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New Years would never be the same. Amelia decided she needed to catch the next flight back to Los Angeles and bury herself in work. She took a seat near the window and tried to put out the recent events that happened the last few days. Brian's no show had an excuse. Amelia found out Leighanne "surprised" Brian at the last minute and that's when she knew she shouldn't look back. Not on anything. If she wanted to keep her sanity she would try to not think of how Nick kissed her. Why did he do that? That look in his eyes, just why? She instinctively brought her fingers to her lips. Why was she still feeling the kiss? It was almost as if he just kissed her.

"Drinks, Miss?" She was pulled from her thoughts and turned around looking at the flight attendant.

"Hmm, oh um, maybe just water. Thank you." She said and stared out the window, she barely noticed the small bottle of water placed on her folding tray.

She looked out at the sky and sighed. Going back was what should have happened. She knew the second she landed in New York that something didn't feel good. Will was much worse than he was the last time he was filming out of state. She wanted to avoid confronting him on purpose just to make him feel like shit. Because he should. He lied so many times she couldn't keep track. Work changed him. Work does that everyone but this was different. It made him a worst nightmare. She wouldn't answer his texts or calls before she boarded the plane. She knew if she treated him like this, he would relent eventually. This wasn't right. None of this felt right to her. She should have listened to her instincts and stayed away. Back in her world. The one where she woke up and dragged herself too begrudgingly to punch the clock. But working at the Daily wasn't always abysmal. Some good things came from it. The friends she made, her editor always joking around with her.

She spent the last few hours left of the flight sleeping. She knew she probably had maybe 2-4 hours of sleep and she was going to need it, whatever she can get. You'd be surprised how fast you sleep on a plane when you haven't had a good night's sleep in barely a week. She can just see the editor-in-chief mentioning the obvious shadows under her eyes, along with a tripe quip as it is his style; but in a good way. She wanted to hide any traces of weakness. There was no room to show your business to anyone. The workplace wasn't made for that.

One of the flight attendants awoke her when the plane finally landed. She looked around the plane, slightly hazed. It took a few seconds for her to regain her senses. She started to gather her carryon items and deplane. She didn't have much so it was a relief she didn't need to wait at baggage claim for long. She hailed a taxi back to her apartment to get ready. On the way back she texted her editor saying that she would be coming within the next hour and all she got back from him was, "take your time."

She took a nice warm, long shower, making sure she was thoroughly washed and refreshed from the stench of New York. She wanted to burn the clothes she was wearing when she landed. It reminded her of the trip. She was being ridiculous. She needed to just forget it and move on. It happened, a lot of things happened. None of it should impede her life.

It was all in the moment she told herself when she walked into the Daily Newsroom. It was a stale sort of silent library-like environment but she missed it. She was glad to keep busy. When she went to her cubby office she was instantly hit with massive paperwork.

"Guess they missed me." She said, eying the pyramid of un-proofed documents lying sloppily on the corner of her desk.

She took a deep breath. Maybe going to New York wasn't a good idea for all reasons. She was never this backed up before and she knew if she didn't start now, she would get sidetracked and put it off later. But that's beauty of today, she was glad for all of it.

Her editor-in-chief, Thomas, a lanky guy with a young face and sturdy demeanor, noticed Amelia walk in and sit down. He saw her rub her forehead and felt horrible most of the new proofs were dumped on her. Being understaffed wasn't her fault but she always put up with it. Never asked questions. She looked like she barely had time to get ready and a little jet lagged.

He came into the room, knocking gently on the door, "You're only really supposed to do half of that. I told HR not to put the entire burden on you, guess they missed the point. I know I don't say this a lot but: just take your time."

Amelia looked up and noticed Thomas with a weird look on his face. He looked at her sympathetically, like he was her father.

Normally they weren't like this since it was daily and it was a chop-chop like atmosphere but she rarely took sick days or asked for anything. Mainly because she needed the money and wanted to save up for something nice, like a long vacation.

"Thanks Tom. But it's alright. Today I don't really mind it." She said, smiling sadly.

