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Nick stood from the foot of the bed as he watched her eyes close slowly. She was going to be out like a light for a few hours. He wanted to just leave for the sake of her boyfriend coming back. Nick figured this should just be between them. No reason for everyone to know everything.

There's something so strange about this girl that had him in knots. He was so sure he saw her, that little girl. He looked around the suite and took a deep breath. He had to leave. So many people were looking for him it was expected. For a second he wished he never had this life. It was starting to create chaos. Looking at Amelia scared him. She reminded him of his life before all this. Before the world knew everything about him. Before Lauren cared to be his girlfriend. Before the pop star status. Before singing became the sole purpose for just being. His family was destroyed from the result of being on top. Did he feel like a winner?

Don't be so sure. He knew, he had a vision of how his life would be had all this came to fruition, but never like this. His phone was never silent unless he turned it off or broke it.

"Why aren't you leaving?" She opened her eyes pulling him out of his day dream.

Nick staggered. His breath hitched in his throat. "Just wanted to make sure you're going to sleep."

She flipped the covers off and sat up against the headboard. She looked at him through hazy eyes. He looked shaken, nervous when he finally stood upright. She watched his body language. Something was making him twitch. Amelia looked around the room. She glanced at the clock and rubbed her tired face. Her hair was disheveled but that was the least of her worries.

"I can't believe he did this. I should have never come with him." She collapsed in a huff back on the pillow. "I never thought I would beat myself up over this. But I did. Now I feel like shit."

Nick hesitated. It wasn't his place to respond since her personal life had nothing to do with him. Only as long as it didn't concern Brian; which wasn't true he believed.

"Sorry. I don't know what to say. I'm almost pretty sure he hung out with Donnie and the gang last night. Speaking of, the guys and I have studio time in the city in the evening. I should get going." Perfect timing he thought as he breezed over the time on his Android.

Amelia sighed. Everyone leaves. Everyone has to leave, don't they? Isn't that the story of her life? It shouldn't bother her this much but it was hard to ignore. With the combination of a residual hangover, Will's carelessness, Brian's face never leaving her thoughts and dreams, Nick being the boy from her childhood, it's a wonder she wasn't the female Howard Hughes. Closed off from her surroundings. She felt detached from everything suddenly. Mainly because of the ever going need for people to just leave. That's what they do best.

It shouldn't shock her, but as a small, warm tear slid down her cheek, she couldn't resist the power of her vulnerability.

"I'll see you." She whispered, turning her back to him, rather harshly he thought.

"Will's a lucky guy. He'll come around. Just be honest with him."

Amelia couldn't contain the tears that were flooding and flowing down her cheeks. They silently trickled down without feeling. It was a wonder he couldn't see her face. If she wiped them he would see and maybe rub it in her face. Make things even more intolerable than they always were.

She felt the mattress shift and turned upright, blotchy face and all. Nick sat on the corner on her side of the bed.

When she looked at him she allowed herself to break. She took 4 deep heaves of breaths, unable to hold it in. It was getting harder. His piercing eyes awoke something inside her. Just like they had when they were kids. She saw herself in them. The walls came down. She saw her 4-year-old self being chased by him around his backyard. The flash was in his eyes now. She remembered much more now. She could feel the memory like it was yesterday.

When the flash stopped, she saw the silky blue shade of his iris. "I don't want to lose him."

Nick sighed gently. She was scared. He can feel as well as see it. Her entire body was convulsing as if she was having a slight panic attack. He reached across and covered her hand with his. He turned her hand over and linked his fingers with her fragile ones. She closed her eyes while two fresh tears streaked down her face.

"You won't lose him. Just tell him. If he loves you, he'll listen. Let him know what a jerk he was. Flag him down on this."

The corner of Amelia's mouth rose and she shook her head, trying to hold in the eminent breakdown that was bubbling.

"I guess you're right. You know, I know we don't know each other," Big fat lie. "But, any guy would have left by now. I mean you even stayed until morning. That's not something guys do."

Nick blushed slightly. "Well, unlike those guys, I care when people need it."

She looked at him and grinned. "You sure you're straight?"

He gave her a pointed look. "You don't wanna go there."

"I'm joking. I never asked for any proof, you can rest easy."

He smirked and wiped her tear streaked face with his thumbs. He didn't want to see her in tears anymore. It wasn't worth it. She just needed some rest and all will be well. The back of his knuckles brushed her red cheek, he knew this was overstepping the bounds but he felt like he knew her. She had grown up since then. She became a woman. Her butterscotch eyes were checking his. He slowly removed his hands to hold onto hers under the covers.

