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He watched the newcomer from a distance, and hated him instantly. He didn’t just dislike him, no, he hated him with his whole being.  Who'd ever thought the one you once hated, would be the one thing you would be missing dearly some day?

a story about friendship, betrayal, forgiveness and saying goodbye. About Kamille tea, an interesting fear of elevators and what actually means to be a brother.

Rated: G
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Brian, Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 63
Completed: No
Word count: 96197
Read: 26839
Published: 02/11/13
Updated: 06/20/16

1. 1. In the beginning by freedomwriter [Reviews - 19] (607 words)

might be a little confusing in the beginning

2. 2. Failed Promises by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (559 words)

hope you like it, please review, then I'll be certain to continue

3. 3. Part Of The Plan by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (789 words)

please review and I'll continue! thanks!

4. 4. Missing Conviction by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (938 words)

i hope i can get to the point some time soon...

5. 5. Miracles Do Happen by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1123 words)

if you can tell the difference between this chapter and the others, comment!

6. 6. Among The Stars by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (899 words)

the plot thickens. (a little)

please review, if you're still interested.

7. 7. Battlesong by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1473 words)

actually uploaded things quick this time :D

8. 8. Greater Than Sex by freedomwriter [Reviews - 3] (1545 words)

ah yes, finally got around to update. Please review for more updates :P

9. 9. Prospection Abroad by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1020 words)

I'm sorry for the missing 2015 part, but I felt like the two fragments were getting too big this time and deserved their own chapter for once...

enjoy anyway...

10. 10. Call Guy by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1034 words)

so here's the 2015 part I promised :)

11. 11. Repositions by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (846 words)

enjoy and review please for another update :P

12. 12. Camille Tea by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (549 words)

last one for today, promise.

Don't be confused by this chapter (not like you will) 

I think it fits into the story perfectly.


13. 13. Stand By You by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (793 words)

It would have been a lot more convenient if everyone would have had a mobile phone in 1993, wouldnt it?

enjoy the chapter!

14. 14. Black Mind by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (648 words)

sorry it's so short, took everything I had to get it to make some sense...

it still doesn't.

enjoy anyway

15. 15. The Good Life by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (741 words)

yes :)

16. 16. Better by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (859 words)

Brian's point of view is a lot harder than I'd expected. I did my best though.


17. 17. What Once Was Lost by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (782 words)

18. 18. Breaking Bald by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (652 words)


19. 19. Trouble in Paradise by freedomwriter [Reviews - 3] (960 words)

enjoy! If you have any questions, don't be too scared to ask :D

20. 20. Repeating History by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (889 words)

21. 21. Still Alright by freedomwriter [Reviews - 4] (1233 words)


22. 22. Monkey Pets by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1404 words)

so glad I finally got this chapter done! think it turned out pretty well after all, haha :)

23. 23. Cut Out by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1212 words)

hope you still like it! Enjoy!

24. 24. Give In To Guilt by freedomwriter [Reviews - 3] (2154 words)

oh dear, I see where this is going...

enjoy anyway!

25. 25. One Step Closer by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2163 words)

I figured Brian wouldnt be doing really well in the communication department while going through the chemo, hence the lack of dialogue in the 2015 part


enjoy anyway!

26. 26. Come Alive by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2422 words)

oh wow, the beginning is pretty depressing, so if that's not your thing, you better skip to the 2000 part


27. 27. Communication Skills by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1160 words)

yay! the plot thickens... or something like that. If you're still intrigued enough to read this, go ahead and have fun!

28. 28. Escape Of The Century by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1485 words)

oh dear, hope this clears up a little more.

29. 29. Happy Family by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1289 words)

yay! hug!


30. 30. Tense Talk by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1447 words)


31. 31. Somewhere To Belong by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1567 words)

ahh, it's cute. 


32. 32. Seeking What Was Lost by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2391 words)

yay, I'm rather proud of this chapter, so... yay!


33. 33. Short Leash by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1566 words)



34. 34. Just For You by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1295 words)

meh... kinda depressing


35. 35. Always An Eternity Away by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1538 words)

wow, Nick really caused the shit to hit the fan now, oh dear...


