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Today I was helping Kendra and Kyle get ready for their engagement party. Currently I was folding napkins. It was peaceful to have a few minutes to myself. When I saw Nick walk into the kitchen I knew I spoke to soon. Did he really need to be here? What did Nick know about decorating or parties?

He walked past me and went outside. After the other night I was relieved that he ignored me. I was still mad at Nick. Though that was nothing new; I hated him for a long time.

“Sophia, could you take this out to Nick?” Kendra handed me a bottle of water. I didn’t have a choice. I reminded myself to be nice. This was Kendra’s day. I didn’t want to ruin it for her.

I walked outside to where Nick was hanging up twinkle lights. He was all sweaty and gross. The boy looked like he hadn’t showered in a week. What did women see in him?

“Here Nick.” I pushed the bottle toward him.

“Thanks.” He opened it and took a long drink. “Nice shirt.”

I looked down at my N’Sync shirt and smiled. “You know they’re my favorite boy band. They are so hot and their songs are so orgasmic.” I said dreamily. I loved torturing Nick.

“You’re so funny, Soph.” He stared at me, his eyes penetrating mine. I couldn’t look away from his blue orbs.

“My name is Sophia. Only my friends call me Soph. You are not my friend.” I sighed as I raked my fingers down his chest. “I’m serious Nick. I’ve always liked Justin Timberlake. I bet he knows how to make a girl feel good. I would so do him.”

“I’ll let him know you’re prostituting yourself the next time I see him. I’m sure he likes frigid women.” Nick gave my body the once over, stopping at my legs. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my tiny running shorts. When he focused back on my face, I saw a glint of something in his eyes. I decided to ignore it.  “Though you do have a nice pair of legs and a rack any guy would die to touch.”

“You pervert.” I turned around and marched back into the house.

Kendra was finishing up getting things ready. She looked at me and shook her head. “What did Nick do this time?” She snickered.

“He was ogling my body. What a dirty pig!” I sat down and continued folding napkins.

“Well, you are running around in a tight shirt and booty shorts.” Kendra commented on my clothes.

“They aren’t booty shorts. I wear them when I go running.” I defended myself. “Do you think I purposely wore them for Nick?”

“I wasn’t thinking that, but now that you mentioned it.” I gave her a look. “I think you and Nick have a lot of sexual tension towards each other. Sleep with him and get it out of your system.”

I was flabbergasted. There was no way I wanted to sleep with Nick. I would become a nun before I do it with him.  “I’m not even going to dignify that with a comment.”

“Thou protest too much.” Kendra grinned at me. “I need to go pick up the cake. Can you start fixing up the tables? I should be back within the hour. The flowers will be arriving in forty five minutes. Kyle won’t be back for a while. He’s got to pick up the food.”

“No problem.” I started picking up the plates to take outside.

“Thanks, Sophie.” She gave me a hug. “Behave.”

After Kendra left I got busy setting things up for the party. Nick was finishing up the lights. My cell phone started to ring. I found it under a pile of decorations. “Hello…yes….are you sure…no, I understand….that’s okay….thank you.” I closed my phone.

I went searching for my purse. I found it and made my way to the front porch. I needed some time alone. My hands couldn’t stop shaking. I grabbed the pack of cigarettes from my purse. I lit a cigarette and started to place it in my mouth.

“What are you doing with that cancer stick?” Nick sat down beside me on the steps.

“Smoking.” I said dejectedly. I didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Being miserable was more fun alone.

All of a sudden my purse started moving and making a funny buzzing noise. Nick grabbed it at the same time I did. Being that he was stronger he pulled it away from me. He unzipped it and pulled out a bright neon green vibrator. “Well look what we have here. I didn’t think you would have one so big.” Nick wiggled his eyes at me. He was enjoying my embarrassment.

“I brought it for you. I thought since it gave me so much pleasure, I’d share it with you. That way you would know what real pleasure feels like.” I grabbed it and put it back in my purse.

“You must go through a lot of batteries.” He smiled at me. It wasn’t a cocky smile. Instead it was a genuine friendly smile. “So why are you smoking? You and your sister are always yelling at AJ about it.”

“I don’t smoke that often. Only when I’m stressed or upset.” My eyes looked at the ground. There was no way I could show my weakness to Nick. He would laugh and taunt me.

“Are you upset or stressed?” Nick said kindly. This was not the Nick I knew.

I turned and looked at him. “I just got laid off.” I whispered.

“Sophia, I’m sorry. That sucks. This cancer stick isn’t going to help you.” He took it out of my mouth, threw it on the ground, and smashed it with his foot.  “You know, I’m looking for an assistant.”

“Nick, we would kill each other.” I smiled thinking about working that closely with him. That made me start to laugh.

“What is so funny?” He scooted closer to me. Before I had a chance to answer him, he placed his lips on mine. At first I was pissed off and wanted to push him away. Then I got into the kiss, and I didn’t want it to stop. His lips were soft and smooth against mine. Nick made me forget where I was. He slid his tongue in my mouth. My tongue started to play with his. I placed my hands around his neck and brought him closer to me. Our tongues continued to battle one another, neither of us caring who won. No man had ever kissed me like this.

My brain went into hyper drive, and I realized what was happening. I removed myself from his magnetic attraction. “Umm…I got to go.  Tell, Kendra that I’ll be back around five.” I grabbed my purse and ran to my car.

As soon as I pulled away from Kendra’s; I pulled out my cigarettes and lit one. What was Nick thinking? Why would he kiss me?  What was I thinking kissing him back? I didn’t know how I was going to make it through this party. If I could skip it I would, but I could never disappoint my best friend.