"Nick…" She breathed, didn't expect it to sound so weak.

Her barely audible voice made him stand up from the bed. He caught himself.

*Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlight people*

He looked at his phone and excused himself outside to take it. She nodded pulling the covers back over her body. She watched him shut the door with a click and realized all she needed now was to sleep. She didn't want to deal with anybody.

A few hours later Will snuck inside the hotel room. He had a feeling Amelia would be a little peeved so he thought sliding under the covers like a quiet cheetah would make up for last night. Knowing her, she was probably freaking out about him since he didn't call. She wouldn't believe it if he told her that he was in a basement under a dive bar on the upper Westside. He realized it might be futile to tell her everything but he'd have to break it down when she woke up. He certainly had a rough night for the most part.

He went to the bathroom to clean up and closed the door softly. Any sharp noises would instantly bounce her upright and he really wanted to come back to relax. After Will rid himself of last night he peeled off his clothing and walked over to the King sized bed. Looking at her brought a calming smile to his face. She was in deep sleep; he could tell by her completely relaxed frame. The comforter moving up and down with the timing of her breathing. She looked so beautiful. What a sight for sore eyes after last night.

This was his cue. He unfolded the other side of the comforter and gently slipped in slowly without making the sheets crinkle. He breathed a sigh of relief when she didn't move. She must really be tired. She was probably worrying all night, getting bored with everything, even in the master suite. There was one other thing that bothered him.

Last night he hung out with Donnie and the rest of The New Kids as well as the Backstreet gang. He had gotten to know everybody pretty well except for Brian and Nick. Nick wasn't around all that much but he seemed cool in general. The night ended as soon as it began with him. Brian was present but distant. From the moment he met Brian he was always like that. He was still not used to Amelia's choice. Will was getting a little annoyed with Brian's attitude toward the whole thing. She made her choice. He should want her to be happy. Obviously he was a selfish guy trying to play with people whenever he could. Brian barely looked at anyone. AJ tried his best to loosen him up but he wasn't having it. It was AJ's idea to get him, or rather drag his out of his room and away from his phone out. He'd never seen Brian check his Blackberry so religiously. But whatever AJ did, Brian didn't seem all that into anything. He groaned and mumbled responses if anyone asked him anything. The New Kids group were observing this and Joey called a car service so Brian can sleep it off. Probably was best considering the overall nasty vibes he was sending out. Brian called it a night after 9pm not right before he shot Will a glare and headed up to his room. Will shared glances with Howie and AJ and they shook their heads. Thank god those guys didn't know about Brian and Amelia. The less people know the better.

Howie and AJ were cool though. They explained Brian's going through something in his personal life and he gets this way when things aren't going well. As long as it's not affecting his performance the guys think he should be OK. Will wasn't so sure. Something was off with that guy. He had so much going for him. Leighanne is such an amazing person. They have a family. Everything Will wants with Amelia. He has it all. Why is he acting like such a prick? Will closed his eyes as if trying to shut out the reason. Maybe that other guy, what was his name? Nick? Maybe he knows what's up. Maybe he could find out some stuff about Brian through Nick. They seemed to be the closest of all the guys. Nick seems like a nice enough guy to get it. And he has a girlfriend so there's no worry there. Nick was probably with Brian last night.

Amelia moaned and pulled the covers tighter around her body. She felt the bed shift again. Maybe he got off the phone. Its enough that she's dreaming of the two men she fell in love with at different times in her life, why does he have to keep coming back? She decided she wasn't going to give in and turn around this time. She needed a break from all these memories.

She felt a presence so close to her. It can't be. Could it? No way. Nick would not do this-

She gasped and turned around to see Will's sleeping face. Something wasn't right here.

"Will? Wh-at? Will, wake up." Amelia shook his shoulder.

"Hmm?" He opened his eyes slowly. "What, what's wrong?"

Amelia sat up looking at him incredulously. "What happened last night?"

"I—I, sweetheart, I am so tired. Can I sleep for a little bit and then we can talk?"

Amelia's eyes started to close again. She didn't have the energy to push him to answer. She'd have to wait. She sunk down on the taunt pillow roughly. She was probably being irrational. She can see in his face all he wanted to do was sleep. She brought the back of her hand to his cheek, stroking it. She missed this. Missed the feel of him. She traced a finger down his face and stopped at his lower lip. She brought her finger up and felt him kiss it.