36. 36. Selfishly by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1658 words)



37. 37. Entirely Nothing by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1306 words)

yup, enjoy!

38. 38. Fallen Renegade by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1260 words)

Although this is just a bit of a filler, I still hope you'll enjoy!

39. 39. Surprise Destination by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1204 words)

a little lighter than previous chapters, we need a little break, I guess



40. 40. Someday Maybe by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (929 words)


41. 41. Kill It With Fire by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2199 words)

Finally, FINALLY, I think I got it right. After writing, rewriting and yet again rewriting. I feel like THE FIGHT should have had some importance, something weighty. I just couldnt get it right til now, I hope :)

please review guys!

42. 42. Long Way Down by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2519 words)

oh yes, wrote this chapter in 'just' two days. At least it's a long one. I'm getting slower and slower as I'm trying to think of a fitting ending to this story, but I think I've got one now... :)

Just about 5 more chaps to go I think...

43. 43. If Only Truth Would Conquer by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1787 words)

yes! yes! yes! Finally got her in a trap! Yes!

44. 44. The Final Verdict by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2792 words)

I hope this explain a LOT. 

45. 45. Leave The Light On by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2110 words)

Why not have some good news?

46. 46. Room With A View by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2792 words)

so actually the 'past part' does not have anything to do with this chapter, but it was just a lot of fun to write :) It took a while to finish the chapter in a whole, because I wasnt sure if I wanted Brian to go through with it and was wondering what would have done in his position. I just hope he made the right decision...

47. 47. Eye Of The Storm by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1827 words)

so no, it's not over...

48. 48. Crawl In The Dark by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1761 words)

this is kind of a dark chapter... literally :)

49. 49. Can You See Me? by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1974 words)

yay, almost there, can't wait til I finish the next chapter! :)

50. 50. A Small Crime by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2694 words)

ugh, I hope this qualifies as valid...

so, big important chapter finally!

I had no idea how to end it, or even how to begin it, that's why it took so long, haha

anyway, it's gotten more of a reflective piece than I had planned, but I hope you'll still like it.

51. 51. Man Down by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2424 words)

damn, is he pissed off...

52. 52. When Frick Met Frack (1) by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (2160 words)

Oh my, is that... is that an update? I believe so. I'm sorry it took so long, I really am. There's probably no good excuse other than that my computer accidently on purpose did not save the file and I had to redo the whole chapter all over again, and since this one is longer than the usual, I may have kinda ragequit for a month or two...

Anyways, I still hope you enjoy this one, it's actually the first one of three parts in which we will hopefully see some progress in the situation, haha. It may be a little corny here and there, but, why not have a bunch of fluff once in a while from these two? Next chapter will have some more action, seeing he is angry all the way through now.

53. 53. Wish You Well (2) by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1691 words)

yeah, it may be getting a little out of hand XD

enjoy anyway

54. 54. How To Save A Life (3) by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1839 words)

don't ask, I have no idea where this is going or what I'm doing. It's like this story is in some sort of identity crisis, but before we get to the bottom of that, please enjoy this strange chapter....

55. 55. The Weight Of The World by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2479 words)
arggh, finally. And although this is just a filler (or maybe not so much) please enjoy and review

56. 56. Duck And Run by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2390 words)
I like this one for a change XD

57. 57. Embrace Me by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (2321 words)
yay for weird chapters :D

58. 58. Rock The Boat by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1813 words)

59. 59. Regrets and the Sorts by freedomwriter [Reviews - 4] (1378 words)
Didn't really think I'd update this story, but hey, why not ^^

60. 60. Alright by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1698 words)
new chapter in nearly two years! Progress! Progress that could make you cry.

61. 61. Fixing It by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1775 words)
Don't mind me, I'll be in the corner, thinking about what I did.

62. 62. Don't Say It by freedomwriter [Reviews - 1] (1520 words)

63. 63. Blink by freedomwriter [Reviews - 2] (1865 words)