Her editor couldn't help but look her over. Her eyes were obviously bloodshot and pinched. Her reading glasses propped on the bridge of her nose like they were glued there. Thomas turned around and went back to his desk. He didn't want to get too personal. Besides, Amelia wasn't one to be personable in the first place. She hid it well. All work. All business. No cracks. He actually admired her for it. A lot of people at the Daily were middle-aged and filled with dysfunctional problems, mostly the women. As he sat down looking over the layout for tomorrow's daily he glanced back at her. He really worried about her a lot even though he knew he shouldn't.

Amelia looked disheveled but she didn't care. She circled her neck cracking the tension out so she can work more loosely. Work was what needed to happen right now and she had to bury herself into it before she lost focus. She tried to ignore the burning feeling on her lips when Nick kissed her. Ugh, she didn't want to know. She shook her head of the memory and planted her head into the proof pages. One down, another 500,000 to go.

Amelia had to stay overtime, being it only close to 9pm. There was no way she was going to have everything finished by clock out. Normally she left as soon as she got finished with tomorrow's stories but because she left, and everyone at the Daily relied on her most of the time, she had to finish.

At hour 7 she was hit up by Thomas who came racing into the room.

"Stop the presses! I got a new one for you." Thomas dropped a piece of hand-written scribble in front of her eyes. Or that's what it looked like to Amelia.

He gave her a knowing look and she complied, taking a look.

She shuddered in horror when she found out it was Karyn Johnston's review. The monster herself.

She shook her head, "Tom, this is impossible."

"Come on, Mia, I'm saying please for a reason. It can't be that bad. Just a little movie review. It's not a political or editorial. Be grateful for that." Thomas certainly knew how to put on his best car salesman voice. And he was right about the semi short piece. It definitely wasn't an important article.

But, ugh, she cringed at the thought. She can't proof for somebody that defensive. She looked at the hefty brunette with long hair and blunt bangs with a glare. This girl was a case. Picture Monique without the likability factor; spoiled to the hilt to boot.

Amelia was conflicted. Her instincts kicked in. "It's out of the question. She's trouble."

"Come on. You know you're the only one to really do this." He knew she would brush it aside after what Karyn did to her last time she tried to work with her.

Amelia sighed, nobody will put up with her, not even the editor-in-chief. Karyn's uncle owns the Daily News and she could have Thomas and anyone who pissed her off reported. For Tom personally, it would be strike 3. No more job. Amelia's the only one who could do it. Ever since Karyn came into the picture last fall, things were a shambles. She once proofed a piece Karyn did a long time ago on a music record and just made it look like she wrote it but it took forever because the first time she did it she changed the title and basically the entire piece because it was one big run-on sentence. She bit her tongue and smiled at Thomas. If she didn't care so much for everyone here she wouldn't bother critiquing her work.

When she proofed the tripe, she brought it to Karyn who was instantly smug with her, giving her the best my-shit-don't-stink-grin. She had the Mrs. Potts smile but the heart of Maleficent. She always looked down at her since the beginning. Amelia couldn't change that. She just tried to get on her good side. If possible there was any.

"Do it again. And make it perfect. Try not to use so many big words this time." Karyn waved her off as if she were a fly near her face.

Amelia clucked her tongue, biting it so her retort was held back. Talking back only made it worse. Karyn had to have been the most insufferable human being on the planet. Everything Karyn said had to be done or your neck was on the line. It was an unfriendly atmosphere whenever she was around. Some days Karyn wouldn't come in until 3 or 4 hours later. Nobody cared about her lateness, it was apparent. In fact, you could simultaneously hear the groans from the staff as soon she breezed through the door. Her mere presence sparked an annoyance switch that couldn't be ignored.

After a few brainstorming and collective tries, Amelia brought the corrected proof page over to Karyn where she sat texting up a storm. For somebody who didn't know anything about journalism she sure was adamant on getting her "work" noted. She wanted to look over everything before her work was posted even if it wasn't her work. It was Karyn's new rule.

"Work on it again. I told you not to use so many words. Don't fuck this up for me. Believe me, you'll be sorry." She flung the typed paper to the ground.