"Angel. I love you so much. Come here." He kept his eyes closed as he pulled her into his arms.

Brian awoke to the sound of sharp knocking. He didn't request a wake up call so this was unexpected. He weakly lifted his head from the dip of the pillow, checking the red crystal alarm clock. It couldn't have been after 2pm? He knew he had rehearsals at 5pm but The Firm always wanted everyone to arrive an hour before just to check in and go over some new things that might be added in the performance. Which almost didn't make sense since the show already had enough bells and whistles.

Brian pulled his body around and took a deep breath. The knocking jolted his body fully upright. His eyes popped out and he shook off the tension in his shoulders. His entire body was intense and he felt like at any moment he might hit something, or someone.

"Yeah, wait, hold on." He swung his legs around and tried to stand up.

When he walked the few steps to the door he checked the eye hole, another groan escaped his lips. If there was anything or anyone he didn't want to see, it was him.

Nevertheless Brian unhooked the chain from the lock and slid it open. He closed one eye as he pulled the door wider, leaning his head on it.

"Whoa Brian, you just wake up?" Nick looked at him strangely suppressing a giggle.

"No, I was hit by a sledgehammer. What's up?" He rubbed his eyes and covered a yawn.

"Well, you missed breakfast about 8 hours ago. Do you wanna come down for lunch? There's a lot of cops down there and its getting a little too New York. Donnie was asking about you. You're really missing out on all the fun B-Rok."

Brian wanted to ask if Will was there but he had a feeling since NKOTBSB and the Blue Bloods crews are mingling a lot lately, luck would have it. It's unfortunate he'd have to see him for a couple more days, but glad in case he's at work so he can reach Amelia. He could have sworn she tried to contact him last night. He left his phone alone for 5 minutes and it went missing. He freaked out when he realized it was just at the end of the bed. When he checked it for the millionth time a weird feeling appeared in the pit of his stomach. He could still try. Will's been working a lot and came back probably really late. There's still a chance, he didn't loose hope. If only she could realize what he gave up. But truth be told, she wasn't solely the reason, but regardless, a prodigious part.

Brian nodded, "I'll consider it, give me 5 to get dressed."

When he closed the door he leaned the weight of his body on the hard surface, softly banging his head against it. He peeled himself off the door and started to get ready. He figured once he started his day everything would sort out itself.

Ten minutes later he emerged fully decent and ready for the day. As he trotted downstairs to the lobby restaurant a muffled voice caught his interest. He walked closer and realized once of the voices was Amelia, the other, a soft barely audible tone he had to squint his ears to make out. What was going on here?

"I don't know… Am I crazy to think he's back with Jennifer? She is filming a TV movie here too. I just think all the late nights remind me of 2 years ago when she came back and he couldn't think straight."

"Have you told him this?" Nick? Brian pulled back; realization hitting him square in the face. When in the world did they have time to talk so personally?

"You kidding? He's tired. I never get a chance. Maybe I should try harder. I don't know why I'm so scared. I guess, maybe, he'll leave me one day. How do I tell him? I don't know how to bring it up." Amelia sighed and leaned back against the stair railing.

Brian took the silence in and moved closer to witness the scene. Nick reached out to take her hand. What was going on between them? He would have never suspected anything was up with them in a million years.

"Brian is still in his room?" Amelia perked up, concern evident in her tone.

"I was Mr. Wake-up call but who knows if he'll do anything anymore. Except for some things." He whispered the last part so only she could hear but Brian managed to hear it too.

Amelia stared at him with a solid look, her eyes searing, breathing quickened. Not this again. "I'm careful. I don't want any distractions."

She still wants me. Brian's pulse raced and his hand holding the railing shook. He put his other hand on his arm, yielding the tremor.

"Thank god I intervened. Brian shouldn't know anything. Let's just go downstairs. Load up on some empty calories." He winked.

Brian's eyebrow raised. Nick has a lot of explaining to do.

Amelia smirked. Her mind easing slightly. "Still trying to lose weight Carter? You're damn near anorexic you know?"

Nick took her hand, leading her downstairs, "I'm just surprised with all the cops downstairs there's no donuts, just yucky peach danish."

She rolled her eyes, following behind him, her voice fading as she started walking further down, "I hate donuts, they look like sugary goo."

