'll get mad."

            Dottie laughs and says, "She won't stay mad."

            They sneak over next to them and Nick sweeps her up into his arms. He spins her around and they "bump" into Amy and Brian, knocking them off balance and into the pool. When Brian comes up sputtering, Nick says, "Oh shit, Brian, I am SO sorry. I got so wrapped up in D...Man, forgive me! Amy, are you ok?"

            Amy sees Dottie fighting a laugh and she knows they did it on purpose. Instead of getting angry, her heart explodes with happiness. She laughs and says, "Good one Sis. But payback's a bitch." Looking at Nick, she holds up her hands and says, "Will you help the pregnant lady out of the pool?"

            Nick leans over and holds out his hands. Dottie sees the opportunity and takes it. Putting her hands on Nick's ass, she pushes and he tips over into the pool in front of Amy and Brian.

            When he comes up for air, Dottie is giggling like a school girl. He starts to climb out of the pool, saying, "Oh, so you wanna play, do you Baby?"

            She sees the wicked gleam in his eyes and she says, "Now, Nick, you wouldn't ruin my wedding dress, would you?"

            AJ, Howie and Kevin have strolled out onto the deck and AJ just cracks up. Dottie hides behind him as he says, "Look at you guys, soaking wet! You're telling me this little thing pushed you into the water, Nick?"

            Rochelle looks at Dottie and steps back, knowing what's going to happen. Dottie hugs AJ tightly and says, "Save me AJ!" Before he realizes what's happening, she's tipped him into the pool.

            As his hat floats away from him, he shakes his head like a dog and says, "Oh, you are SO going to pay for that, D!"

            Dottie kicks off her shoes and says, "You gotta catch me first AJ!"

            As he makes his way out of the water, Kevin sweeps Dottie up in his arms and says, "Sorry, guys, as much as you may want to do it, I'm not letting you throw the bride in the water in her wedding gown."

            AJ stops and says, "Well, I guess you're right." He snaps his fingers and says, "I've got it. We'll just take off her dress!"

            Nick's jaw drops and Amy yells, "DO IT AJ!" as she's climbing out of the water.

            Kevin laughs and says, "He does have a point."

            Dottie giggles and says, "Why don't we all go get swimsuits on and make this reception a pool party?"

            AJ says, "Nuh huh, D, you're gonna get it now."

            Nick steps in front of AJ and says, "Brother, as much as I love you, you are NOT seeing my bride naked."

            AJ rolls down his lip and says, "That's not fair Nick."

            Dottie slides out of Kevin's arms and steps around Nick. She says, "AJ, if I promise to wear a teeny tiny bikini, will you forgive me?"

            Everyone laughs, including AJ. He picks her up and hugs her tight and says, "You know I'm not mad."

            Nick says, "Come on man you're ruining her dress."

            AJ puts her down and says, "Sorry D."

            She kisses his cheek and says, "It's ok. It's really my fault for being so naughty."

            Howie says, "I guess Nick should spank you D." When everyone looks at him dumbfounded, he says, "WHAT?"

            They all laugh and Dottie says, "OK, I'm serious. I'm going to put on my swimsuit. I'll be back."

            Nick grabs her hand and says, "We'll be back."


            Once in their room, Dottie looks at Nick shyly and says, "Are you mad at me?"

            He smiles gently and says, "No, D, I'm not mad. If you knew how much it means to me to see that smile on your face...I love you girl and I'm glad you're enjoying our wedding day."

            As he's talking, he starts taking off his clothes. When his chest is bare, Dottie steps up in front of him and pulls his face to hers. Lifting her in his arms, she wraps her legs around him as he pushes her against the wall. Their kiss is electric.  When he pulls his lips from hers, he keeps her pressed against the wall and says, "You are simply stunning, My Love."

            Playing with the hair on the nape of his neck, she says, "Tonight has been perfect, Nick. Thank you for a beautiful wedding."

            He kisses her again and whispers, "Want to skip the reception?"

            Before she can reply, there's a knock at the door and AJ yells, "Don't forget, TEENY WEENY BIKINI!"

            Dottie giggles against his lips before yelling, "Just for you, AJ!"

            Nick feigns a hurt look and she says, "What? You know you're bringing me back up here to take if off, right??"

            He smiles a lecherous smile and says, "If you're lucky I'll wait till we're back in the room. I may have to have you in the elevator."

            She giggles as he puts her down. She says, "Nick, will you unzip my dress?"

            He spins her around and slowly slides the zipper down, his fingertips caressing her skin as the fabric parts. When she turns and faces him, letting it fall, he whispers, "We are SO going to be late!"

            Pushing him back onto the bed, she whispers, "I was hoping you'd say that."

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