Amelia sucked it up, picked up the paper and marched back to her office. She sat down and took a deep breath. If she was going to do this, she had to do it right. Dumb it down apparently. Dumb it down a lot. Make it so illiterate Cliff's Note's would look like Tolstoy.

First, she had to watch the movie: Flipped, a coming of age story based on a book about two neighbors who grew up together in the 60s. It was obvious Karyn didn't watch it, based on the grade school trite she wrote. But it was the only way. Thousands of people still read the Daily and Amelia will be damned if Karyn the heifer took the publication down the toilet. Granted, by just the article, maybe. Amelia was extremely paranoid, especially when it came to Karyn.

Amelia logged online and used her screening password from the company site. Computers were a tad slow so she waited for the video to buffer. While she waited she noticed people were going home all around her. There was a crack of thunder that whipped around like a lash. She put the movie on pause when out the corner of her eye she saw one of the staff try to get an umbrella from the antique bin.

"Amelia, which one of these is yours?" Caroline, middle-aged, working, kind eyes had asked her.

Amelia scratched her head, remembering, "I think the dark blue one. Yours is the big black one."

Caroline snapped her fingers. "Oh right. Thank you sweetheart." When she grabbed the black adult umbrella she grabbed her purse and waved Amelia goodbye.

Amelia nodded and mirrored the gesture. She laughed at the size of the umbrella and wondered if it was purchased in New York. Los Angeles wasn't built for rain. A lot of the time the weather was warm and warmer. Then there was the road. Driving in LA was like driving anywhere in Canada on icy pathways.

She went back to the task in front of her, sinking back on the recliner. "This is gonna be a long night ass night."

As if it could get any more like a Vincent Price movie, lightening reflected off the computer screen.

Thomas knocked on her glass door, "Everybody's about ready to close up. Storm's building. How much longer do you have?"

Amelia looked at the estimated time on the film. "2 more hours. Can you believe she made me do this 3 times? One of these days that spoiled hippo is gonna get hers."

Thomas rolled his eyes. "We'd all like to see it one day. Good luck. Lock up and shut the lights when you leave."

She bit her lip. Everybody gets to leave but her. "Lovely, have a goodnight. Tomorrow the fun starts again."

When she was sure mostly everybody left, including Thomas, she shut the door and locked it. Even if she was sure she was alone, she wanted to be completely isolated. Whenever she watched a movie, she tried to block out everything she could as if it were a theater. It helps her focus. The elephant witch left over an hour ago so she wouldn't have to worry about her nasally voice prodding her about the stupid review. Watching the movie was the only way she was going to fix the piece.

She pressed play as the 1960s came alive in front of her. She tried to ignore the rain and cranked up the volume on the speakers when the drumming of the '60s pounced as the movie opened. It starts off where the girl likes the boy then she stops, then the boy flips and starts liking the girl. When she was watching the movie, she could help but think the plot was similar hers and Nick's tale. Every part of the story, even some of the dialogue reminded her of her childhood. When he kissed her yesterday she was reminded of those feelings again. But it was just a silly crush. That shouldn't deter her.

The movie had a very loving message to it. She was jotting down little notes here and there between scenes she found interesting. She loved that it was based in the 60s, gave it a nice free-loving feeling. The world was so different. Kids were so care-free; life was about following your dreams or sometimes choosing another path. Kids were kids, they behaved like kids and mostly they had fun. It started to get a little interesting when the two main characters, who were narrating the story, were in the 8th grade. Everything just got more complicated the older they get. The basic themes were boys, girls, crushes, feelings getting in the way, first love and best friends. Playing make believe is questioned as well. She was growing to hate Bryce's Dad. He was the protagonist. The anti-dreamer. A former fallen human that now, was drained of life from the pressures of society's obligations. In many ways, his dad reminded Amelia hers. Creepy how he's got no filter or regard for anything he says. But wasn't that the 60s?