Their footsteps muffled their voices and it was getting hard to hear.

"Brian should be down soon. Brace yourself." Nick's voice trailed off until a door swung open and closed.

Brian decided to take the elevator after his legs started to work again. So it's like this now? Nick and Amelia are best friends? When did this happen? When did Nick ever have heart-to-hearts? Brian scratched the back of his head and pressed the down button. The more he thought about it the angrier he got. Well, he won't have it. He was determined as ever to get to the bottom of whatever this was and get the girl. Makes thing much easier knowing she can't resist him.

Amelia wasn't very hungry. She excused herself from the table trying to not lose it in public again. Her mind was a mumbled mess. She couldn't be enjoying another meal or anything without Will. She can't keep doing this to herself. Maybe Nick was right. Maybe he was just held up and honestly couldn't get a free second to get back to her. After they woke a few minutes after 12pm, he'd gotten 5 calls saying he was needed on set to re-shoot some of the scenes with Nick Turtorro. He even got calls while getting ready. Amelia could have said how much she hated that he left her. How cruel it was that every time he did this a piece of her died. But she really couldn't bring herself to tell him how she felt. It was beginning to be hopeless. She was his girlfriend. What she wants should matter.

She ran up to her room and shut the door. The loud crash was almost like a reality drum pounding into her brain. She collapsed on the bed, hugging her pillow as if it was Will. She needed him. The passed 5 days, she only saw him when he would come back really late at night or the next day for only a few minutes. If she had any brains she would hope a plane back to Los Angeles and be done with crazy New York. She couldn't wait to leave. She buried her face into the pillow and let loose what she couldn't easily slip out. Only Nick really knew this side of her. Of course he did, they were kindred. Only he doesn't know. But if it weren't for Nick, she'd probably secretly abandon this whole trip and wait until Will came back to say anything.

When Will was filming in the past it wasn't so strenuous. She understood the craziness. She gets it; he's a celebrity. People want a piece of him, his soul. When is enough going to be enough though? She wants him. Even if it's a small fraction. Just something to know she's not alone. Something to make her believe in love again. Sure they were together, lived together, saw the world together when he has time, slept together and anything else she could remember in the last 3 years. He was the longest relationship she's ever held on to. She never worried of the status. She was with him when he was struggling. It isn't easy being in your 30s and you no longer look like you could play 18 or 19. Those roles ended with the American Dreams era. The time where she was envious of JC Chasez and have only heard of the Backstreet boys as a guilty pleasure. She was Will's support through all of it. But she didn't prepare for it all to happen like this. Her life wasn't work. Your work isn't who you are. She didn't want to believe in the reality but it just might be true. It just didn't make sense. None of this felt right. She doesn't belong here.

She turned to the side and squeezed her eyes shut. Just being alone was bringing on all kinds of sadness. It wasn't right. She should have a say in some things.

She heard a knock and wiped her eyes. Of all times, now was really a time she didn't want to be around anyone. Another knock made her rise up from the bed from being curious enough. She looked through the eye hole and her breath hitched. She thought she was going to choke. It was Brian, his fingers grazed the door but she knew she was in for it. Temptation was literally peering its ugly head and she felt torn. The dream could be real. Couldn't it? All that she ever thought was making him a reality again. No more dreams. No more thoughts of what ifs burning through her like there was an inferno creeping on her lifeline.

She mimicked his motion but pulled back as if she was singed. He was fire. He was desire. Did she want to play? She looked at him once again. Her emotions getting the worst of her. She was so close to flinging open the door. So close. She could feel every part of her scream out to him. But it was no use. Her conscious rang out louder and she sunk back. He must have heard her breathing even through the door.

"Amelia, please." Brian purred against the door. She could feel the heat off the door. He had to leave.

Amelia wiped her eyes, looking through a sugary stare that was unfocused, lost. Her forehead leaned against the door, holding her body up.

"Brian…" She whispered, unsure, dazed and full of need to tear open the door and live out the fantasy.

*My shattered dreams and broken heart
Are mending on the shelf I saw you, holding hands, standing close to someone else
Now I sit, all alone, wishing all of my feeling was gone
I gave my best to you, nothing for me to do but have one last cry*

She couldn't take it. He was singing how he felt. When didn't he? But this time, it was for her. She felt it. She felt him. His pain. His heart. She could still feel his kiss, burning a place in her memory that just wouldn't go away. Now it may never. She pulled the chain off the door but stopped. Another voice rang out in the hallway. It wasn't Brian's, but, another man's. She looked through the eye hole and noticed Brian wasn't in focus. Then she heard the other voice clearly.

"What are you doing here really?" Nick's voice punched her ears as she listened in. This wasn't sounding good.

"I should ask you the same question? What do you want with Amelia? What's going on between you two?" Brian charged forward, his voice accusatory as ever.

Nick looked at Brian, a perplexed expression spread across his face and he held his hands up, "I don't want anything with her. She left the table pretty quick and I was just checking on her."

"Oh isn't that nice? So you guys just became friends out of nowhere? When in the hell did that happen Nick? You only met her once, remember? What's your deal?"

Nick rolled his eyes, everything Brian was saying was utterly ridiculous. "I'm not allowed to be concerned for people when they leave the table anymore? Jeez, Brian. Since when did you care what goes on? With anyone for that matter?"

"Don't start Nick. You don't want to go there. Not now." Brian warned.

"All hostility aside, I think you should leave her alone. I know you and Leighanne are having problems but-"

Brian moved Nick over so he didn't come close to the door. He knew something bad was going on and he didn't want to hear the words. He just wanted Nick out of his business. Amelia had nothing to do with him. And while he was breathing, Nick wasn't going to.

"Heh, Brian, man, cool it. I'm not here to fight you. Look, you haven't eaten anything or really hung out with anybody since we've been here. I know New York is uptight and ballsy but the guys downstairs are cool enough. Let's just both leave her alone. Come on," Nick calmly reached for Brian but he brushed it off.

Brian was stolid. There was no way he was leaving her alone. No way. Not with Nick around. Just because Nick has a girlfriend, it doesn't mean he's off limits. The one girl Brian cared about, the one girl that made him believe in falling in love again, now Nick wants her too. Not a chance. He wasn't going to allow Nick to stand in his way.

Nick made another attempt but Brian grabbed him by his jacket and backed him up against the wall. Nick's eyes were wide and shaken; he didn't expect such an action that was so abrupt, so out of character. Brian was never this forceful with anyone and it scared him now. He took a deep breath and held his own. Brian's strong, he'd forgotten. Nick's stature was nothing compared to Brian's stamina. He was small, but he could crush him if he wanted. Brian would never do that, would he?

"Back off, Nick," Brian lowered his voice to a sinister register, "I won't tell you again."

"She doesn't need you. She needs to be left alone." Nick fought back in a weak, hushed voice.

Brian's grip tightened. "What makes you such an expert on what she wants? You don't know her and you're not going to."

Nick tried to push Brian off him because there was a little crowd forming and there could be paparazzi lurking. "You're overeating on this man. There's nothing going on between us. Now get off. You're drawing a crowd now."

When Brian turned around, his grip loosened on his Nick's jacket. He turned back and looked at the blond. A serious but deadly look cast over his eyes.

"Promise to leave and I'll get off you."

"Leave her alone and I'll leave." He pushed him back but Brian kept him pinned against the wall.

"You're gonna get it Nick. Don't test me." Brian's grip came back.

"Brian leave him alone! Please." Amelia finally called out. She couldn't take this anymore. It was going to get worse.

When Brian dropped his hands at the sound of her voice, Nick began to regroup. It was his chance to escape, Brian thought. But Brian wasn't done. Nick eyed Brian's actions, waiting for his next move. Brian moved back to the door but Nick intervened. What a stupid move. Brian's fist came around and collided hard with Nick's cheek. Everything was happening in a matter of seconds. Nick and Brian were in a full out brawl by the time security were called and a gust of people formed around the scene causing on sight gridlock. When Amelia saw everything she came outside finally and witnessed the fight first hand. Nothing could separate the two friends and Amelia was knocked down for trying to reason with Brian. That was when it all stopped. It was like a movie. Any minute somebody would yell cut and they could wipe off the fake blood and clean up the make up. But this wasn't a stage. Nick and Brian finally broke away when more security pulled them completely apart.

Amelia staggered. She stood up with a wobble and rushed back behind the door. She watched as the two friends tried to come at each other again with more verbal spats. She held her eye but the other one she was sure was wet and runny.

"Guys, stop it. Whatever this is about, please stop. It isn't worth it, you guys are friends." She shut the door, locked it and went to find some ice for her eye.