There was a scene where the girl, Juli smelled Bryce in class. Amelia shook her head at the little girl, laughing. This girl was so quirky, full of love and innocence. Things were so compromised when you get older. She was so much like her as a kid, so into nature, bright and secretly in love with the blond kid. Only she wasn't as strong as the little girl. But she probably would have supported her decision in not cutting down her favorite tree. Amelia was more the girl that waited for things to come her way to avoid getting hurt. Case-in-point: Will, currently the biggest jerk off ever. It was killing her, how long is she going to do the silent treatment for? So far, just after one day, her confidence was crumbling. How long is this going to last where he gets away with all his asshole ways as she remains tight-lipped about the whole thing? She felt a tear running down her cheek when the boy, Bryce again dismissed her. He wanted to run away from her. Well, she guessed having an asshole for a best friend contributed to the decision. It was just so cruel. Amelia was so into this movie she was chewing on the end of her pen. A habit she picked up whenever she was enamored with something.

Bryce was relentless, he'd lied to Juli so many times and she finally caught him. She told him how awful he was to his face. She envied Juli's gusto, and her perfect long hair. Amelia pulled the pencil from her locks and let them hang loose. She ran her fingers through the tangles, attempting to smooth out the stress that inhabited the bird nest that lived in her hair. Her reading glasses were falling down her nose and she lazily slipped them up. She wrote some more notes and organized an outline for the intro of the piece. She figured if she didn't just go into it then it will never be started. Leads first and then comes the descriptive shit. That's how she always did it.

Bryce finally wanted her; it became obvious when he let his feelings known at the Basket Boys Boosters Auction. It was bound to happen. Usually when a girl doesn't care, the guy is interested. He tried to kiss her and she ran. Wow. This was a shock to Amelia. She squinted and looked a little more closely.

She was so engrossed into the movie she barely noticed a pair of arms crossed in the doorway. It was so dim she could see and when she did-

"Nick?" She almost fell in her chair when she saw him looking at her. How long had he been standing there?


Amelia stopped the movie, slipped off her glasses and stoop up from her desk. Her door was shut and locked so she was grateful for that.

"What are you doing?" She asked carefully.

"Can you open the door?" He asked, his voice muffled behind the door.

Amelia adamantly refused. "I'm working."

"Come on, just for a few minutes."

"Nick, go home."

"Amelia, I need to talk to you, OK? Just open the door, I'll say it, then I'll leave."

"I really need you to leave. I don't know how you got up here or how the hell you found me either." She turned her back to him looking at the pictures on her desk. "Go away."

"I promise you. Please." She could hear his voice getting softer with each word.

Why would she cave? What the hell did he have to say that was so important to follow at work? Did she want to find out? He really needs to leave. Her patience was wavering.

"Not right now. Look, I've had a long day. Too long, I'm still on the clock, overtime, behind on paperwork that'll keep me busy for the rest of the week and I just don't care to get into anything that'll stress me out any more than I am." She fiddled with her paperwork and noticed a wallet-sized photo at the bottom of the stack. It was her mother. How did that get there?

"I'm not here to do that. I just want you to hear me out. It literally won't take more than a few minutes."

Amelia slammed down the picture she was holding and turned around with a glare. He's got a lot of nerve trying her patience this late at night; and on her most challenging assignment. If she messes this one up, it'll be bad news for him. She'll make sure of that.

She lifted the lever of the lock free and swung open the door.

She held up her watch with a stern expression. "5 minutes. Start talking."

Brian and Leighanne drove back from her mother's house in Georgia in complete silence. The dinner was halfway pleasant. Brian did talk more than usual. His mother-in-law made sure every question asked was directed at him until he gave a proper answer. Everyone officially knew of their problems, but like good Christians, being coy and silent was the way to behave. Brian just loved the suggestions he got from every corner of the spectrum. He rubbed his eyes thinking about it. It lingered in his mind and he tried everything to let it go.

Leighanne turned to him. Brian tried, he really did and for that alone, Leighanne was just grateful enough. She didn't want to lose him. There was no way that was going to happen. She figured he needed some space in New York, and being so busy, he probably wasn't thinking of their marriage. But she was. All the time. She called him before he left and a few more times at night. She couldn't help it, Brian was her only reason. It just wasn't right how they left things. She barely made mention of his reason for leaving her, partly because she was so much in shock, she didn't know how to react. They fought sure, they argued, who hasn't? It wasn't anything so extraneous that she ever imagined he would want to leave her. Never did she dream of such a thing. But the current progress was good; still, she wanted him back. It was like he was always somewhere else and she couldn't pull him away from it no matter what she did.

She intended on showing up on New Years even before he left. They were going rebuild what they lost. They would work things out like married couples do. He just needed to put in a little more effort. Maybe with softer coaxing on her part, it should do the trick. Brian was never this stubborn so she was going to have to think of other ways to convince him they belong together.

Leighanne turned down the radio a little. The classical music was just too distracting.

Brian turned the nub back up; even higher than the previous level. It was almost like he was daring her to challenge him. She sighed and leaned back into her seat. She turned her head to the side, frowning. She sighed again, this time really loudly. She wanted him to know how she felt even if he didn't want to hear it.


"What is it, Leighanne?" He mumbled, getting off the freeway.

"I don't understand what I did to you to deserve this. I am your wife. This is our marriage; please try to care, if not anything else then for Baylee." Her voice was gentle but direct.

Brian snapped his eyes shut and then opened them briskly. He didn't answer right away. Instead he let silence do the talking. He was on the road. He didn't, nor is he ever going to talk about anything personal when he was driving. No way in hell. He had to focus so he can get through the next hurdle of this caged life. Then comes the next moment, and so on. It's enough she wants more. More? What else does she want? Baylee is fine. He's a happy, healthy little boy. Everybody's fine. The world is just happy. What doesn't she understand?

"Alright Brian. I just don't understand all this. Don't shut me out like this." Leighanne blinked back watery eyes, hiding them. Why? Does he even care what he's doing anymore?

Brian kept a tighter grip on the steering wheel. This wasn't the time or place to be discussing anything. He couldn't allow himself to get angry. Couldn't allow himself to feel anything around his wife. Every little thing she scrutinized, just trying and exhausting his mind with inane ramblings about stuff he should do for her. He did everything and more for her. Gave his son a better life he never had growing up. Gave Leighanne the opportunity to open her bag line as well as foot the bill for various future projects she insisted on doing as way of riding on his coattails as a Backstreet Boy. The life was there. She had it, she had it all.

That's a stretch, even for him to admit. Did she really use him? After 11 years of marriage, he didn't know what to think anymore. There was no fire. No life in the things they did. His son was growing up faster than he could see straight. Pretty soon its high school, girls and then college. His entire life will start and Brian can't help but think he has nothing left on his journey. What motivates him? Was there anything? Isn't life supposed to be about adventure? Discovering new things, learning all over again how to live?

He hadn't realized he was speeding on the residential roads. He eased on the gas until he noticed where he was. He pulled over and put the car in park, literally throwing the car in break. He covered his face with his hands as if his face might melt away. He willed his emotions to be at bay but they couldn't hold on any longer. Brian rarely cried but this time it was different. His eyes were burning from salty wetness. It was as if he was crying fire. The tears seared down his cheeks as his hands held his face. It was no use. He was falling and much faster than he thought.

He felt Leighanne's hand on his back but it didn't faze him. He was crumbling. Being here, in this car just wasn't where he belonged. This life, just what was it? It was what he thought was home. He thought he could stomach another scene out of Revolutionary Road. They were really playing. Leighanne had no idea of his battles. And she wouldn't understand it. Not even the guys. Spilling his secrets did nothing to repair the damage of being the butt of everyone's joke. The lap dog. For years, Brian laughed, cracks jokes, inside he was dying and long before Amelia entered his world. He felt so lost, so unbelievably trapped to keep going with his head held high. His face was red by the time he pulled his hands off his face.

"I spoke to my lawyer. It's over Leigh. I'm not choosing death over happiness anymore." He said numbly.

Amelia sighed and looked at her fingers while Nick was talking about something to do with music; she couldn't get a point out of it much less force him to take a breath between sentences. She blocked out a lot of what he said when she started averting her eyes to look around the newsroom.

"…so, that's what I was thinking. I mean it could be a good idea right? I think it should be between us since you know? Paparazzi and the world will be up my ass if I'm seen with another girl." He finally stopped.