There was more verbal shuffling she could hear but security was doing their job to split them up, she was sure of it. A few seconds later, things were quiet. Deathly quiet. Amelia finally moved to the mini bar. There was so much in the suite she got lost again. She forgot where it was. When she spotted it under the bar she relaxed.

Seeing them fight was killing her. She knew what Nick was doing there, probably going to check on her when she excused herself. But Brian? What was his problem? All of a sudden they're fighting? She would never forgive herself for coming in between friends like this. She removed her hand from her eye and crouched down to the fridge. She pulled out the ice trays and noticed they were empty. She went to the sink and filled them up. Meanwhile, her eye was in desperate need to be tended to, she could feel the bruising already starting to form. She needed something right now. She had to step outside and go to the machine.

She looked through the eye hole and the coast is clear. She exhaled and took the empty bucket and ran over to the machine. She was so in tune with her running, she didn't pay attention and crashed into Nick. He caught her before she fell and just looked at her. When she looked at him, her heart broke inside. His cheek was an unsightly blotch of purple and beginning blue. Most of his face was red and his hair damp from sweat. The perspiration dripping down his temples. He was ready to calm down. They both were.

The backs of his fingers touched her cheek. Her eye already looks terrible.

"Let's go take care of that." Nick whispered.

"Nick…" she looked down, ashamed, "I'm so sorry."

He shook his head, unphased, it was like it never happened in his eyes, "Come on, I brought you this."

He held out a cloth that was damp from melted ice inside. She smiled sadly and held up the bucket. He understood and filled up the container with cubes. Her heart was beating so fast she felt like she was going 170mph. When the container was filled to the brim they walked back to her room in silence.

Amelia really wanted to know why Nick was taking part in the fight. The sound of the door closing made her jump and she watched as he locked up.

"What a day, huh?" Trying to make light of craziness, she didn't know what to say.

"You're tellin' me. Security told us both to take the rest of the day to cool off. Guess that means rehearsals were cut as well." Nick placed the bucket on the coffee table.

Amelia held the ice-soaked cloth up and told Nick to sit down. She turned on the light and sat in the chair next to him. Things were silent again. When she reached up to place the cloth on his face he stopped her.

"Let me. You need it more." Nick said with such gentleness that made her break inside.

While he tended to her, she looked down as Nick tried to put the ice-filled cloth on her eye. She was sitting up high so he could get it on her more securely with her head tilted back and one eye closed. She looked at him suddenly, wondering about him for a moment.

Even in the dim lighting cast from the night lamp she could still make out the overwhelming shine in his eyes. But now they were darker a more dark blue, closer to black. She looked with one eye to the ceiling and tried getting used to the coldness. The silence that covered the room was strained.

"Where's Lauren?" Even though she didn't care, she had to fill the quiet space.

Nick almost dropped the cloth forcing Amelia to hold it still.

He looked at her with downcast eyes, "Sorry. I think she was out shopping with friends. Here, sorry about that."

He fixed the cloth so it was directly placed over her eye. "I got it, it's alright."

He let her take hold of it and didn't know what to do with his hands. She laughed and put the cloth on his cheek this time. He looked really cute, almost like he did when they were kids.

"We outta get you healed and get back to her." She whispered, there was a touch of seriousness to it.

He touched the rag on his face and instantly flinched. She touched a nerve and she knew it.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I mean its none of my business." She apologized but he brushed it off.

She noticed he was being uneasy. A little dazed. He didn't saying anything back and that was probably a good thing.

She cleared her throat. "I might go to Manhattan to surprise Will; if I don't get thrown out by the director. Just gotta wear glasses to hide this. Think I'll take the A train. There's a lot of construction on the 1 and 2."

Nick nodded, "I could give you a ride. It's a short trip and I'm familiar with the short cuts.

She put the ice cloth down on the table and looked at him. "Maybe later. I need a break."

"Wanna order in service and watch something? I haven't seen a movie in a while." He stood up and walked to the couch plopping down.

Amelia smiled, her hair falling in her eyes. "Yeah, certainly beats doing anything alone."

She stood up and followed him on the couch. They both went for the remote and giggled.

"Whoa... Deja vu."

"Yeah?" She raised an eyebrow.

Nick shook his head of the memory. It was so long ago. There was no way he was going to go into that one again.

"Leslie does the same thing."

Amelia nodded, crestfallen. Maybe he really didn't remember anything. "Oh, OK, of course."
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you liked it! Chapter 8 is coming soon!