Amelia crinkled her brows together. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She clucked her tongue in annoyance and attempted to tackle this one.

"What the fuck are you talking about Nick? What are really doing here?"

He rubbed the back of his neck and blushed. Maybe that was a lot to take in but he thought he made the point clear enough. "I wanna work with you. I hear you edit pretty well. I think we could work well together."

Amelia gave a fake smile and removed her glasses. "I got a lot of stuff on my plate. I gotta finish this movie, write the review for Princess Hippopotamus, then I have about a zillion proofs that haven't even been touched yet waiting for me in my queue." She hunched her shoulders in sympathy. "I'm sorry but I can't help you."

Nick looked her with narrowed eyes. She was being difficult, but this wasn't anything he wasn't used to. He couldn't help but think about New Years too. He wanted to say something as soon as he came in, but he needed an excuse for her to open the door.

He took a seat at one of the staff worker's and leaned back in the chair as if it had his name on it. He leaned back as far as the recliner would go and groaned when the tension in his back relaxed. When he came up she was just staring at him, an amused look pasted on her face.

"Having fun?"

"Always. I always bring the fun." He said, a smirk sealed on his lips.

Amelia looked down and coughed. She folded her glasses and put them in the middle of her blouse. When she looked back up, she found him staring at her, almost looked like he wanted to say something serious. Knowing him, knowing what she knew, was he ever serious? Not since he was a kid.

Amelia finally gave up and threw up her hands. "What already? You keep staring at me."

Nick sucked in his lips, popping them as he tried to get the words out. "It was wrong. I know what you're thinking."

"And what exactly was wrong?"

"The kiss. All of it. Don't lie, you were thinking about it at least once today."

Amelia nervously pulled her loose tresses in a bun with the pencil she was holding. He didn't have to go and mention it. Of course it was wrong. The word was painted across it like a red flag. Why did he have to bring it up?

She pulled her reading glasses from her shirt and put them on, hiding her eyes slightly. "No sweat. Don't worry about it."

Nick took a breath to say something but paused. This was easier than he thought. She was taking it well. Not that it would mean anything. It doesn't. It shouldn't. It wasn't like when he kisses Lauren. Two very different people, two styles, two lips, two beauties; why should he be so hung up on this?

Still, he didn't want to leave. He couldn't ignore there were enough pregnant pauses in the room to give birth.

Amelia sighed loudly. "I really need to get back to my work. I still need to write my review."

Nick's eyebrow lifted. "What movie are you watching?"

She rolled her eyes. She pushed her glasses up her nose and looked at the time. She rubbed her temples with her fingers. This was more than what she could deal with now. She hadn't had any flashes for a while now but already the headache was building up. She cursed and crossed her arms looking at the ground


"Oh yeah? What kind?"

Amelia sucked in her teeth. "It's actually quite boring. More of a girl/type thing."

"A love story?"

"A Drama. Dull. I gotta pick out the interesting parts. And I'm almost finished so if you don't mind, I need to watch it, write the fucking review and go home to sleep."

Nick was silent for a few minutes. This clearly was not the same Amelia he met at the restaurant and hung out with in New York. She was…different. She looked like shit in his opinion. So not the girl anybody wants to hang out right now. But it was weird, something about that struck a cord with him. She intrigued him. He felt bad for her. Not even her boyfriend bothered to stop her from going back to work. Maybe she felt like she was in his shadow. Whatever the reason she looked like a wreck and here he was, distracting her from her obvious distractions.

"I'm sorry." He apologized and stood up, his frame towering over her. "Maybe this was a mistake."

When he turned around, he was certain coming here was beyond bad. Just being around her screamed a red light. He was halfway out the door when he stopped.

"Nick, none of this is your fault." She spoke softly right behind him. How could she have walked behind him so quietly?

"Yes, it is. I shouldn't have done it. I know we already said its wrong but I messed up everything." He trailed off.

She touched his shoulder with the tips of her fingers and slowly turned him around. His face was torn. Eyes conflicted.

"Don't feel bad, OK? It happened." She tried to look him in the eye but he wouldn't let her.

"Shouldn't have. That's all I'm saying."

Amelia laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "So what are you saying, I'm a bad kisser?"

Nick blushed and looked to the side. "Not at all." He stared at her directly. "Was I?"

Amelia grinned; she could actually feel her glasses beginning to cloud up. "No, you weren't."

Nick shook the muddled mess in his mind. She was here. She was right in front of him again. Staring at her face maybe wasn't a good idea. Her butterscotch eyes looking so small, so wide; so inviting.

"So, we're both good?"

"Yeah, we are."

Nick hadn't noticed how much closer they were until he felt the tip of Amelia's chest touch his. He could feel how hard her nipples were. Her glazed over eyes scanned his. Neither moved apart or came closer. He wanted to see what she'd do. What was she thinking at this moment?

*I love when you do that hocus pocus to me
the way that you touch you got the power to heal
you give me that look its almost unreal, its almost unreal*

Amelia jumped from the vibrating of her phone. She dug into her pocket fishing her cell out.

She looked at the ID, "Will."

She turned to Nick as if pleading for something. He just gave a flat smile and turned the opposite the direction, making his way to the hallway.

She clicked open the phone before it went to voicemail. "Hi. Yes, I came back. No, I'm here alone… What? Oh, no, I had to come back. No, well, Will to be honest… yeah? Well, no I didn't mean to just run off. I did miss a week of work. Plus, you weren't even there. No, I never went. I saw Donnie and the rest of the guys but they said you were counting down somewhere else. I see, well great. No I mean that, it's great. Ugh, look I'm a little tired. Can we talk tomorrow? What? I can't hear you. Huh? Will hello? Fuck! Will? Jesus Christ." She pulled the phone from her ear and across the screen it said "CALL ENDED."

She stared at her phone for a few seconds. This was so convenient for him. It made her really regret picking up the call. She gasped when her phone beeped. She got a new message. It was a text, but not from Will.

You ok?-Nick

Amelia looked around the office. He clearly wasn't around but he somehow knew what was going on.

Yes, I'm sorry about that. I wish you didn't see that.-Amelia

It had to happen.-Nick

She put her phone away. There was no need to answer back. Goes without saying sometimes. She sighed and pulled out the pencil that was holding up her hair, letting it fall past her shoulders.

"Everybody else is happy, how do they do it?" She asked out loud as if anybody would listen.

"They lie." She heard from the hallway. She stared at him, how did he understand these things? Nick hadn't left. She didn't know how she should feel.

Amelia smiled sadly. She blinked back her tears as she took in that statement. "They're good actors."

Nick came around the corner and knelt down in front of her. He could feel her tears and came closer to her.

He took her hands in his as she began to sniff. Her feelings were getting the best of her. "One of the most beautiful things you can do is show how you feel. Whatever it is. Keeping it all in like everyone else kills you inside like nothing else. You told him how you felt. That's all that matters."

Amelia slowly pulled her hands from his. They were burning up and she had to release them before her mind caved in. The gentle look in his eyes made hers glaze over.

"Maybe," she licked her lips, slowly holding it together. She was slipping away. He knew how to do it. Nick had a way about him and she wasn't sure how it made her feel. "I really need to get back to the”"

"Movie? Sounds interesting, can I watch it with you?" He perked up, that irked her slightly.

"Huh? I thought you said you don't care for silly girl movies?" She knew she had him. Guys will never sit through sappy, kids movies like Flipped.

Nick laughed; he stood up from his knees and held out his hand to her. "I doubt it is. From the way you described it, sounds kind of cute. I'm curious to see what happens."

She took his hand, a little confused and gave a short laugh. "Alright well, according to your taste it's predictable. Nothing blows up and there's no blood anywhere."

"Stop worrying so much. I told you, I'm not typical." He said, assertively.

She looked at him through one eye and caved. She was getting tired as is and she didn't care to hear his whining.

They made their way to her desk and she got out a chair for Nick.

"Oh you're totally typical. The real question is, how much actual cuteness can you really stomach?" She smiled, and clicked replay.